Savitar’s armor

Savitar’s armor



Primarily worn by

Barry Allen ( fourth dimension leftover ; once ; erased from being )

Other user(s)

Barry Allen ( concisely )


Protective suit


Very godly.”
“You gotta dress for the job you want.
—Killer Frost and Savitar[src]

The time end of Barry Allen known as Savitar wore a protective suit of armor. Barry briefly wore the armor himself during their confrontation. It was later destroyed by Barry during Savitar ‘s concluding stand and with Savitar, it was erased from universe .


The befit was created using the Philosopher ‘s Stone. [ 1 ]

Unlike other speedster suits which are typically made of a heat-resistant leather-like material, Savitar ‘s armor is wholly metallic, and besides covers its resident from fountainhead to toe. The inside of the suit, such as the ridicule batting cage area and the eyes, seem to glow a light aristocratic color if Savitar is inside it, although a bolshevik coloring material was emitted when Barry took the suit. Like the suits of the Reverse-Flash and Zoom, Savitar ‘s suit bears a downwards-pointing diagonal lightning thunderbolt symbol on the thorax. The mouth of the become can open as if an actual mouth, and there are two retractable blades at the wrists. The suit besides has the extra function of acting as a protective armor. Due to the huge cathexis Savitar generates while running the suit was made to protect him from the inactive build up he creates while moving at extremely travel rapidly. The exploiter must enter and exit the befit by bending over, as the become opens up then they can step in and out. [ 2 ] The suit gives its wearer rush as the wearer gives off static electricity. [ 3 ] Tracy Brand theorized that Savitar gives off thus much rush and power when he runs that the lawsuit protects him and keeps it from overwhelming him. It is former discovered that either the suit has a heed of its own, or Savitar can remotely control it, moving even when no one is inside it. It besides appears that the armor itself gives Savitar white light, as it was shown before he jumped back into it that he hush had yellow lightning when he uses his travel rapidly.

It is possible for a speedster from the outside to phase into the armor and violence out the previous bearer in the armor good as Barry was able to eject his time end out, resulting in the blue light coming from the suit turned crimson. In 2018, Nora West-Allen and Barry Allen traveled back to the day Savitar and the suit were erased and retrieved a piece, getting it into the Speed Force before it was erased and using it in a device that was meant to take down Cicada. The piece was used due to its high magnetic qualities. [ 4 ]

erase future

In the erase future that Nora West-Allen hailed from, at some indicate in or before 2032, the armor was put on display in the Flash Museum ‘s Hall of Villains. [ 5 ] This was probable a replica of the original suit, as the armor was erased from being with Savitar. [ 4 ]


I forgot to tell you, my suit’s cooler than yours.
  • Advanced durability: The armor itself is extremely resilient and enormously durable, enough that Joe West’s bullets and shots from the Mercury Labs energy rifle ricocheted off him harmlessly. He also takes nearly no damage when The Flash or Kid Flash attacked him, although he was shown to feel pain when The Flash severed his arm blade with his vibrating hand and Jesse Quick stabbed the armor with the severed arm blade. However, as his suit has been shown to be removable, it’s possible that was a reaction to discomfort. So far, he has only been damaged by weapons made from its own material. The armor fares poorly against vibration, as shown by Barry severing an arm blade and later phasing Savitar out of the suit.
    • Cold resistance: The armor was capable of protecting Savitar from even the lowest temperatures, as evidenced by Caitlin Snow freezing him solid, after which he was able to instantly burst out of the ice unfazed and run away.
  • Advanced strength: The armor’s size, mechanized parts and material give it great strength, allowing Savitar to effortlessly lift, drag and send people flying through the air with one hand. Even when his briefly lost his memories and, therefore, forgot his powers along his younger self, he retained his strength due to his suit, allowing him to lift Caitlin Snow against a wall with one hand. While operating without Savitar being inside it, the suit managed to throw the present Barry several feet and briefly pin him down with its foot before the speedster forced it off him.
  • Armor retraction: Should any part of his armor be broken off, it can immediately be drawn back to Savitar from any distance, to the point where any broken off pieces can be telekinetically summoned back to the rest of the suit if it is close enough.
  • Hidden blades: Savitar is able to retract a hidden blade from his wrists as melee weapons.
  • Mental connection: To a certain degree, the armor can move and attack on its own, should Savitar be attacked out of his suit, though it is unable to use Savitar’s speed.
  • Static charge displacement: The armor’s primary function is to shield Savitar from the highly dangerous levels of static charge built up whenever he uses his advanced speed.
  • Voice filtering: Savitar is able to disguise his voice so as to not be identified as a megalomaniacal version of his past self. This only applies to Savitar, as present Barry just sounds echoed in the suit.
  • Lightning/Armor coloring: Depending on who is in the armor, the glowing parts will change corresponding to the bearer. For Barry, the glow was red while his time remnant had a blue glow. Also, the armor is capable of changing the color of a speedster’s lightning as the armor changed Savitar’s lightning from yellow to white. As Barry did not run inside the armor, it is unknown what color his lightning would be.

Known users

former users


The Flash




Behind the scenes

  • Up until ” The Wrath of Savitar”, the suit and Savitar himself were completely CGI, before later mostly being replaced with a practical suit. The CGI is still used for when Savitar is running and for the scene in ” Infantino Street” when he murders ‘Iris’.
  • The design of the armor is loosely based on the suit worn by the Future Flash in the New 52 comics. It was also a dark suit covered in blue lines, but it had no mechanical enhancements.


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