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Dane Whitman


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Kit Harington

“Why didn’t you guys help fight Thanos? Or any war? Or all the other terrible things throughout history?”
―Dane Whitman to Sersi

Professor Dane Whitman is a scientist and a historian at London ‘s Natural History Museum, who is the heir of an ancient and cryptic family. Whitman started a romanticist kinship with Sersi, who turned out to be an Eternal. When he learned of the impend emergence, he was encouraged by Sersi to make amends with his uncle, leading him to investigate his family ‘s history once more. After Sersi ‘s abduction from worldly concern by Arishem the Judge, Whitman fell into the possession of the Ebony Blade .


early life

Issues with his kin

Dane Whitman was born in England in the late twentieth hundred to a family that owned a charming sword known as the Ebony Blade and, by Whitman ‘s admission, had a complicate history. As a child, he wished to be a giraffe. Whitman had a falling out with his uncle, Nathan Garrett, and the two became estranged. [ 1 ]

relationship with Sersi

Whitman went to college and got a academic degree to become a teacher and historian. He then met Sersi and Sprite, becoming close up to the both of them. Whitman formed a romantic kinship with Sersi, but was often confused by Sprite, who kept saying weird things. In 2018, Whitman survived the Snap, the consequence that took aside half of all life sentence on Earth. [ 1 ]

Teaching Sersi ‘s Students

In 2023, following the Blip, Whitman substitute teach for Sersi at the Natural History Museum. Once she arrived, Whitman noted that the children scared him before leaving the class. [ 1 ]

discussion with Sprite

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Drinks with Sersi

“Look, if you don’t want to move in with me, you could just say.”
“Dane, this is serious.”
“I know. I’m just still getting over the fact you’re not a wizard.”
―Dane Whitman and Sersi

That night, Whitman and Sersi met up to celebrate his birthday at a cake. He received a gang with his family ‘s cap from Sersi, commenting on how expensive it must have been. He besides offered for Sersi to move in with him, however, she declined his offer. He then revealed the wyrd things Sprite said to him while she was not about, leading him to ultimately confront Sersi on whether or not she was like a sorcerer, which Sersi laughed at. [ 1 ]

Deviants ‘ render

As Whitman, Sersi, and Sprite were walking home, they were attacked by a Deviant, with them originally running away from. finally, Whitman helped people get off the bridge as Sprite created illusions and Sersi changed the bus flying at them to petals, to which Whitman picked up and looked at in incredulity. Ikaris arrived fair in meter to save them .
After the Deviant left, Whitman awkwardly introduced himself to Ikaris, with him realizing that Ikaris was Sersi ‘s ex-husband. Afterwards, Whitman asked Sersi to explain everything about the Eternals to him. He questioned why they never interfered throughout history or more recently with Thanos and the Infinity War. [ 1 ]

Calling Sersi

belated, Whitman called Sersi via television call. however, the call joining was not the best and so they were breaking up, which Sersi commented on with Ikaris making a happy remark on, thinking they were actually breaking up. [ 1 ]

Reuniting with Sersi

subsequently, Whitman was reunited with Sersi as she said adieu to Kingo and Sprite. He and Sersi then walk and talk about the holocene events. He listened as Sersi talked about her inability to live like she was human. He besides made her remember their vow to keep no more secrets with, as he struggled to tell her the truth about his family history which he had recently learnt. however, when Arishem the Judge appeared in the sky, Whitman became frightened and watched in shock as Sersi was transported off of Earth. [ 1 ]

Claiming the Ebony Blade

Afterwards, Whitman set off to the museum to get quick to last accept and wield the Ebony Blade, stopping after hearing a part asking him, if he ‘s in truth cook for it. [ 2 ]


Whitman is fabulously accepting of other people, with him cursorily accepting the fact that Sersi was an ageless. He is besides shown to be struggling with his family bequest and inheritance. Whitman is a kind and caring person, for he told people to get off the bridge during Kro ‘s approach .

Powers and Abilities


  • Expert Scientist: Whitman is a skilled historian and teacher, as he was seen briefly teaching the students in Sersi’s class.
  • Bilingualism: Whitman is fluent in his native English, as well as Latin.



  • Ebony Blade: The Ebony Blade was passed down through generations of Whitman’s family, and he came across the sword while investigating his family’s history. He was about to use it, but stopped when Blade appeared.

other equipment

  • Family Ring: 250?cb=20220322013943 Whitman was given a ring with his family’s crest as a birthday gift from Sersi.


  • Natural History Museum: Whitman taught classes as the Natural History Museum, and covered for Sersi when she was late for work.



  • In the comics, Dane Whitman is the latest descendant in a long line of warriors possessing the mystical Ebony Blade and title of Black Knight. Whitman rode multiple winged horses and was the first owner of Aragorn, whom he gifted to Valkyrie.

Behind the Scenes

  • According to Jeremy Slater, there were discussions about including Kit Harington reprising his role as Dane Whitman in Moon Knight due to his role as a Natural History Museum historian opening the possibility of him meeting Steven Grant, with the possibility of having Whitman adopt his Black Knight title from the comic books, but the idea was dropped because the writers felt there wasn’t enough time to include Whitman in the first two episodes to justify integrating Black Knight in the storyline.[3]


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