Why Loki Isn’t In Thor: Love & Thunder

Loki is integral to Thor ‘s MCU arc but he is n’t in Thor : Love and Thunder. so, where is the God of Mischief while his brother is fighting Gorr ? Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Thor: Love and Thunder.
Loki ( Tom Hiddleston ) is n’t in Thor: Love and Thunder, and Marvel Studios has a good argue why. The God of Mischief was integral to Thor ‘s ( Chris Hemsworth ) discharge in the MCU, having been either against him or by his side throughout most of his battles therefore far. As such, it ‘s intelligibly jolt to see the God of Thunder going on this modern adventure in Thor: Love and Thunder without his brother. Luckily, Marvel Studios has a firm explanation for why Loki is n’t about during the fight against Gorr the God Butcher ( Christian Bale ) .

The Avenger embarks on a new mission after Avengers: Endgame in Th0r: Love and Thunder. spending meter with the Guardians of the Galaxy on astronomic quests, the God of Thunder besides takes the time to focus on taking care of himself, both physically and mentally. That ‘s until the threat of Gorr the God Butcher becomes apparent. It forces him to return to Asgard where he teams up with Valkyrie ( Tessa Thompson ) and Jane Foster ( Natalie Portman ), who is now Mighty Thor. One ally prominently absent throughout all of this is Loki .
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When Thor: Love and Thunder is set in the MCU timeline is n’t entirely clear, but the film does take place after the Infinity Saga. At this point, the Sacred Timeline Loki is already dead. The God of Mischief died at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War at the hands of Thanos ( Josh Brolin ). Unlike his former deaths, Marvel Studios never resurrected him even after the overrule snap in Avengers: Endgame. rather, a 2012 version of the character exists in the Marvel population and is the one spearhead Disney+ ‘s Loki series. That being said, he is somewhere outside of time, dealing with the Time Variance Authority ( TVA ) and Kang the Conqueror ( Jonathan Majors ) after the death of He Who Remains divide from what ‘s happening in the Sacred Timeline. thor does n’t know this ; to him, Loki is truly dead .

Is Loki In Valhalla In The MCU

Loki Finale With Loki dead in the Sacred Timeline, does it mean that he is in Valhalla ? thor : Love and Thunder debuts Valhalla following the demise of Jane Foster. rather of staying on the sidelines and continuing with his cancer treatment, she opts to become Mighty Thor one last clock time in the hopes of helping Thor take on Gorr the God Butcher. This leads to Jane ‘s death and in Thor: Love and Thunder ‘s post-credits scene, Heimdall ( Idris Elba ) welcomes her to Valhalla. Since Marvel Studios has apparently altered the rules of entering the afterlife, allowing non-Asgardians like Jane in, it ‘s possible that Loki is besides there since he, excessively, died in battle. possibly, it ‘s a reveal saved for the potential Thor 5 which Thor: Love and Thunder intelligibly sets up.

presently, Marvel Studios has n’t given any indication that Thor and Loki ’ s current paths will cross again anytime soon. The God of Thunder is interfering raising Gorr the God Butcher ‘s daughter, Love, whom he adopted in the Thor: Love and Thunder ending. meanwhile, the God of Mischief has his hands wide tackling the multiverse going haywire. It ‘s dependable to say, however, that ultimately, the brothers will be reunited again .
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