Winter Soldier



Full Name

James Buchanan Barnes



The Winter Soldier
Sgt. Barnes
New Fist of HYDRA
The Asset

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Captain America



Soviet assassin (formerly)
Army mascot (formerly)

Powers / Skills

Superhuman strength
Superhuman reflexes
Superhuman speed
Superhuman stamina
Limited-rapid healing rate
Powerful cybernetic arm
Superior athleticism
Martial arts
Survival tactics
Vehicular skills


Killing his targets.

Fighting his enemies.
Fighting and aiding Captain America.


( once, but even failed ).

Assassinate enemies of the state, further the goals of the Soviet Union and of HYDRA and to kill Captain America

Help Captain America.




Type of Villain

Brainwashed Assassin

There are things from the Winter Soldier days that I’m just remembering. Weapons left in the field… Dangers I can still prevent. I think maybe that’s the path… A way to the redemption I’ve been looking for.
~ Bucky.
My dreams are the worst I’ve ever had. Images of the Winter Soldier fold in on each other… I see things I forgot happened… Like a door unlocking in my mind… Torture… Slaughter… And training others in their use… So much horror… I wake up vomiting. And don’t feel much better afterwards. My bad dreams linger…but I wouldn’t expect anything else…
~ Bucky Barnes.

The Winter Soldier is a Marvel supervillain and an enemy to Captain America. He was primitively known as Bucky who was both a close friend and buddy to Steve Rogers/Captain America during World War II, but during their last deputation together, Bucky was declared dead ; he was late revealed to be reprogrammed as a soviet assassin. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise, he is portrayed by Sebastian Stan .


As Bucky

As James Buchanan Barnes, aka Bucky, he lost his founder during WWII and was adopted by Camp Lehigh. It was there that he learned the identity of Captain America. He was trained by Captain America and was assigned to be Cap ‘s buddy. There he accompanyed him on many adventures, and the couple normally worked with the master Invaders. however, on their final deputation together against Baron Zemo, both Bucky and Cap hopped on an experimental dawdler plane in an undertake to disarm a turkey. When the bomb detonated, It forced Cap to fall in the North Atlantic, where he would former be found freeze in clock and thawed out by the Avengers. The american forces never did find Bucky ‘s body, and he was presumed dead. not knowing that Bucky was both found and revived by russian General ; Vasily Karpov .

As Winter Soldier

When Bucky wake up, he had no memory of his real identity, which gave Karpov an opportunity to reprogram Bucky as a soviet assassin and was given the alias : winter Soldier. He was sent all across the earth, committing political assassinations with huge effects on the Cold War. however, his memory implantation caused mental instability, and he was kept in stasis between missions to prevent rebellion .

Film history

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Captain America: The First Avenger

Portrayed by Sebastian Stan. much like the comedian, Bucky was Captain America ‘s Sidekick. however during one the their missions, they were assign to capture Arnim Zola. During an attack with HYDRA Member, one of the members attempted to shoot Bucky. however the injection blew up hole in the coach. Bucky ended up falling into the frigid cold water below, and was declared legally dead.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Winter Soldier appears as the titular secondary adversary of the 2014 film Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Stan reprised his character as James Buchanan “ Bucky ” Barnes, AKA, The Winter Soldier .

Powers and Skills

Because he was primitively trained by Captain America, The Winter Solider is highly skilled on closely all forms of hand-to-hand battle. He skilled on all kinds of firearms and bombs. He ‘s a skilled knife thrower, and an technical marksman. His entire left arm has been mechanically limited, making it cybernetic ( possibly made of vibranium ). This has granted the Winter Soldier both superhuman force and some early powers. Bucky was injected with the eternity formula, which has granted him semi-immortality and superhumanly enhanced military capability, accelerate, reflexes, healing, stamen and agility .



  • He was created by the late Joe Simon and the late Jack Kirby.
  • In DEATH BATTLE, Winter Soldier fought the Red Hood and won.


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