SOLVED:Complete the following paragraph to explain the importance of adaptation and evolution to life_ adaptations Some individuals of a species may possess features called that make them better suite

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hello students in order to survive, an organism has to somehow adapted to its environment. So adaptation is a characteristic which helps an organism to survive in its environment. So plants and animals must adapt so they can compete for resources and alive successfully in their habitat. Some adaptations can help organisms to not get eat. So an adaptation gives an organism a better luck of surviving in its environment. nowadays let ‘s take an exercise of beetle population in the greengrass environment. Brown beetles can be easily spotted by predators like birds, so they are eaten by predators and their issue will be decreased in the population. So the green ones are escaped from the predators. Right ? therefore here the fleeceable color is an adaptation and the green true laurel to reproduce and create more green baiters than embrown ones. Right ? so the fleeceable color is an adaptation that makes them more become to the environment to live long and produce more offspring. sol for the first gear question, the correct answer is the adaptation. nowadays let ‘s find the answer for a irregular motion, we know that adaptations include one lee those structures, behaviors or physiologic processes that are inheritable and that contribute to generative success. so in any population, individuals with the best adaptations are most probably to reproduce and pass their advantage to their offspring. so in our example, beetles which are green in color are most probable to produce more offspring and pass their adaptive trait to their offspring. So this is the differential generative success because of this derived function generative success, a population changes over time. So the suitable adaptation to the existing environment becomes more park with each coevals ‘s. Right ? therefore this is the concept of natural choice. so in natural choice changes of characteristics of population occurred. third, fitness refers to the genic contribution of an organism to the next generation. Right ? So it is a measure of generative achiever. So individuals that are well suited to the environment will have higher generative success. Right ? indeed if an organism with a suitable adaptive trait has higher generative success, then it tends to live longer than other organisms. In this case. green one tends to live longer than embrown ones and produce more young. So we can say higher generative success increases the count of individuals with characteristics that are better suited to the environment. So the answer for the third gear question is increases and then finally over fourth dimension the change in the frequency of favorable traits contributes to the summons of evolution. As we already know, evolution is the variety in the inherit traits of the population through consecutive genesis. evolution explains the one and diversity that we observe in all support things. I hope you found this answer useful. Thank you

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