Zoom Meetings: Troubleshooting Breakout Rooms

If during your meet break rooms are not working as expected, the adopt may be the campaign :

  • Inconsistent email addresses: The participant’s meeting invitation reflects a Zoom account email address different from the one that they are joining from (e.g. first.last@duke.edu was the invited email address, and the user joins from their personal Zoom account associated with name@gmail.com).
  • Guest (anonymous) participation: The participant has not logged into a Zoom account before joining, and appears as a guest.
  • Outdated client: The participant has an older version of the Zoom client and is trying to self-select a breakout room. 

Inconsistent email addresses

Participants should join the meeting using the Zoom account/email address that was invited .
If you want to pre-assign participants to breakout rooms when scheduling your meeting, first find out which electronic mail address is associated with the player ‘s Zoom account. Read more about pre-assigning participants to breakout rooms .

Duke participants

Invite Duke participants using their NetID @ duke.edu e-mail cover and advise them to log in earlier joining. To ensure they ‘re logged in correctly, Duke participants should do the follow :

  1. In the Zoom desktop application, click the initials/profile photo (upper right) and select Sign Out. The Sign In window appears.
  2. Click Sign in with SSO. The Sign In with SSO window appears.
  3. Enter duke for the company domain and click Continue.
  4. Follow the prompts to log in.

Note: If the player is ineffective to log in, they do not have a Duke Zoom history. All Duke staff, staff and students are eligible for an account. To obtain an bill, users should do the following :

  1. From a web browser, visit https://duke.zoom.us/. 
  2. Click Sign In.
  3. Follow the prompts to log in with Duke credentials. If the user is eligible, the account is automatically created, and the Duke Zoom page appears and displays upcoming meetings.

once logged in, the exploiter should re-attempt to join the meet and travel to a break room.

Non-Duke participants

Non-Duke participants should make sure to join the meeting while logged in to the Zoom account that was invited .

Guest participation

To avoid appearing as a guest and being ineffective to join a break board, participants should log in to the Zoom account that was invited .

Outdated client

Zoom client versions 5.3.0 and higher leave participants to self-select break rooms. To update the node, with the Zoom background application open, do the follow :

  1. Click the initials/profile photo (upper right) and select Check for Updates.
  2. Follow the prompts to update and install the latest version.
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