Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba – The Most Powerful Demon Slayers, Ranked

Each member of Kemetsu No Yaiba ‘s Demon Slayer Corps is powerful in their own means, but this is how they ‘d stack up when ranked in concert. Demon Slayer : Kimetsu No Yaiba is the break hit of this zanzibar copal season, and the manga is already very popular for being lone a few years old. Set during Japan ‘s Taisho Period but with demons running amok, Demon Slayer follows a youthful male child named Kamado Tanjiro who, after his class is killed and his sister turned into a devil, searches for the monster who destroyed his family and for a means to turn his sister back into a human .
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In a world with demons running approximately, Tanjiro needed an organization to protect the masses from demonic threats. Enter the Demon Slayer Corps. Tackling the most brawny demons demands herculean devil slayers. here are the most powerful monster slayers, ranked !

Updated On October 18th, 2021 by Jasmine Venegas: With the completion of the Demon Slayer manga, fans were able to see many of the devil slayers at their best. many were able to unlock new abilities that gave them a better luck of defeating the Upper Moons. This list contains not only the Hashira, but besides the most big slayers that have appeared throughout the series .

15 Genya Shinazugawa Gains A Demon’s Power By Eating Them

Tanjiro stops Genya from pulling a girl's hair Genya is considered to be a weaker devil killer, as Upper Moon 1 thought him to be the smallest threat during his battle against Genya and multiple Hashira. Genya can absorb a Demon ‘s exponent by eating region of them, gaining their abilities and shaping them into his own alone Blood Demon Art .
He besides gains the ability to regenerate, but his primary coil weapon is his Nichirin grease-gun. Unlike other slayers on this tilt, he would n’t have lasted against an Upper Moon on his own for identical farseeing .

14 Inosuke Hashibara Fights Alongside Zenitsu & Tanjiro As Equals

Inosuke shows off his flexibility Inosuke was able to get through the like kind of beastly train that Zenitsu and Tanjiro did, although he needed some motivation to keep him going .
fiercely competitive, he is able to do any he sets out to do, and even survives his conflict against Upper Moon 2. due to being raised in the mountains, Inosuke has incredible tractability and the sharp senses of a animal. This makes him flying and knock-down .

13 Zenitsu Agatsuma Defeated An Upper Moon On His Own

zenitsu in demon slayer Zenitsu claims to have never wanted to become a Demon Slayer and was forced into it to pay off a debt, and he ‘s always asking girls to marry him indeed he can get out of being a Demon Slayer and live a long life, but do n’t underestimate him .
Zenitsu is fabulously brawny … when he ‘s unconscious mind. When the stress gets excessively much, he falls asleep and his body fights on instinct alone, utilizing his boom Breathing Style. He proved that he can be a capable champion even while alert, defeating Upper Moon 6 on his own .

12 Kanao Tsuyuri Received Years Of Training From Shinobu

Kanao smiles in front of wisteria When Kanao first gear met Tanjiro, he could already tell that she was the closest in ability to a Hashira. She was trained by both Shinobu Kocho and her sister, Kanae Kocho, and was one of the few survivors that made it out of the Final Selection .
Like Inosuke, she is identify in defeating Upper Moon 2, although she has to use a technique that allows her to see the earth in slow movement .

11 Shinobu Kocho Has A Variety Of Lethal Poisons

Shinobu holds her sword The foremost of the Hashira ( Pillars ) of the Demon Slayer Corps to make the list, Shinobu may seem laid back, always with a smile on her face— but that ‘s just to mask the boisterous Demon Slayer she in truth is .
Shinobu is a user of the Insect Breath Style, a ramify of the Flower Breath, which itself is branched from Water Breath. She wields a thin sword that does n’t do much damage in and of itself, but she infuses her attacks with wisteria poison to make short solve of any monster she faces. She may not have the forte to slice off a monster ‘s head, but her extensive cognition in poisons makes her fabulously deadly .

10 Obanai Iguro Is Called The Second-Weakest Hashira

Obanai sits in a tree While Shinobu is referred to as the weakest Hashira, Obanai is known as the second base weak. Unlike Shinobu, who never activated her Demon Slayer commemorate, Obanai was able to activate his .
This allows him to fight at flower performance, even when he lose his imagination. He relies on his snake, Kaburamaru, who tells him everything that he needs to know about his surroundings .

9 Tanjiro Kamado Can Fight With The Hashira Without Getting In The Way

Tanjiro uses a water breathing technique following on the list is the series supporter, Tanjiro. He became a Demon Slayer to hunt down the demon who murdered his kin and turned his sister into a demon. A rarity among the early slayers, Tanjiro empathizes with demons. He kills them, yes, but he understands that most demons did n’t have a choice when they were transformed .
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Tanjiro uses Water Breathing Style and belated remembers that he can besides use Dance of the Fire God, a emit proficiency taught to him by his father and can merely be used by the Kamado family. Tanjiro is a key musician in the series when it came to defeating many of the Upper Moons.

8 Mitsuri Kanroji Has Incredible Physical Strength

Mitsuri looks shy among the other Hashira Demon Slayer has a habit of having Demon Slayers that do n’t look arsenic dangerous as they actually are. One such Demon Slayer is Mitsuri Kanroji, the Love Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps. Mitsuri is diffident, gentle, much bubbling, and has eight times the brawn density of a normal human, making her madly strong despite her dilute arm. Her military capability is so fabulously that she was able to withstand attacks that the normal human body could not withstand, and even tear off Muzan ‘s arm .
Mitsuri uses the Breath of Love proficiency and wields a rather alone sword that only she can use. Her sword is highly thin and easy, making it unmanageable to use as a traditional sword indeed alternatively, Mitsuri uses it as a kind of whip. Her potency and unique sword means she possesses the fastest techniques of all the Pillars .

7 Tengen Uzui Has Been Trained As A Ninja And A Pillar

Tengen frowns during his introduction just one front at Tengen Uzui is enough for most people to assume he ‘s one of the strongest demon Slayers. This aureate killer of demons originally came from a family of shinobi. He did n’t agree with his father ‘s political orientation of using people as tools, so he left and joined the Demon Slayer Corps and became the Sound Pillar .
Tengen has a similar military capability and rush to his fellow Pillars to easily outclass the demons he faces, but it ‘s his breathing technique that sets him apart from others. He uses the Breath of Sound proficiency, which branches from the Breath of Lightning proficiency, and is a breathing human body unique to Tengen .

6 Kyojuro Rengoku Nearly Defeated Akaza On His Own Without A Mark

Rengoku smiles cheerfully This cheerful Demon Slayer is the Corps ‘ Flame Pillar. His hint of Flames technique ( not to be confused with Tanjiro ‘s Dance of the Fire God ) bathes demons in a sea of flames. Rengoku flush agreed to take Tanjiro under his wing and train him .
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In the only conflict we ‘ve seen from him, Rengoku was able to struggle demons while simultaneously protecting the 200 passengers of the train the struggle takes place in, even holding his own against a monster of the Upper Moons named Akaza for a time before the devil takes him out .

5 Muichiro Tokito Defeated Upper Rank 5

Muichiro looking up in Demon Slayer Muichiro may seem a bite air-headed, constantly lost in his thoughts, but he ‘s a dedicate Demon Slayer and one of the most potent among them. As the Mist Pillar, he utilizes the Breath of Mist manner, which is derived from the Breath of Wind stylus .
Muichiro has wholly mastered his breathing style to the point that he can use it to well fight and overwhelm a demon of the Upper Moon equally well as creating an wholly newly form for the breath style. He besides unlocked a Demon Slayer Mark that gave him adequate forte to kill the Upper Moon devil with comfort .

4 Sanemi Shinazugawa Survives The Fight Against Upper Moon 1

Sanemi _ Demon Slayer Sanemi is a very harsh person who is quick to lash out and he harbors a deep hate for demons but for good rationality, having lost indeed many people he cared about to demons. Sanemi ‘s body is besides covered in scars, accrued over his years of slaying demons .
The Wind Pillar ‘s skill with the sword and mastery of the Breath of Wind expressive style are so great that even Kokushibo, the Upper Moon One demon with hundreds of years of skill and have behind him, was impressed by Sanemi ‘s power .

3 Giyu Tomioka Is One Of The Most Capable Water Pillars

Giyu is expressionless in the woods Giyu Tomioka was the beginning Demon Slayer that Tanjiro always met. After witnessing a newly transformed Nezuko protect Tanjiro, Tomioka points them to Urokodaki and the Demon Slayer Corps. Tomioka may not be the best with social interactions, but his fellow Pillars recognizes him as one of the strongest among them .
As the Water Pillar, Tomioka is a master of the Breath of Water style. Tomioka ‘s skills are so exceptional that he was able to defeat the Father Spider Demon and Rui, a Lower Moon demon, without breaking a sweat. even Akaza, an Upper Moon devil, said he was the most skilled Water Pillar in 50 years .

2 Gyomei Himejima Is Currently The Strongest Hashira

Gyomei puts his hands together and cries Topping this tilt is Gyomei Himejima, the Stone Pillar of the Demon Slaying Corps. rather of the distinctive Nichirin Blades that Demon Slayers function, Gyomei wields a devastatingly strong hand-ax with a transfix thrash attached to the hilt through a long chain. Combined with his hint of Stone style, Gyomei is undoubtedly the most brawny Demon Slayer .
Both Tanjiro and Inosuke consider Gyomei to be the most powerful Demon Slayer in the entire corps and among the other Pillars. Kokushibu, the Upper Moon 1 monster, far supports that claim by saying that Gyomei ‘s natural physical abilities have been trained to the absolute bill, and the monster besides admitted that he has not encountered a warrior of Gyomei ‘s quality in the last 300 years .

1 Yoriichi Tsugikuni Nearly Defeated Muzan On His Own

Yoriichi realizes Muzan is a threat Yoriichi, without a doubt, is considered to be the strongest monster killer to ever exist. He is thus herculean that the struggle doll that was crafted in his effigy needed multiple arms to replicate his movements. He was a prodigy even from childhood, and was thus powerful that he about killed Muzan. The devil was so scar of him that he never appeared before Yoriichi always again .
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