MCU: Just Who Is Valentina Assembling Heroes For?

Valentina Allegra de Fontaine is assembling her own team of heroes across the MCU, but who is she gathering the team together for ? With so much newly Marvel capacity in 2021 comes new Marvel characters. One such character is Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. originally in Marvel comics as a womanhood who belonged to multiple confidential organizations, Valentina was a contessa, a trio agent, and the erstwhile love of Nick Fury. While not much has been revealed about her fictional character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she has appeared in both a Disney Plus serial and a movie recruit heroes into her ranks .
She first appeared in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier. There, she added John Walker to her ranks with a epigram about needing a US Agent. She besides appeared in the post-credit setting for Black Widow offering Yelena Belova a mission. There, it ‘s clearly Yelena has worked for her for a while. Just who might Valentina be gathering these heroes together for ? It does appear that she ‘s on her manner to assembling her own team .
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Sharon Carter

sharon carter in falcon and winter soldier finale Because The Falcon and the Winter Soldier introduced Valentina to the MCU, it seems only natural that her foreman should appear in the same project. Sharon Carter made the change from SHIELD agent to external condemnable over the course of her years in the MCU. She ‘s the one who had the new version of the super-soldier serum in her hands. It ‘s possible she wants a few heroes in her air pocket .
Of course, it besides stands to reason that if Sharon was the one behind Valentina ‘s recruit, she might try recruiting people she actually knows. She has connections to heroes through her assistant in Captain America : Civil War. Sharon besides colleagues all over the world. Val doing the exploit for her serves to keep her anonymous, but if she ‘s the person in appoint, how long could that stay possible ?

Nathaniel Richards

Loki Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror smiling Nathaniel Richards might not be a name conversant to MCU fans fair however. Those who watched Loki might good know him as He Who Remains. This particular character goes by a batch of names in Marvel comics because there are a distribute of different versions of him in a fortune of different timelines. Most much, he ‘s Kang The Conqueror, a descendant of Reed Richards ( which is why many of his comedian book stories connect to the Fantastic Four ) from the thirty-first century .
Kang is poised to make a large shock in the MCU. He ‘s set to appear in the Ant-Man and the Wasp sequel, and farther appearances are a possibility. It ‘s equally possible that one of his variants is the one behind Val ‘s mission – or that she ‘s a version of his herself, though that seems a little less likely. Plenty of fans think there ‘s a connection between the two thanks to Kevin Feige pointing out that TVA is just VAL top down. That would surely be an concern route to take .

Baron Zemo

Zemo Falcon Winter Soldier Zemo has the honor of being one of the few villains to actually succeed in his finish in the MCU : tearing the Avengers aside. He ‘s fabulously underestimate, and his ready plan to have Bucky Barnes break him out of prison in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier only proves that further .
Zemo besides has a amusing book connection to his own team – the Thunderbolts. It makes arrant sense that the MCU would set up a mutant of it. He ‘s clearly adequate to of pulling strings from prison. After all, Zemo has a plane, a home, and plenty of people fix to work for him a soon as he breaks out. He ‘s besides not above working with people he considers enemies. even though he dislikes the theme of extremely soldiers in general, he would n’t hesitate to use John Walker before trying to get rid of him.

General Ross

general ross General Ross has only made a handful of appearances in the MCU. He, however, holds a particular sake in those labeled as superheroes by the public. He ‘s one of the people in charge of enforcing the Sokovia Accords. That makes him the perfective person to want to control a group of superheroes .
If General Ross is the one pulling Valentina ‘s strings, that would decidedly imply that his concentrate is on having this particular group sour for the american english government. Valentina ‘s remark about needing a US Agent in the future would make sense then. Recruiting Yelena Belova, however, might not make quite ampere a lot sense unless Yelena has been given mental hospital of sorts after her influence against the Red Room. The mission given to Yelena during the Black Widow post-credits setting, however, might not make as much sense if Ross is the one pulling the strings – or at the very least, it does n’t so far .


Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Valentina in The Falcon and the Winter Sldier The MCU consultation might not know much about Valentina Allegra de Fontaine merely so far. comedian book readers, however, will know that she can be very manipulative, evening a ternary agentive role, and she looks out for her own interests first. That ‘s why it might make the most sense that she ‘s not actually working for anyone else .
sure, Valentina makes a jest about needing a raise. That can be translated to needing more support for her venture though. The bigger question is equitable why she wants her own team of heroes. What would be her motivation ? The hearing does n’t know adequate about her so far to understand her goals or her endgame if this is the subject. In the comics, she works for many different organizations. One of them is Hydra. Hydra seems improbable for a rejoinder, but another group, or one of her own make, is potential .

Someone Not Yet In The MCU

shang-chi marvel studios logo More characters arrive in every new project in the MCU. With so many new faces, the possibilities are endless for a newfangled villain ( or anti-hero ) unwrap. The possibility exists of a familiar comic book front coming to the shield for the beginning time. There ‘s besides potential for a newly invented MCU character.

If the character is n’t revealed until Val gets her entire team assembled, fans will fair have to keep guess .
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