Speed Force: The 10 Fastest Flash Family Members

For decades now, the Flash has been an integral character within the DC Universe. No matter who holds the cape, the Flash is about constantly at the center of whatever major event or “ Crisis ” that DC has going at the time. Throughout the years, the Flash Family has grown to encompass lineage relatives ampere well as others who carry the speed force and a desire to do good .
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At the consequence, with the return of Bart Allen and the exploration of Wally West ’ s soul in Heroes in Crisis, DC is reintroducing into continuity a fortune of elements of the Flash mythos. To commemorate, here is our list of the 10 fastest Flash family members ranked according to speed .

10 Jai and Iris West

Jai and Iris West are the twin children of the original Wally West and Linda Park. however, the two have drastically different office sets. On one hand, Iris has a much more traditional approach to speed force abilities ; she can run debauched, phase through things, and maintain accelerate stamen. For a period, she even served as a replacement to Bart Allen as Impulse
On the early hand, Jai has the ability to quickly accelerate brawn growth, making him super strong in any given situation. While Jai ’ randomness abilities are surely singular for a penis of the Flash Family, they are even derived from the amphetamine force, making him a penis however. The two besides have a preferably humorous connection to their founder in which the speed coerce will literally drag them to each other whenever one thinks of the others. Though these two have the electric potential to be faster than their don, they were unfortunately rebooted out of continuity. recently, DC has hinted at a return for these two, but for now, they are just a memory for Wally .

9 XS

Jenni Ognats is the granddaughter of Barry Allen and cousin to Bart Allen. Unlike Bart, however, she operates as a extremity of the Legion of Superheroes. She has all the same powers and abilities that early speedsters can possess. The unusual thing about her abilities is that they didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate apparent at parentage like with others. Jenni ’ s entirely came about when under extreme stress caused by the neverending Allen/Thawne dispute .
recently, she has besides made the jump to the belittled filmdom on the CW ’ s The Flash TV indicate. unfortunately, ascribable to a limited issue history, it is indecipherable good how a lot potential Jenni possesses as a speedster, making her lower on the list than she likely is .

8 Max Mercury

Max Mercury is alone in several ways. He mentored not entirely Bart Allen in the workings of the focal ratio violence but besides wally West. He besides operates a sting differently in the speed push, making him slower than early speedsters, but a lot more agile. This means that Max can outmaneuver just about every other speedster at the cost of being slower .
This ability has even given him the edge over Zoom once. While both of his students would finally surpass him, Max has constantly been a prize member of the family. recently, it has been implied that Max is inactive trapped in the focal ratio pull along with all the other missing speedsters. alone time will tell if he is able to make a exultant return .

7 Jesse Quick

Jesse Chambers ( more normally known as Jesse Quick ) is the daughter of Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle. fortunately for her, she inherited both of her parent ’ mho abilities. Though her powers are tied to the accelerate power, Jesse besides has the ability to fly along with extremely intensity. Throughout her history, Jesse would operate under respective different aliases, including The Flash. She would even come to save Wally West on occasion .
Jesse besides ran with several groups like the Titans and evening the Justice Society of America. She would besides make the jump to the CW ’ s The Flash express, though her origins and name were changed for fib purposes. Jesse shows a bunch of potential as a speedster, but she hush doesn ’ t quite match up to those with more experience .

6 Jay Garrick

The original Flash has never been quite a fast as some others. Jay Garrick served as the Golden Age Flash and is about always affiliated with the Justice Society of America. Though he is a act older, Jay much offers a distribute of fatherly advice to speedsters who need it. He is besides one of the more bright flashes and rarely seen without a smile. While he ’ s not the fastest, Jay ’ s experience in the earth and time with the travel rapidly pull have decidedly given him an boundary .
present, it is implied that Jay is besides trapped in the accelerate force, hoping for person to set him absolve. While the version of Jay that most are familiar with is absent for the time being, fans can still see an update and modernized interpretation of him in DC ’ s Earth 2 serial .

5 Impulse

Bart Allen is hard to not love. As the grandson to Barry Allen, Bart Allen traveled back in time to the present with hopes of learning the ropes from The Flash himself. Over the course of the years, Bart would stay in the present and hone his skills as Impulse. He ’ d besides finally go on to take on the function of Kid Flash and finally, even the Flash .
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Unlike his grandfather, Bart can actually retain any information that he reads at super speed, while Barry loses the cognition a soon as he slows down. This part of his powers makes Bart incredibly chic. Combine that with a cockamamie, lovable personality, and you have everything that makes Bart Allen so great .

4 Wallace West

FLASH WALLACE WEST During DC ’ s New 52 The Flash run, an all-new interpretation of Wally West was introduced. This one is the african American son of Daniel West, aka Reverse Flash. He remains associate to Iris West and finally comes to find his own powers. Upon the launch of DC ’ s Rebirth and the reintroduction of the original Wally, the publisher took to calling this one Wallace as the way of making the eminence .
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At the consequence, Wallace ranks number 10 on DC ’ s official list of their fastest characters. It has besides been noted that Wallace has the electric potential to become even faster than Wally, though he is still far excessively green in his time as a speedster to recognize the full moon extent of his abilities .

3 Godspeed

Godspeed is typically an antagonist to Barry Allen. however, he draws his baron from the like amphetamine force, making him the black sheep of the Flash Family. He presently sits in the number 8 spot on DC ’ mho fastest character list. August Heart served on the Central City Police push with Barry Allen and the two were actually close friends. however, after another lightning storm struck, giving August and many others speed power abilities, Barry promptly had a large problem on his hands .
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August adapted to his newfound abilities very promptly and finally developed the character of Godspeed. Unlike other dart villains, Godspeed actually believes that he is using his powers to help others. Though he has strayed from his original values, Barry however holds hope that he can one day make August reelect to the right way .

2 Barry Allen

Barry Allen is normally considered to be the fastest man alive. Debuting during the silver age, Barry would prove to be a a lot more popular Flash than Jay Garrick. His charm nature and awkward quirks made him identical relatable as a character. Following his death during Crisis on Infinite Earths, Barry wouldn ’ thyroxine recurrence until Geoff Johns ’ The Flash: Rebirth storyline .
here, it is discovered that Barry himself created the rush force and that he could never in truth die as a resultant role of that. however, one person is still faster than he is. once again, DC ’ s official statement lists Barry in the phone number 2 blot of fastest characters, though not by much. While Barry remains number one in many sports fan ’ s hearts, the truthful title of The Fastest Man Alive belongs to the original Wally West .

1 Wally West

wally began his meter as a speedster as the original Kid Flash. Over the years, he would study under Barry as he besides continued to learn more about the speed force. Barry would serve as a guide throughout Wally ’ randomness life all the way up until his death. At this item, Wally assumed the mantle of The Flash and continued to discover so many other aspects of being a speedster. Wally would come to have a wife and kids and even become faster than Barry ever had. As of the New 52, however, things changed drastically.

Wally was wiped out of universe altogether, not to reappear until DC ’ s Rebirth One Shot. Upon his return, fans had many questions as to the extent of Wally ’ mho abilities. Yet, in the recent Flash War storyline, it was confirmed that the original Wally West remains faster than Barry Allen, making him the number one fastest DC character .
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