Assassination of Natasha Romanoff

Assassination of Natasha Romanoff




June 2, 2010 [ 1 ]


Manassas Public Library, Manassas, Virginia


Assassination of the Avengers


Natasha Romanoff is killed by Yellowjacket

Planned by


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Black Widow


Black Widow


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Battle of Puente Antiguo
Assassination of Bruce Banner
Ambush on Yellowjacket
“You won’t win. Not against me. Not against S.H.I.E.L.D..”
―Black Widow to Yellowjacket

The Assassination of Natasha Romanoff was a murder of Natasha Romanoff, carried out by Yellowjacket to disrupt the Avengers Initiative .


Following the steps of her mother, Hope van Dyne joined S.H.I.E.L.D., however, she was killed during the mission in Odessa. Blinded by grief and fad, Hank Pym blamed S.H.I.E.L.D. and Nick Fury in van Dyne ‘s death and swear retaliation. Using his old S.H.I.E.L.D. clearance, Pym found out that Fury started the Avengers Initiative to put together a group of noteworthy individuals. Armed with the Yellowjacket Suit, Pym took it upon himself to ruin everything Fury wanted to build by killing any campaigner for the Initiative. Using the phial with the Lithium Dioxide, Pym managed to kill Tony Stark, making it look like Black Widow did it. When S.H.I.E.L.D. apprehended Black Widow, she escaped from the agents to find the true perpetrator behind Stark ‘s mangle, as Fury ordered her. Romanoff arrived to the Culver University where she approached Betty Ross, asking her for assistant. Ross ran some tests on the antidote phial but could not find any tracing of alien substances but noted that the antidote did not enter Stark ‘s body at the here and now of his end. She told Romanoff that whatever was the lawsuit of Stark ‘s death, it was not biological, as the topple had been shattered by a bantam object.

Romanoff was by and by informed by Fury that the murderer is targeting the Avengers Initiative candidates, as Clint Barton was killed a well, and Bruce Banner. Romanoff found Banner hiding at the university and told him that they need to run away before the murderer finds them. however, the US military led by Thaddeus Ross confronts them. During the battle with the military, Yellowjacket killed Hulk using the Pym Particles Disk. [ 1 ]

character assassination

In the awaken of Bruce Banner ‘s death, Black Widow obscure at Manassas Public Library to investigate the murders. After getting access to the Avengers Initiative files in the S.H.I.E.L.D. database from Phil Coulson, Romanoff discovered that Hope van Dyne accessed the files the stopping point day, despite being dead for two years. After checking through the files, Romanoff figured out that Hank Pym was behind the murders.

Romanoff tried to contact Nick Fury about Pym but she noticed that she was not alone at the library, so she prepared for a fight with Pym. Being of belittled size at night, Romanoff could not see him to land a hit or fend off his attacks. Using his military capability and the flinch state, Yellowjacket cursorily overwhelmed her by hitting her against the walls and the ceiling. finally she tried to reach for her telephone as it connected to Fury ‘s voice message, screaming “ Hope. It ‘s all about Hope. ” before being dragged off into the shadows, and was killed by Pym. [ 1 ]


During the investigation, Nick Fury received a message from Natasha Romanoff before she was killed. Fury managed to deduce that she meant Hope van Dyne, and all assassinations were carried out by Hank Pym who wanted to avenge the death of his daughter. Disguising himself as Fury, Loki confronts Pym at van Dyne ‘s grave, making him admit to killing Thor and other Avengers Initiative candidates. Loki defeated Pym and ordered the Einherjar to take him into detention for killing Thor. however, Loki then turned against Fury and ordered his army to conquer Earth for him, and since there was no Avengers to stop him, he succeeded. [ 1 ]


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