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December 2002 – Novemeber 2003

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Jeph Loeb
Jim Lee

Batman: Hush is a 2002-2003 comic bible fib arc that ran through the Batman monthly series. It was written by Jeph Loeb, and penciled by Jim Lee, inked by Scott Williams and colored by Alex Sinclair. The report depicts a mysterious prowler, head wrapped in bandages, called Hush, who seems captive on sabotaging Batman from afar, and utilizes a large number of guest appearances by Batman villains. It besides emphasizes the amatory feelings between Batman and Catwoman .

Plot summary

Hush “ opens with Batman rescuing a male child kidnapped by Killer Croc, whereupon Catwoman steals the ransom money. As Batman swings through Gotham City in pursuit of her, his rope is cut and he falls to the ground, fracturing his skull. His butler, Alfred Pennyworth, follows his instructions to summon Bruce Wayne ‘s childhood ally, Thomas Elliot, now a celebrated brain surgeon. Batman recovers, and discovers that Poison Ivy had used Catwoman to steal the ransom. Batman rescues Catwoman, and a romanticism blooming between them. Batman decides to reveal his true identity to her. The pair traverse Poison Ivy to Metropolis, where they find that Poison Ivy has besides taken control of Superman. By using a kryptonite ring that Superman entrusted to him, Batman stalls the serviceman of Steel while Catwoman lets Lois Lane fall from a skyscraper. Superman comes to his senses and saves Lois, and together the heroes capture Poison Ivy. late, in Gotham City, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are attending an opera ( Pagliacci ) when Harley Quinn tries to rob the theater. In the ensuing clamber, Dr. Elliot is killed, and it appears that the Joker shot him. Batman about kills the Joker, but early police commissioner James Gordon dissuades him from doing so. Dick Grayson returns to Gotham City for Elliot ‘s funeral. Batman tells him of his suspicions that some mastermind is behind all his enemies behaving then out of quality. Behind the scenes a serviceman with a bandaged font appears at all of the crime sites and seems to be orchestrating the diagram. He comes to be referred to as Hush. After foiling an armor car robbery by The Riddler, Nightwing and Batman discover evidence that Ra ‘s alabama Ghul is besides involved in what Batman has come to think of as a distinguished plot. Batman seeks out Ra ‘s, who tells him that person from Batman ‘s past has used one of his Lazarus Pits. Returning to Gotham, Batman finds the stream Robin, Tim Drake, has been captured by a former Robin, Jason Todd, who had previously perished in the series Batman: A Death in the Family. While fighting Jason, however, Batman realises that this is not actually his late adopted son, but Clayface mimicking the identity of Jason.

Batman then finds a mechanical device planted in his computer which led him to seek his old acquaintance Elliot ‘s aid. He has a late-night meeting with Harold, his trusted automobile mechanic who has been missing since No Man’s Land. Harold admits that person had treated his deface condition in exchange for planting that device, but he is inject and killed before he can name the genius. Thomas Elliot is discovered to be the trigger-man, and the font behind the bandages of the genius ( it is late implied that Clayface had been mimicking Elliot when he appeared to be killed ). Elliot held a grudge against the Wayne syndicate since Batman ‘s father, Dr. Thomas Wayne, had saved the life of Elliot ‘s mother after a centrifugal fomite accident. Elliot had sabotaged his parents ‘ fomite in order to gain their inheritance. In the ensuing confrontation, Elliot is shot by Harvey Dent and plummets into the water, with Batman never having found a prospect to unmask Hush ( it is only assume it is Thomas Elliot ). His body is unable to be recovered. In an epilogue to his face-off with Elliot, Batman discovers that the truthful originator is The Riddler. The Riddler had used a Lazarus Pit to cure himself of cancer, and during his time in the pit, deduced Batman ‘s identity of Bruce Wayne. Having first approached Thomas Elliot with a cure for his mother ‘s cancer ( the Lazarus Pit ), The Riddler had alternatively allied with Elliot against Bruce Wayne. Riddler was besides the only villain who Batman did not believe acted in an unusual way during the integral saga ; the robbery Batman foiled was fairly typical of Riddler at the time. The Riddler besides tells him that he and Elliot referred to the plot as the “ Hush “ plot. Batman convinces the Riddler not to reveal his true identity to anyone else because a riddle which everyone knows the suffice to would be worthless. Another mystery begins troubling the Dark Knight Detective. even though the man he fought at the cemetery was revealed to be Clayface, Jason Todd ‘s remains are still missing from his dangerous. The Riddler even taunts Batman of his greatest failure to save Jason ‘s life, and refuses to tell him where Jason ‘s body is, prompting Batman to knock the Riddler across the room with blood gushing from what appears to be a break nose ; when questioned by an officeholder, Batman replies, “ He fell. ” In the concluding view Batman and Catwoman meet. He continues to mistrust her and can not be sure that she is not more mindful of the diagram than she admits. While trying to console him, Catwoman unwittingly tells him to “ Hush. ” seconds before kissing him, which brings his fears to light. Catwoman breaks off the relationship with Batman. Though he states that he does trust her, she seems to feel he is not ready to trust wholly .


After the history ‘s success, Lee and Loeb were slated to follow the story up with another 6 issues, but the project failed to materialize. Hush ‘s report was continued by AJ Lieberman in the now discontinued Batman: Gotham Knights title. Two plot elements from the storyline were late altered in other Batman storylines. In Batman Annual # 25, it was revealed that Batman was actually fighting the real Jason Todd in the cemetery, who late switched places with Clayface. besides, following Infinite Crisis, it was revealed that the Riddler had spent a class in a coma and lost all memory of ever knowing that Batman was Bruce Wayne.



The Batman: Hush narrative arc was re-printed in two collect volumes :

  • Volume One: Issues #608-612
  • Volume Two: Issues #613-619

Hush vol 1 Cover of book 1Hush vol 2 Cover of volume 2

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