My New Lightning Cable Isn’t Working. What Should I Do?

An iPhone refusing to commit is a coarse reservoir of frustration among Apple users. Luckily, many of the reasons keeping an iPhone from charging have an easy, at-home repair. here are some things to try when your iPhone is n’t charging !

Hard Reset Your iPhone

Like sol many technical school problems, sometimes a hard reset is all your iPhone needs when it ‘s having trouble oneself charging .
To initiate a reset on newer iPhones, such as the iPhone 8 or late, quickly press the volume up clitoris, then the volume down release. last, compress and hold down the english button. When the white Apple logo appears on your screen, let go and your iPhone ‘s readjust should complete on its own .
If you use an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, press and hold the power and volume down buttons until the Apple logo appears. Let go and your phone will reset.

For older iPhone models, such as the 6S and the SE, urge and hold your home and power buttons simultaneously to reset your iPhone. Wait until the Apple logo shows up on the screen, then let go .
careless of the model you have, iPhones can take longer than you ‘d expect to reset. Remember not to release any of the buttons you ‘re holding besides early !

Clean Out The Charging Port

Dirt or early sludge can frequently block the connectors in your iPhone ‘s charging port. To check if your charging larboard is dirty, shine a light in it and see if you find anything in there that should n’t be.

If you find anything, get a clean soup-strainer ( or any other thin brush that wo n’t conduct electricity ) and lightly brush out all of the crap you can .

Put Your iPhone In DFU Mode And Restore

If neither a reset nor any oeuvre on your iPhone ‘s hardware has fixed the problem, you might need to try resorting to a DFU repair. Restoring your iPhone means to erase all personal data saved on the earphone, basically performing a factory readjust .
There ‘s a small opportunity a DFU regenerate can repair software malfunctions interfering with your iPhone ‘s ability to charge.

Check out Payette Forward ‘s article for more tips on what to do when your iPhone wo n’t charge .

You Lead The Charge

Your whole day can turn nerve-racking if your iPhone is n’t charging. Be slowly and exhaustive when trying to troubleshoot what could be wrong, and make indisputable you follow all the steps carefully if you ‘re trying to reset your iPhone ‘s software. Your iPhone should only add appliance to your life, so try not to let this small malfunction turn into a total disaster !
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