Why Chris Evans Should Play Captain America Again (And Why He Shouldn’t)

Actor Chris Evans is retired from playing Captain America in the MCU, although he could easily come back at any point, which begs the question if he should ( or should n’t ) return if the opportunity arise. Evans played Steve Rogers/Captain America for 12 MCU movies, including three solo films and four Avengers films. His last appearance as Captain America was in Avengers : endgame, which saw him return the Infinity Stones to their decline rate in prison term before returning to his own timeline as an erstwhile world. Evans went on to literally pass the harbor to Anthony Mackie ‘s Sam Wilson/The Falcon, who became the new Captain America in the Disney+ serial The Falcon and The Winter Soldier .
Evans recently said that a tax return to play Captain America would have to be “ perfect ” and that making it happen would be a “ grandiloquent decree ”. He ‘s besides been outspoken in his confirm for Mackie taking over the function, tweeting that “ Sam Wilson is Captain America ”, as Captain America 4 is presently in the works with Julius Onah directing and Mackie set to reprise the function. Evans, meanwhile, has been low-key in his acting efforts since Avengers : endgame, appearing in the Apple TV+ mini-series Defending Jacob, while providing the voice for Buzz Lightyear in Pixar ‘s Lightyear, and showing up for cameos in Free Guy and Do n’t Look Up. His latest function is as the villain for his endgame directors in Netflix ‘s The Gray Man .

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The ending of Avengers : endgame set up the perfect reappearance for Evans, as Steve Rogers ‘s journey to put the Infinity Stones back leaves the door wide open to explore his adventures throughout assorted points in the MCU timeline, finally leading to his reunion with Peggy Carter. Captain America will be linked to Evans for a hanker as he lives, as it ‘s a decade-long function that put him on the map as a crucial part of the most successful movie franchise in history. Evans is at the perfect age to continue in the role, which he could easily do for another ten or more, and there are batch of stories to be told given the spiritual world events that led to his final examination appearance as an old Steve Rogers in Endgame. however, that bequest is besides a good reason not to return to the function, as it was a near-perfect eat up for the iconic character that could easily be upset by a poor follow-up .

Steve Rogers’ MCU Journey As Captain America Has Much More To Tell

chris evans as captain america While the MCU ’ s contemporary Captain America is being set up as Sam Wilson, there ’ s plenty of room for both of them to exist, specially with the multiverse in full swing. There ’ mho an endless provision of Steve Rogers/Captain America stories to be told ( including WWII flashbacks ) given the untold adventures he must ‘ve gone through in returning the Infinity Stones to their true station. That travel entirely could be an stallion trilogy or series in itself, as it ‘s highly improbable that Rogers simply showed up and placed the stones restfully back in their rightful locate. It ‘s the perfective playground to continue to tell Rogers ‘ floor, as it allows him to operate in multiple continuities and not be beholden to what ‘s happening in the stream timeline, allowing an huge amount of freedom in Chris Evan ‘s Captain America ‘s travel .

Chris Evans Is In The Perfect Age Range To Continue Captain America’s Story

Chris Evans as Old Steve Rogers and Captain America in Avengers Endgame Chris Evans is a perfect age ( 41 ) to continue to tell the narrative of Steve Rogers without missing the window wholly. He could surely complete another Captain America trilogy ( or possibly a number of Disney+ shows ), without missing a outwit. The actor remains in physical shape to continue the character arsenic well, which is an authoritative view of inhabiting such an iconic part. Evans has defined Captain America as much with his animalism as his performance, setting a hard standard for the character in the MCU, which he could easily continue to maintain if the momentum is seized .

Captain America Will Forever Be Chris Evans’ “James Bond” Role

Captain America keeps fighting against Thanos Whether he likes it or not, Evans will forever carry the system of weights of his function as Captain America, which will constantly be his “ James Bond ”. Evans has expressed how valued he views his time as Captain America, which is ultimately a prerogative that alone a handful of actors get in their careers. Continuing that bequest while there ‘s hush time is something the actor should deeply consider. The MCU ‘s Phase 4 slate of films and shows have been dissentious adequate already, all of which have been missing the presence of Evans ‘ Captain America, who is sorely missed with each newly excrete stick out. While the franchise will finally have to move on from Evans, that moment, arguably, has n’t arrived merely yet. Evans should keep the bequest alive, while the iron is still hot or hazard looking back with regret on a missed windowpane .
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Poor Execution And Reception Could Ruin Chris Evans’ Legacy As Cap

Captain America The First Avenger On the pass side, Evans could besides run the risk of getting a creative team or floor that doesn ’ thyroxine quite come together, thereby minimizing or ruining his already strong bequest as Captain America. Evans is right field to treat Captain America ‘s travel through The Infinity Saga as cherished, seeing as it closed out his floor to near perfection. even with more stories left to be told it ‘s a gamble if all of the elements do n’t come together. Putting Rogers in the hands of less capable filmmakers or failing to capitalize on what makes Evans so great in the function could risk upsetting the bequest that ‘s already been established with a lesser follow-up product .

Without The Old Avengers Team, Steve Rogers May Not Have The Same Appeal

Chris Evans Captain America Costume Avengers Worst Wrong It ’ mho besides possible that without Tony Stark, Thor Odinson, Black Widow, etc. that Evans ‘ Steve Rogers may not shine deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as he did in MCU Phases 1-3. One of the most compelling aspects of Evans in the function throughout his tenure was the kid he shared with his companion Avengers, all of which have been either killed off or scattered to the weave since Endgame. The relationship between him, Tony Stark ( Robert Downey Jr. ) and the Avengers stands as one of the hallmarks of the entire MCU franchise. now that Stark is dead and gone it ‘s entirely possible that it could diminish the bearing of Evans back in the crimson, white, and aristocratic, making his appeal a fortune less spectacular than earlier .

More Chris Evans Captain America Could Potentially Overstay His Welcome

Sam wilson captain america fighting style compared to Steve Rogers last, it ’ s possible that Evans ‘ render as Captain America could end up being excessively a lot, overstaying his welcome and delaying the inevitability of the flashlight being passed, which is already happening anyhow. It ‘s been a shaky road for Sam Wilson becoming Captain America, but audiences may well warm up to the mind by the meter Captain America 4 is released, causing Evans ‘ to stick out like a afflictive thumb in the MCU. The character of Steve Rogers has constantly been “ a man out of time ” and possibly bringing him back would merely serve to confuse audiences as they attempt to adjust to MCU Phase 4 and beyond. As Vision says in Avengers : Age of Ultron, “ A thing is n’t beautiful because it lasts ” and that may be the lawsuit with Evans as Captain America .
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