Canadian politician William Amos exposes himself on video AGAIN as he ‘pees on camera’ weeks after naked Zoom meeting

A CANADIAN lawgiver has been caught with his pants down again, this time “ peeing on camera ” during a parliamentary session .
Liberal Party MP William Amos, 46, who represents the Quebec district of Pontiac, acknowledged Thursday he had “ urinated without realizing I was on television camera ” during parliamentary proceedings the previous even .Amos claims he didn't realize he was on camera


Amos claims he did n’t realize he was on television camera credit : Facebook/ William Amos
Amos (right) seen here with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


Amos ( right ) seen here with canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Will Amos appeared in the nude on the screens of shocked lawmakers


Will Amos appeared in the nude on the screens of shock lawmakers
“ While accidental and not visible to the populace, this was completely unacceptable and I apologize unreservedly, ” added Amos .
Amos had been recorded in the nude during a virtual session of the House of Commons last month .
In his instruction he said he would now “ seek aid ” and step away from his function as parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry .
Amos did not elaborate on precisely what aid he was seeking .
Amos claimed the first incident on April 14 was “ an unfortunate error, ” saying his television was by chance turned on as he changed into his work clothes after going out for a trot .The politician later apologised for his shocking gaffe


The politician subsequently apologised for his traumatize faux pas
Amos has represented the Quebec district of Pontiac since 2015


Amos has represented the Quebec zone of Pontiac since 2015
A screenshot of Amos naked, except for a well-placed smartphone, made its way into the media, prompting an cry from his boyfriend Liberals .
Opposition party whip Claude DeBellefeuille raised the accidental flare in the cam as a point of club, reminding lawmakers they must cover themselves at all times .
“ It may be necessary to remind the members, particularly the male ones, that a necktie and jacket are obligatory, but then are a shirt, boxer shorts or pants, ” she said in French, according to the report card .
“ We have seen that the extremity is in great physical shape, but I think members should be reminded to be careful and control the camera well. ” Karen Vecchio, the Conservative Party Deputy House Leader called on the Speaker of the House of Commons Anthony Rota to investigate the matter .
“ It ’ second immediately absolved that Trudeau ’ randomness Liberals failed in their duty to ensure a safe cultivate environment following the first base incident, ” Vecchio said in a statement obtained by CBC News. “ We can ’ t have more of this from liberal members of Parliament and Conservatives will explore all potential options to ensure this never happens again. ”
A spokesperson for Liberal Party Whip Mark Holland said Friday that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ’ randomness politics would “ take these matters extremely badly. ”
A spokesperson for Rota told CBC the Speaker would be “ reviewing the matter and render to the House if necessary. ”

canadian MP catch naked on television camera reprimanded in Parliament

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