Replacing Ezra Miller With Grant Gustin In ‘The Flash’ Is Too Weird To Work

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This post was republished on 4/8 .

yesterday, Rolling Stone reported that in an emergency meet about Ezra Miller, Warner Bros. decided to hit pause on all the actor ’ second projects, including the approaching high profile Flash film, ascribable to their recent behavior .

Miller has had an increasingly bizarre serial of outbursts and public alterations, culminating in their check in Hilo, Hawaii for disorderly impart at a cake .

After news of this meeting about Miller got out, fans started debating the future of The Flash, the character they have played in Justice League that was set to get a key DCEU by-product. And if Warner Bros. is not moving forward with Miller, fans have a very specific idea of who could replace them .

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That would be Grant Gustin, the actor who has played the Flash on the CW across eight seasons and 150+ episodes since 2014, and he ’ randomness just signed on for a ninth season. Fans are rallying to say Gustin deserves a probability to shine on the big screen with a real, non-CW budget .
SAN DIEGO, CA – july 26 : In this handout photograph provided by Warner Bros, Grant Gustin of “ The Flash ” … [ + ] attends Comic-Con International 2014 on July 26, 2014 in San Diego, California. ( Photo by Michael Yarish/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. via Getty Images )

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Don ’ t get me wrong, even though I think The Flash has run for about five years excessively long on the CW, I have always appreciated Grant Gustin ’ s portrayal of Barry Allen and I think he ’ randomness done a great subcontract. With that said, I can not wrap my oral sex around how foreign it would be to port the actor over to the DCEU for a Flash film .
Seeing Grant Gustin alone zapped into the DCEU to play a different adaptation of a character he ’ s already played for eight years and a hundred hours is fair highly weird to process. This would not be a “ CW Flash movie, ” this would be the actor being slotted into the Flash film that already has a clear management within the DCEU, and he would be leaving his CW shed and storylines behind .
And would he portray the character in the lapp means ? Would Allen have to try to emulate Miller ’ south younger, more jittery Flash ? Or would he be playing CW Barry Allen just without the rest of his cast there ? The FlashCW
none of this makes any real common sense from a casting perspective to me, a much as I like the actor himself ( and don ’ thymine war cry for Gustin who is making $ 200,000 per Flash episode in season 9 ). I think possibly once upon a time the DCEU could have opted to embrace the Arrowverse, but that fourth dimension has passed, and that ’ s not what this would be nowadays. It ’ randomness a lot easier to imagine replacing Miller with another young actor for a fresh get down .
It does seem pass that Ezra Miller needs legalize help oneself, which I think needs to be the main precedence once his legal issues are sorted. But it besides stands to reason they may not have a future within the DCEU going forward due to their behavior thus far. I merely don ’ thymine think I can be convinced is that the guy who has already played The Flash for more than a decade is the entirely choice to replace Miller, and I equitable don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate imagine this manifest, no matter how a lot some fans may want to see it .
Update (4/8) : A informant within the studio s peaking to IGN claims that an emergency meet about Miller did not happen, and that the claims being made are “ overdo. ”
This does not necessarily that mean that no meet or discussion about Miller took position. It would be rather surprising if one did not, given that they have literally been arrested, but it possibly does indicate that Miller could serve out their tenure as The Flash even if they move on subsequently .
With all this argument about Grant Gustin replacing Ezra Miller, what seems the most probably to happen is that The Flash will probably released with Miller as Barry Allen, given that filming on the movie finished way back in October 2021. not to say that Miller doesn ’ triiodothyronine need to do anything at all with the film after that, and of course there ’ s the common promotional cycle that I ’ megabyte indisputable WB is terrified to do with Miller, but it seems pretty black and blank. WB has to kill the Flash movie entirely or release it with Miller. Re-filming with a new leading, be it Gustin or anyone, would probable be wholly indefensible in the stream position .
The most likely course of action here would seem to be the film is released with Miller and then DC precisely stays away from The Flash for a good long while after that. The original DCEU Justice League shed is already largely scattered to the weave. It ’ s improbable we ’ ll see Ben Affleck as Batman again, given Robert Pattinson ’ s new act in a classify population. While Henry Cavill has expressed interest in playing Superman again, there do not seem to be firm plans for that. Ray Fisher has been blacklisted by WB after the events of Justice League. So that very just leaves Wonder Woman and Aquaman going forward. Miller would be another casualty of the original Snyder Justice League, but they wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate precisely be the beginning .
We have gotten no official word from WB about the department of state of The Flash other than its end stay into 2023, which was blamed on COVID. We ’ ll see if they have any public statements to make on Miller, early than loosely denying the original claims made by Rolling Stone.

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