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Having an online meeting on Zoom, but the Share Screen feature is not working? Sharing your desktop is an all-important part of any on-line suffer in this sidereal day and senesce. however, it ’ south surely crafty troubleshooting each mistake you come across with the feature. specially if you ’ re good in the middle of a meeting 😓. One of the most common issues users have with screen sharing on Zoom, is the black screen mistake. In this case, the other participants can only see a blank screen when you ’ re indefatigably presenting on the other conclusion. zoom share screen not working other times, during a Zoom screen door contribution, the audio may not be working optimally, or there ’ south no audio at all.

hopefully, you ’ ve stumbled across this guide, which has 9 steps that you should try to fix when Zoom’s share screen feature is not working. These steps are suitable if you ’ re using Zoom on Windows and macOS. Plus, some steps can be applied for the Zoom mobile app on Android and iOS or your iPhone. indeed, if that all sounds good, let ’ s dive into the steps. Table of Contents

1. Check if Participant Screen Sharing is Enabled for the Zoom Room

sometimes you ’ re not able to screen share because the horde disabled “screen sharing by participants” for that particular meet. By nonpayment, this set is normally disabled and only allows the host to riddle share. thus, the horde may have overlooked this place setting and forgotten to enable it for “All Participants”. therefore, to check, simply click the Share Screen button. If you ’ re prompted with the “Host disabled participant screen sharing” message, then this set is indeed disabled for all participants. Check if Participant Screen Sharing is Enabled to fix zoom share screen not working In that case, try messaging the host through the Chat feature of speech to alert or remind the host to enable the dress. If you ’ re the master of ceremonies and participants are complaining they can ’ t screen share, you can enable this through the screen share settings :

For Windows and macOS

first, click the arrow at the Share Screen button, and choose “Advanced Sharing Options…”. Enable participant screen sharing to fix zoom screen sharing not working next, under “Who can Share?”, tick All Participants. Enable participant screen sharing to fix zoom share screen not working

For iPhone/iOS and Android

For starters, snap More… at the bed right. then, at the Meeting Settings foliate, under “Allow Participants to”, switch on Share Screen. Enable participant screen sharing to fix zoom screen sharing not working

2. Enable the Share Computer Sound Setting

This is an essential step if you find the audio isn’t working when you ’ re screen sharing on Zoom. By default option, this adjust is normally turned off, to avoid interrupting sounds from your computer. Plus, this plant may frequently be overlooked as you immediately head over to begin screen sharing. You can find this “Share Computer Sound” setting after clicking the Share Screen release, at the bottom left. Make surely to tick the box next to it to enable it. Enable share computer sound setting to fix zoom screen sharing audio not working Along with that, we recommend ticking the Optimize Screen Sharing for Video Clip setting that ’ s right beside it. This set is besides normally turned off by default, but it can help prevent Zoom screen partake issues .

3. Exit and Reenter the Zoom Room

This step should be included among your first gear go-to in fixing the Zoom plowshare screen door not working error. After exiting, we suggest restarting the Zoom application angstrom well for an increase effect. By doing these 2 steps together, you ’ re beginning a modern school term with the Zoom app. This removes some temp cache that may have interfered with your shield share. therefore, politely excuse yourself before exiting the confluence by clicking the End button. After that, you can choose to restart the Zoom app. For this, completely close the Zoom app before reopening the app : For Windows:  From the Windows tray on the Taskbar, right-click the Zoom icon and blue-ribbon Exit. restart zoom application on Windows to fix zoom share screen not working For Mac: From the Menu Bar on top, click the Zoom icon, and from the drop-down, choice Quit Zoom. restart zoom application on macOS to fix zoom screen sharing not working For Android and iOS: Exit the Zoom app by tapping the home release, then remove it from your Recent Apps. restart zoom application on iOS to fix zoom share screen not working ultimately, reopen the Zoom application and rejoin the touch room. Like usual, chink Join Room and input the correct Meeting ID and Password. now, be certain to check if you ’ re able to share your screen with the Zoom room again .

4. Ensure You’re Connected to a Good and Stable Internet Connection

What we mean by “ good ” internet joining is that screen sharing on Zoom requires a stable internet connection with moderate speeds. therefore, if you ’ ve noticed minor crashes or lags in your television conferencing, this possibly a resultant role of poor Internet connection. According to Zoom Support, you ’ ll need a minimum of 800kbps to 1mbps of download/upload speeds for an optimum video conferencing know. For screen sharing, you ’ ll need around 150kbps. With that in mind, we suggest checking your internet speeds, and you can use Speedtest.net for this. so, fair compress Go and wait about 2 minutes for the locate to measure your internet. check internet speed to fix zoom screen sharing not working Speedtest.net besides measures your ping times, which indicates your internet constancy. Lower ping times of around 50ms to 100ms is optimum to prevent network connectivity issues and this screen sharing error. Suppose you notice your internet speeds seem unusually weak. In that case, there are a few dim-witted steps we recommend to boost your internet :

  • Turn your WiFi router off, wait about a minute, then turn it on.

Doing this can clear the hoard in your router and aplomb it down .

  • Move closer to your WiFi router. 

This step can prevent mailboat losses and improves internet connection stability .

  • For Mobile Internet users, from your phone’s status bar (Android) or Control Centre (IOS), turn on Airplane Mode, wait 1 minute, then turn it off.

Through this, you can connect to a better cell tugboat, giving you better cell reception .

5. Stop your Video before Choosing to Share Screen

As mentioned before, screen sharing on Zoom heavily depends on your internet bandwidth. On top of that, video conferencing occupies even more bandwidth compared to only using audio calling. With that said, we suggest turning off your video before attempting to blind share. For this, just click the Stop Video button at the bed barricade, and then choose Share Screen. stop video before choosing share screen to fix zoom share screen not working additionally, if you entered the Zoom room with video recording already turned on, this can besides cause the Zoom share shield feature to not work. hence, to fix this, try leaving the room by choosing End. then, rejoin the Zoom board, but this fourth dimension choose Turn off my video when entering the Meeting ID. turn of video before entering zoom room to fix zoom screen sharing not working With this option ticked, only your audio is streamed. thus, using less bandwidth as opposed to streaming your television a well. As a result, you ’ ll surely see an better video conferencing quality with lesser lags and interruptions .

6. Check your Device’s OS Version (For Android and iOS)

If your call is running an outdated OS adaptation, expect to see technical foul errors with apps, including Zoom. This is because these newer apps aren ’ t optimized for older OS versions and face trouble accessing your call ’ randomness resources. In that shell, intelligibly, you ’ re prone to expression numerous bugs, such as the “Zoom screen sharing not working” error. According to Zoom Support, in club to screen plowshare :

  • Android devices need to be runningAndroid 5.0 or higher .
  • iOS devices ( iPhone, iPad ) necessitate to be running iOS 11 or higher


Steps to Check Your Device’s OS Version

Android: first, open the Settings app, then scroll down and choose About Device/About Phone. here, ensure that the OS interpretation under Android version is either Android 5.0 or higher. check android version iOS: For starters, open the Settings app, exploit General, and blue-ribbon About. Next to Software Version, ensure your device is running iOS 13.6 or higher. check software version on iOS

Steps to Check for Software Update on Your Device

If you find your earphone is running an outdated Software Version, consider checking for pending Software Updates for your call. On Android, open Settings, scroll gloomy and tap System, then choose System update. here, you can choose to tap Check for update to start searching for any pending updates. check for software updates on Android to fix zoom share screen not working

On iOS, similar to before, outdoors Settings, tap General, then select Software Update to begin searching for updates. check for software updates on iOS to fix zoom screen sharing not working

7. Allow All the Necessary Permissions for the Zoom App

Another reason why the Zoom plowshare screen function is not working is that the app doesn ’ t have the permissions to certain necessary resources. needle to say, screen door sharing on Zoom is a sport dependent on versatile resources, chiefly television, screen recording, and audio. Hence, for this measure, check if enabling all the permissions solves this Zoom screen sharing erroneousness. For Windows: From the Start Menu, search and capable Privacy Settings. then, from the exit acid, under App permissions, select a license, and ensure Zoom Meetings appears under “Allow Desktop Apps”. Allow permissions for Zoom on Windows to fix zoom share screen not working Repeat the steps with the other permissions as well. For Zoom, we suggest checking Camera and Microphone. For macOS: From the Apple Menu ( click the Apple logo at the amphetamine forget ), blue-ribbon System Preferences. Next, choose Security & Privacy. Allow permissions for Zoom on macOS to fix zoom screen sharing not working On the future foliate, choose Screen Recording from the leave, and click the lock symbol at the bottom correctly to allow changes. You may need to input your admin password. last, check the box next to Zoom. Allow permissions for Zoom on macOS to fix zoom share screen not working For Android: Open the Settings app, tap Apps & notification, and from the list of apps, choose Zoom. Allow permissions for Zoom on Android to fix zoom screen sharing not working next, choice Permissions, and under Denied, tap on a permission. Allow permissions for Zoom on Android to fix zoom share screen not working hera, tick either Allow or Allow only while using the app. Allow permissions for Zoom on Android to fix zoom screen sharing not working last, go back and repeat this step to allow the other permissions adenine well. For iOS: Open the Settings app, scroll down, and choice Zoom. hera, ensure that every permission is switched on for Zoom. Allow permissions for Zoom on iOS to fix zoom share screen not working

8. Disable Automatic Switching Between GPUs (For Windows and macOS)

sure this dress is normally turned on to extend your device ’ mho battery life. however, enabling this setting is one of the ahead causes for your Zoom riddle share having a black screen. This set is normally turned on by default for laptops with an extra consecrated GPU, like an NVIDIA graphics wag. With that said, the come steps demonstrate how to disable automatic switching between GPUs for Windows PCs and Macs .

For Windows

  1. first, open theStart Menu, then search and open the“NVIDIA Control Panel” .disable GPU automatic switching on Windows to fix zoom screen sharing not working
  1. here, from the entrust, under“Select a Task…”, chooseManage 3D settings. future, choiceProgram Settings and under “ Select a Program to Customize ”, clickAdd .disable GPU automatic switching on Windows to fix zoom share screen not working
  1. then, click“Browse…” on the follow page .disable GPU automatic switching on Windows to fix zoom screen sharing not working
  1. research for theCptHost.exe file at theZoom bin file, thenOpendisable GPU automatic switching on Windows to fix zoom share screen not working it. Navigate to this file at C : > Users > “ Your Username ” > AppData > Roaming > Zoom > bank identification number .
  1. After that under, “ Select preferred graphics processor for this program ”, chooseIntegrated graphics .disable GPU automatic switching on Windows to fix zoom screen sharing not working
  1. ultimately, pawlApply to save the changes made .

For macOS

  1. From theApple Menu ( click the Apple logo at the top left ), chooseSystem Preferences .
  2. next, blue-ribbonEnergy Saver, and on the following foliate ,uncheck the box next toAutomatic graphics switching .disable automatic graphics switching on macOS to fix zoom share screen not working

nowadays that you ’ ve disabled GPU auto-switching on your personal computer, check if the Zoom Share Screen serve is working optimally again .

9. Reinstall the Zoom App

last, we recommend reinstalling Zoom, an effective sterilize for versatile technical issues with the app, including screen share issues. basically, with this footprint, you ’ re completely uninstalling the Zoom app from your device and deleting its files. After that, the Zoom app is installed again on your device, allowing it to download raw files when connecting with its servers. For Windows: first, open the Run prompt by pressing the Windows and R key together. After that, embark appwiz.cpl and suction stop OK. From the list of apps, choose Zoom, and click Uninstall. reinstall zoom on windows to fix zoom screen sharing not working Following that, go to the Zoom Downloads Center, download the Zoom Client file, and open it to begin installing. reinstall zoom to fix zoom share screen not working For macOS: For starters, from the menu bar, click zoom.us, and choice Uninstall Zoom from the drop-down. reinstall zoom on macOS to fix zoom screen sharing not working last, at the following “ Do you want to uninstall this app ? ” message, chink OK. reinstall zoom on macOS to fix zoom share screen not working next, like ahead, visit the Zoom Downloads Center, then Download the Zoom Client and proceed to install it. For Android and iOS: The steps slenderly vary for each call model. Nonetheless, basically, you start by uninstalling the app by long-pressing it and choosing the Uninstall option. future, you can choose to restart your device. then, point over to the Play Store ( Android ) or App Store ( io ) to install Zoom again .


In summarize, these errors with the Zoom share screen function can be a reasonably common but madden occurrence. You ’ ll be scrummaging through the web, looking for a promptly fix the minute correct before a Zoom meet 🤯. consequently, we ’ ve prepared this scout with 9 ways to fix the Zoom share screen function that’s not working. After each step, try performing a test screen share. You can do this by hosting your own meet ( chink New Meeting ) to check if you ’ re able to screen contribution again.

Another bonus peak we ’ ll like to leave you with is checking and installing any pending updates for the Zoom app. These Zoom client ’ second updates are essential to avoid respective technical issues when using Zoom. Let us know in the comments, have you faced a alike screen sharing issue when using Zoom ? What step did the whoremaster for you 🤔 ? We sincerely hope the steps in this guide proved to be helpful for you. Do share this post with someone who is struggling with errors using the Zoom share screen function 😄.

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