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I have about the same problem, but the Zoom video setting sterilize “ sticks ” until the adjacent time one open a newfangled meet. Bear with me, i fair tried a set of things that may help find this wiretap – which i think may have been introduced in a holocene Zoom update, because we did not see it until nowadays. We are presently on Zoom 5.7.7 – one behind iodine know, but it sounds like the problem is worse in 5.8.0.

We use an Acer Aspire ES-575 purchased in 2017 running Windows 10 interpretation 10.0.19042, and we have *not* apply September Windows updates yet. We do use an external admonisher with Zoom set to “ use dual monitors ” – sometimes the external is in landscape modality, and sometimes it is in portrait ( flipped ), and the external admonisher is the Windows “ main display ” so it gets the chief Zoom window with the gallery opinion. Three days ago we did a 90 minute meet with the external shield in landscape and *no* television camera rotation problems. Three or four weeks ago ( and constantly before that ) we did meetings with the external blind in portrait ( flipped ) and *no* television camera rotation problems. just a few hours ago we joined a meeting with the external screen in portrait ( flipped ) and *only* our television camera opinion showed up rotated 90 degrees with the top to the leave – which would match the physical lead of the external filmdom *if* it were still in landscape. This turn out horizon appeared to us in our square of the drift and to remote viewers. All other player windows appeared normally, and the rest of the Zoom main window was besides correct on the external screen in portrayal modality.

We had no clock time to fix it, so we switched to another device for that touch. subsequently one found a post here in the community that revealed the bantam rotation cock on the preview in television settings, and as one said it fixes the problem until i close the merging and open a fresh one. ( I in truth hope to see that setting moved to the even menu so it is easier to find. ) here is the wyrd extra clue – if one open the Microsoft provided Camera app, it looks normal on the built in laptop sieve, but if iodine drag the window to the external screen, the television camera view rotates 90 degrees. .. and if one drag the window back it reverts to normal. in truth ? ? ?

possibly that last item points to a Windows problem – but Zoom successfully ignored it before ? well fortune to the bug swatting crew – it feels like it will be very frustrating to find .

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