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Darcy Lewis is a fabricated intern and research assistant featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film franchise. Played by actress Kat Dennings, she was introduced in the 2011 film Thor. Dennings reprised the function of Darcy Lewis in the movie ‘s 2013 sequel, Thor: The Dark World .


Darcy Lewis is a political skill major who worked as an intern for astrophysicist Jane Foster. Darcy accompanied Jane and her colleague, Erik Selvig, out to Puente Antiguo, New Mexico to study unexplained atmospheric phenomenon. Darcy was driving the van as they drove out into the desert and struck a valet who they late discovered was the expatriate Asgardian, Thor. thor came to rather cursorily, but stumbled about in a threaten manner, thus Darcy zapped him with her taser. When questioned about this course of action, she defended herself by saying, “ What ? He was freaking me out ! ” later, cooler heads prevailed and Darcy began to take a reflect to Thor. She was amused when they were knocked out at a diner and Thor began smashing coffee mugs on the floors. Darcy snapped a picture of him with her cellular telephone phone and put it on Facebook. When Thor began describing his association to his mysterious mallet, Mjolnir, Darcy mis-pronounced it and began referring to it as “ Mew Mew “. [ 2 ] A few years subsequently, Darcy was placid working for Jane Foster, and they were operating out of London, England. By this point, they had lost reach with Erik Selvig, who had since suffered a mental breakdown following the Battle of New York. As Darcy put it, “ He went banana balls ”. Darcy decided to acquire her own intern at this time named Ian Boothby, though Darcy preferred to just call him “ Intern ”, as if that were his identify .
Continuing to track spatial anomalies, they found another such phenomenon in the middle of an empty, abandoned building complex. Some children had discovered the anomaly and showed them by dropping an detail from an upper flush and watching it disappear without ever reaching the establish, only to have it reappear above them. While Jane was astounded by such a wonder, Darcy found it fabulously amusing as if it were a new toy and tried to get Jane, and then Ian, to give her their brake shoe so she could drop it into the anomaly. Ian however, decided to throw their car keys into the spatial rift, leaving them stranded.

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Jane Foster on the early hand was exposed to an ancient instrument of might called the Aether and was transported outside of distance and time. Although she was only gone a few minutes by her reckoning, several hours had passed in the real number worldly concern. When she finally returned, Darcy was in a panic that Jane had been gone sol retentive, and informed her that they were being arrested for trespassing on private property. thor became mindful of Jane ‘s inexplicable disappearance and returned to Earth to investigate. Though it was raining, he opened a current to keep the rain from hitting Jane, though Darcy got soaked. placid, she was glad to see Thor again and commented, “ Look at you. still all muscly and everything ”.

Darcy came to discover that the spatial anomaly was a by-product of a cosmologic consequence known as the Convergence, in which all of the Nine Realms of Asgard would be aligned. This event enabled an evil Dark Elf named Malekith a gamble to use the Aether to bring endless iniquity to the universe once again. Malekith ‘s ongoing battles with Asgard brought his war-ship to Earth, where it began destroying parts of Greenwich and London. Darcy and Ian had reconnected with Erik Selvig by this point, who managed to regain a oblige on his sanity. It was besides during this nerve-racking time that Darcy expressed a romantic attachment in Ian, which was reciprocated. He was besides felicitous that she had stopped calling him Intern.

Darcy, Selvig and Jane cobbled together a device that shunted Malekith ‘s ship bet on to his homeworld of Svartalfheim, where he was crushed by the weight of his own damaged embark. [ 3 ]

Notes & Trivia

  • Darcy Lewis was introduced as a character that was unique to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and did not initially have a Marvel Comics counterpart.
  • Actress Kat Dennings is best known for playing the role of wise-cracking waitress Max Black on the CBS sitcom series 2 Broke Girls.
  • Trademark: Darcy frequently uses “What!?” as an exclamation before explaining her reactions to a situation. This is also a trademark of Kat Dennings’ character Max Black on 2 Broke Girls.


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