How to Fix ‘Zoom Stuck on Connecting’ Issue

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Check How to Fix ‘Zoom Stuck on Connecting’ Issue

Internet connectivity is what makes and breaks Zoom meetings. If you have enough, you can enjoy smooth and detail Zoom calls. If you have a bad internet connection, things like buffering and disconnections will happen. not to mention, Zoom doesn ’ t connect to certain meetings. Why does that happen and how can you avoid it ? Read below.

Why is Zoom stuck on “Connecting”?

If Zoom is stuck at the “ Connecting to Audio ” shield, this indicates that you need to modify your settings to allow the lotion to use your microphone and camera. On the early pass, if the app is stuck on “ Connecting ”, this appears to be a network or server trouble.

Go to the Zoom service status page and check if there are any know issues that might explain why the app is stuck on “ Connecting ”. besides, check if other users have reported alike issues.

Edit your security and privacy settings

  • Click on the Apple menu and go to System Preferences.
  • Then click on Security and Privacy.
  • Select the Privacy tab and click Microphone.
  • Make sure Zoom has permission to access and use your microphone.
  • Do the same with your camera settings and allow the app to use your camera as well.
  • Restart Zoom and check if this quick fix solved the problem.

Check your connection

Make surely you have enough bandwidth to support Zoom television calls. note that video conferencing requires a bunch of bandwidth and the application may stop working if there is not adequate bandwidth for your needs. Disconnect all other devices connected to the network and make indisputable your Mac is the only device using the connection. besides, restart your router and check mark for firmware updates. Disable your VPN and firewall, switch to a unlike network, and check the results. Go to System Preferences, blue-ribbon Security & Privacy, and cluck on the Firewall tab key to disable the instrument.

If the trouble persists, change the DNS settings .

  • Click the Apple menu, select System Preferences, and click Network.
  • Select your connection and click Advanced.
  • Click DNS and press the + button.
  • Enter your new DNS settings and verify the results. For example, you can use Google’s public DNS settings ( and for IPv4, or 2001: 4860: 4860 :: 8888 and 2001: 4860: 4860 :: 8844 for IPv6). Or you can use OpenDNS ( and
  • Save your settings and test your connection.

Reinstall Zoom

If you calm can ’ thyroxine use the app, uninstall it from your Mac and restart your machine. then reinstall Zoom from your web site and check if you can start and join video recording meetings.

Additional solutions

respective users confirmed that the adopt solutions worked for them. While they may not work for all of you, it ’ s worth a judge.

  • Remove the extra audio cables. If the problem persists, disconnect all non-essential peripherals, restart Zoom, and check if the application works as expected.
  • If you are using a Wi-Fi extender, connect your Mac to the main Wi-Fi network and check if Zoom starts properly.
  • Disable your antivirus. If you are using an antivirus on your Mac, disable the tool and relaunch Zoom. Some antivirus solutions may occasionally block your connection to Zoom’s servers. Alternatively, you can edit your antivirus settings and add an exception for Zoom.
  • Copy the meeting ID into the Zoom app. For some strange reason, using the redirect link doesn’t always work. Zoom connects but cannot join the meeting.
  • Are you running other applications that might be using your MacBook’s camera and microphone? If so, close them and restart Zoom. These applications may prevent Zoom from accessing your microphone and camera.

Final words: How to Fix ‘Zoom Stuck on Connecting’ Issue

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