Katy’s MCU Future After Shang-Chi Explained

Warning: The following contains  SPOILERS for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. 
Katy Chen ( Awkwafina ) is the ultimate epic buddy in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings — but what does the MCU have in memory for her future ? As Shang-Chi ‘s best ally, it seems about impossible to picture a future for Shang-Chi without Katy in it. Though she might not have superhuman abilities, her driving skills and natural predilection for archery make her just as much of a hero as Shang-Chi .
Katy and Shang-Chi — who went by Shaun at the clock time — met in high school when Katy stepped between Shaun and a bully with a confusing round of “ Hotel California. ” After that, the pair became dense as thieves ; evening as adults, the pair worked together as valets, and Shang-Chi seemed fully integrated with Katy ‘s class. Katy is an incredibly firm best acquaintance, which was proven by her following Shang-Chi around the world with no reluctance, and she takes all of the new revelations surrounding her best friend — and world as she knows it — in relatively great stride. Throughout the film Katy visibly matures, stepping beyond her fear of growing up to become a skilled sagittarius in the battle of Ta Lo.

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The ending of Shang-Chi heavily alludes to some kind of future for Katy in the MCU. When Wong arrives in San Francisco to crash their dinner, he summons both of them to have a discussion with Carol Danvers and Bruce Banner regarding the Ten Rings. Throughout the few scenes featuring the other Avengers in Shang-Chi, they all regard Katy and Shang-Chi equally. Katy ‘s character was created specifically for the MCU, meaning she does n’t have a comic counterpart to look to for hints regarding her future ; however, it seems Katy has been welcomed into the flock good vitamin a a lot as Shang-Chi has. Though it has n’t been confirmed when Shang-Chi and Katy will appear again in the MCU, all signs luff to them returning as a dynamic duet once again .

Katy looking confused on the bus in Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Some have speculated that there is besides a possible romantic storyline between Katy and Shang-Chi. In Shang-Chi, the duet ‘s kinship is platonic, but there are a few moments throughout the film that trace toward a possible development for their kinship. Between Katy ‘s reaction to seeing Shang-Chi shirtless, her grandma ‘s nudge at them getting married, and the angelic moment they shared after the struggle at Ta Lo, the basis has been laid to explore a amatory relationship in the future. however, there is besides bang-up deservingness in getting to explore a stopping point, platonic friendship between a valet and a charwoman on-screen ; something that does n’t happen identical frequently in superhero films .
Shang-Chi star Awkwafina is excited to explore Katy ‘s future. While she does n’t know precisely what ‘s in store for Katy, she does know she wants it to happen with Shang-Chi by her side. “ I will say that I would like to see her not without Shang-Chi, ” Awkwafina explained in an interview with Digital Spy. “ I think that their friendship is in truth important for each of them individually. ” Without a amusing storyline to be tied down to, Katy ‘s future in the MCU is wide open ; on top of providing comedic easing she now has train as a Ta Lo sagittarius, and her promptly think and agile driving have made her an integral part of the team. After Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, the MCU is Katy Chen ‘s oyster.

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