Tesla launches $190 CCS adapter for new Model S and Model X, offers retrofits for older vehicles

Tesla confirmed that its new Model S and Model X vehicles are now compatible with its new CCS adapter that is now offered for €170 ( ~ $ 190 USD ) and it will soon offer retrofits for older vehicles .
As we previously reported, Tesla has always used its own proprietorship charging connection in its vehicles to work with the Supercharger net in North America .
In Europe, the company was using the Type 2 connection, but Tesla switched to a CCS spark plug for Model 3 .
In December, the car manufacturer started retrofitting european Supercharger stations with “ double charge cables ” to support the existing connection and CCS standard.

This gave an advantage to the Model 3 since it would be able to use both Tesla ’ s Supercharger net — as the ship’s company retrofits more stations — and new CCS charging networks such as Ionity or Fastned .
But at the time, Tesla besides reassured Model S and Model X owners that a CCS adapter was coming for their vehicles .
last month, we got a inaugural look at Tesla ’ s newly CCS arranger being used on a Model S :
This workweek, Tesla updated its european Supercharger back page to confirm that all Model S and Model X vehicles produced after May 1, 2019 are compatible with the fresh arranger :

“ All Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles produced after May 1, 2019 have the technical capability to charge at CCS Combo 2 charging sites with the function of a CCS Combo 2 arranger. ”

There ’ second apparently a hardware change that is needed to work with the new CCS arranger .
For existing Tesla owners, the car manufacturer says that it will offer retrofits for older Model S and Model X to work with the new adapter starting on June 1 .
The company says that the “ CCS Combo 2 retrofit avail will cost €500 ” and it will include the arranger, which will cost €170 for raw owners .
Tesla hasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate updated the support foliate for the US or canadian market like it did for european markets .
The arranger is distillery not listed for sale on Tesla ’ s web site. We contacted Tesla about the update and we asked if it will be besides available in early markets, like in North America, where CCS charging station networks are besides growing.

Update: A Tesla spokesperson told us that they will make certain owners in North America will have access to all “ compelling networks ”, but they have nothing to announce now .

Electrek’s Take

The good news program is that it is significantly cheaper than the CHAdeMO arranger — for new buyers at least. For existing owners, it ’ s about the same monetary value as the CHAdeMO arranger because of the cost of the retrofit .
But it ’ s not inevitably a good thing. It depends on what Tesla does with its Supercharger net in Europe .
If Tesla ends up building most its newfangled Supercharger stations with CCS, owners will absolutely need to get the arranger and at that point, it should be criterion .
In February, Tesla updated its charging connection support page in Europe to show that the modern CCS arranger is standard on “ all custom arrange Model S and Model X vehicles from February 1. ”
But after we reported on the update, Tesla reached out to say that it was a mistake and they have removed the page and all mentions of the adapter being standard .
That ’ randomness all right if Tesla still includes a mix of Type 2 and CCS at stream and new Supercharger stations, but it ’ s not clear what are Tesla ’ s plans on that front .
We will keep you updated as we learn more .
Update: regarding Tesla ’ second comment, they weirdly didn ’ triiodothyronine confirm the handiness of the same arranger for the NA market, but they say that they are committed to owners having access to all “ compelling networks ”. It should mean that they will make a CCS adapter available in NA, but they could claim that there ’ s no other “ compelling ” network .
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