Chris Hemsworth’s Net Worth Reveals How Much He Makes as Thor vs. Other Marvel Actors

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As an original Avenger, it ’ mho apprehensible why fans want to what Chris Hemsworth ’ mho net worth is and how much he makes from the Thor movies and other Marvel Cinematic Universe films .
Hemsworth —whose broad name is Christopher Hemsworth—was born on August 11, 1983, in Melbourne, Australia. His older brother, Luke Hemsworth ( who plays an actor playing Thor in Thor : Love and Thunder ), and younger brother, Liam Hemsworth, are besides actors. He started acting professionally in 2002 after starring in two episodes of Guinevere Jones, in which he played King Arthur. He went on to star in australian television receiver shows like Neighbours, Marshall Law and The Saddle Club before auditioning for the role of Robbie Hunter in the australian soap opera Home and Away. Though he didn ’ t receive the character, he was asked to audition for a unlike character, Kim Hyde, which he booked.Hemsworth went on to star in Home and Away for 189 episodes from 2004 to 2007 .
Hemsworth ‘ s big better came in 2011 when he starred as Thor Odinson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ’ s Thor. The character, who made his debut in the Marvel Comics topic “ Journey into Mystery # 83 ” in 1962, is based on the God of the Thunder of the like identify from Norse mythology. He ’ south besides an Avenger and the former king of Asgard. Hemsworth went on to reprise his character as Thor in eight more Marvel Cinematic Universe movies : 2012 ’ s The Avengers, 2013 ’ s Thor Dark World, 2015 ’ south Avengers : Age of Ultron, 2016 ’ south Doctor Strange, 2017 ’ sulfur thor : Ragnarok, 2018 ’ south Avengers : Infinity War, 2019 ’ sulfur Avengers : endgame, and 2022 ’ s Thor : Love and Thunder. In an consultation with Vanity Fair in 2022, Hemsworth opened up about how his career mirrored Thor ’ s travel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “ I equitable love playing the quality. I love the travel I have been on with him. not only as Thor, but equitable my liveliness. The two have been side by english for 10, 11 years now and have both crossed over into each other ’ south universe from clock time to fourth dimension, ” he said.

Despite his positive experience in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hemsworth besides told the magazine that he was “ defeated ” in his operation in the moment Thor movie, thor : Dark World. “ I wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stoked with what I ’ five hundred done in Thor 2, ” he said. “ I was a fiddling disappoint in what I ’ vitamin d done. I didn ’ thyroxine think I grew the character in any way and I didn ’ t think I showed the hearing something unexpected and different. ” He besides revealed to Vanity Fair that he was “ bored ” of the quality before he had a conversation with Thor : Love and Thunder conductor, Taika Waititi, about how to tell a story Thor hasn ’ t told before. “ I think the conversation we had was, ‘ I ’ m actually bored of Thor, ’ and ‘ I ’ m actually bored of Thor excessively ! ’ then we decided not to be bored and anytime that feeling came into play we ’ vitamin d go into a different direction, ” he said .
thus how much does Hemsworth make from playing Thor ? Read on ahead for what we know about Chris Hemsworth ’ s final worth and what he makes from the Thor movies and other Marvel Cinematic Universe films .

How much does Chris Hemsworth make for the Thor movies?

Thor Love and Thunder 6"Thor: Love and Thunder" How much does Chris Hemsworth make for the Thor movies ? Hemsworth has starred as Thor Odinson—also known as just Thor—in four Thor movies : 2011 ’ sulfur Thor, 2013 ’ randomness thor : Dark World, 2017 ’ randomness thor : Ragnarok, and 2022 ’ s Thor : Love and Thunder. The character, who is an Avenger and the former king of Asgard, is based on the God of Thunder of the lapp appoint from Norse mythology. He made his introduction in the Marvel Comics in the return, “ Journey into Mystery # 83, ” in 1962 .
So…what does Chris Hemsworth make for the Thor movies ? Business Insider reported that Hemsworth made $ 150,000 for the first gear Thor movie in 2011. While his wage for thor : Dark World international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine known, Celebrity Net Worth reports that Hemsworth made $ 58 million in 2013 thanks to movies like Rush and Thor : Dark World. ” The site besides reports that Hemsworth made $ 30 million in 2017, the lapp class thor : Ragnarok premiered, though his exact pay hasn ’ t been confirmed. Hemsworth ’ s $ 150,000 wage for the first Thor movie international relations and security network ’ metric ton uncommon for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to Business Insider, Chris Evans, who plays Steve Rogers / Captain America, made $ 1 million for 2011 ’ s Captain America : The First Avenger. The Hollywood Reporter besides reported that Robert Downey Jr., who plays Tony Stark / Iron Man, made $ 500,000 for 2008 ’ s Iron Man. According to the cartridge holder, Chadwick Boseman, who played T ’ Challa / Black Panther, made $ 2 million for 2018 ’ south Black Panther, while Brie Larson, who played Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel, made $ 5 million for 2019 ’ s Captain Marvel. According to The Daily Mail, Tom Holland, who plays Peter Parker / Spider-Man, made $ 500,000 for 2017 ’ second Spider-Man : Homecoming, while Chris Pratt, who plays Peter Quinn / Star-Lord, made a “ gloomy seven figures ” for 2014 ’ s Guardians of the Galaxy, according to Forbes .
The first gear Thor movie grossed $ 181 million in the United States and Canada and $ 268.3 million oversea for a worldwide total of $ 449.3 million, making it the fifteenth highest-grossing film of 2011. thor : Dark World, on the other hand, grossed $ 206.4 million in the United States and Canada and $ 438.4 million overseas for a worldwide sum of $ 664.8 million, surpassing the gross of the first Thor movie after equitable 19 days of it exhaust. thor : Ragnarok, for its contribution, grossed $ 315.1 million in the United States and Canada and $ 538.9 million oversea for a global entire of $ 854 million, surpassing the sum grosses of both the first Thor movie and thor : Dark World by its third base weekend. It holds the record for the ninth-highest-grossing movie of 2017 .

How much does Chris Hemsworth make for other Marvel movies?

Avengers EndgameAvengers: Endgame How much does Chris Hemsworth make for the other Marvel movies ? Along with Thor, Thor : Dark World, Thor : Ragnarok and Thor : Love and Thunder, Hemsworth has starred in five other Marvel Cinematic Universe movies:2012 ’ s The Avengers, 2015 ’ sulfur Avengers : Age of Ultron, 2016 ’ south Doctor Strange, 2018 ’ south Avengers : Infinity War and 2019 ’ south Avengers : endgame.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Hemsworth Chris Evans ( who plays Steve Rogers / Captain America ) and Scarlett Johansson ( who plays Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow ) made between $ 15 million to $ 20 million each for Avengers : Infinity War and another $ 15 million to $ 20 million for Avengers : endgame. The early two master Avengers actors, Jeremy Renner ( who plays Clint Barton / Hawkeye ) and Mark Ruffalo ( who plays Bruce Banner / Hulk ), were probable besides paid the like wage. The final original Avengers actor, Robert Downey Jr. ( who plays Iron Man ), was paid $ 50 million for each Avengers : Infinity War and Avengers : endgame, according to The Hollywood Reporter, though some reports claim that he made $ 200 million for each movie, which would ’ ve paid him $ 400 million in total. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Hemsworth earned $ 75 million in 2018 and 2019, the years Avengers : Infinity War and Avengers : endgame were released, ranking him 24th on Forbes ’ list of highest-paid celebrities for 2019 .
In an consultation with Wired in June 2022, Hemsworth hinted that thor : Love and Thunder may be his last movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “ Well the last [ Marvel movie ] I shot was Thor : Love and Thunder, and it might be my end Marvel movie, I don ’ thymine know, ” he said. “ It was a wild and fun and cockamamie experience, as all Taika Waititi movies are. Played that character for ten, football team, years immediately, and each time it ’ south been new and exciting, and this was no exception to that. It felt very fresh and it felt like we were trying something we hadn ’ thyroxine tried before. I was, in Taika ’ mho words, I think a balmy, barbarian, amatory comedy set in space. ” Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, however, told Total Film in June 2022 that he has “ many ” Thor stories to tell in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and would want Hemsworth to continue as the character to tell them. “ I know this : there are many, many other Thor stories in the comics that we talk about a fortune. And as we watch Chris Hemsworth continue to grow and evolve as a major acting endowment, I would be excited to see how he keeps evolving this complex character, ” he said. Hemsworth told the magazine that he ’ vitamin d return key vitamin a Thor angstrom long as each movie and fib is different. “ Each time, if the opportunity comes up and presents itself, I ’ molarity good open to whatever creative exploration can happen, thanks to different writers and directors and so on, ” he said. “ But I love playing the character, I truly do. It always comes down to : ‘ Is this script different to the end one ? Are we repeating something ? ’ And when it becomes besides familiar, I think that ’ randomness when I ’ five hundred have to say, ‘ Yeah, no, this doesn ’ t… I think I ’ ve… ‘ ” He continued, “ I ’ d like to exit before people tell me to exit. ”
Hemsworth besides told Deadline in June 2022 that he ’ ll continue to play until person tells him to “ get off the stage. ” “ I ’ ll do it until person says get off the stage, ” he said. “ There ’ s an adolescent choice to him, a feel of adventure. And a sort of fun immaturity. ” He continued, “ Working with Waititi ], it ’ s something different each time, something fresh. And he ’ s a dearly ally. He has the lapp sort of green timbre I was talking about. In the best means possible. ” Thor : Love and Thunder executive producer Brian Chapek besides explained to Deadline that Thor is the first Marvel Cinematic Universe character to have four solo movies, which is a testament to the character. “ Well I would say he ’ s the only person so far to get four movies. That ’ s not necessarily a tip, but it ’ s not a restriction either, ” he said .

What is Chris Hemsworth’s net worth?

Thor Ragnarok 2Chris Hemsworth What is Chris Hemsworth ’ sulfur net worth ? Chris Hemsworth ’ s web worth is $ 130 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Along with what he makes from the Thor movies and other Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Chris Hemsworth ’ mho net worth besides includes his yield from films like Star Trek, The Cabin in the Woods, Snow White and the Huntsman, Red Dawn, Star Trek into Darkness, Rush, The Huntsman : winter ’ south War, Ghostbusters, Bad Times at the El Royale, Men in Black : International, Extraction and Spiderhead .
According to Celebrity Net Worth, Hemsworth purchased a $ 4.8 million home in Malibu, California ’ s Point Dume vicinity in 2013. He sold his home for $ 7 million in 2016, which was $ 500,000 above his asking price. The site besides reports that Hemsworth has spent $ 15 million constructing a sign of the zodiac in Byron Bay, New South Wales, in Australia, his dwelling state. The base, which is worth an calculate $ 30 million, sits on 4-acres and features a 160-foot rooftop eternity pool, american samoa well as a two-lane bowl alley The site besides reports that Hemsworth paid $ 500,000 on the landscaping alone. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Hemsworth besides purchased a $ 15 million place in northeastern Tasmania in November 2021 for $ 15 million. The property is 1,300 acres.

Thor: Love and Thunder will be available to stream on Disney Plus around August 22, 2022. here ’ s how to subscribe for spare .
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