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Real Name

Cassandra “ Cassie ” Elizabeth Sandsmark

Main Alias

Wonder Girl

Other Aliases

Drusilla Priam, [ 1 ] Donna Prince [ 2 ]


( mother )
( partial ringer ) Zeus (father) Helena Sandsmark (mother) Epiphany (partial clone)


Teen Titans, formerly Young Justice

Base Of Operations

Titans Tower, San Francisco. Formerly Gateway City Philadelphia and Georgetown





Public Identity





Marital Status








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[ 3 ]







New Earth


John Byrne

First Appearance
Wonder Woman Vol 2 #105
(January, 1996)

Cassandra “Cassie” Sandsmark was the moment person to be called Wonder Girl ; the first being Donna Troy. Cassie was the daughter of Dr. Helena Sandsmark and the Greek deity Zeus.


Cassie spent most of her time at her mother ‘s space of influence, the Gateway City Museum of Antiquities, where she had a preference for getting into perturb. She cursorily befriended her beget ‘s modern employee, Wonder Woman, and was eager to help her. During a fight with a Doomsday knockoff and another battle with Decay, she created a costume and used charming acquirements ( the Sandals of Hermes and the Gauntlet of Atlas ) to help Wonder Woman, much to her mother ‘s horror. Cassie late had the opportunity to ask Zeus for a boon, and requested real number superpowers. Zeus granted her request, but gave Dr. Sandsmark the ability to deactivate them. Dr. Sandsmark, however, reluctantly accepted her daughter ‘s wish to be a superheroine and rarely, if ever, used this ability. Artemis was assigned as her teacher.

evening without her world power, Cassie was a problem child, and frequently had to change schools. Throughout her teens, she attended Holliday School for Girls, [ 4 ] Brewer High School, [ 5 ] Dennis Peterson High School, [ 6 ] Gateway City High School, [ 7 ] and finally the Saint Elias School for Girls. [ 8 ]

Young Justice

Cassie heavily idolized Donna Troy, the original Wonder Girl, and to that effect wore a black wig over her natural blond hair ( it besides helped to conceal her identity ). Donna gave Cassie the irregular costume she wore as Wonder Girl, but Cassie was afraid to wear it lest it were ruined ( she did don the equip during the “ Sins of Youth ” crossover when she was temporarily aged to adulthood ). As Wonder Girl, Cassie joined Young Justice due to her crush on Superboy. She became close up friends with Arrowette, Secret, and Empress. During her time with that group, the dark god Oblivion caused Wonder Woman ‘s Wonder Dome palace to destroy Gateway City. Artemis ordered Cassie to help with crowd control alternatively of wasting time putting on her Wonder Girl disguise. Agreeing with her, Cassie revealed her mysterious identity before news program cameras for the first clock in her superhero career. [ 9 ] Cassie finally became the leader of the team, after beating Robin during an election for command. Her mysterious identity was again publicly revealed when the second Silver Swan attacked her at her high school. [ 6 ] Young Justice was disbanded after Optitron offered to fund both the Titans and Young Justice. Donna Troy was thought to have been killed by a rogue Superman android, leaving Cassie shake and causing both teams to disband .

adolescent Titans

Cassie subsequently joined some early members of Young Justice in the newest incarnation of the Teen Titans. She was gifted with a lasso by Ares, the Greek god of war and frequent enemy of Wonder Woman and the Amazons. Despite appearing exchangeable to Wonder Woman ‘s lasso, Cassie ‘s expels Zeus ‘ lightning when used in anger. Ares appeared to Wonder Girl, normally to warn her about “ the come war. ” During her meter with the Titans, Cassie besides developed a relationship with Superboy, whom she had harbored feelings for during their time together in Young Justice .


Main article: Infinite Crisis During a battle against Brother Blood and a handful of zombi Titans, she acknowledged that her powers were fluctuating and sometimes disappearing wholly. Despite this, Cassie attempted to help Superboy after he was beaten to near-death by Superboy-Prime. After intervening and subsequently saving him, Cassie and the Titans infiltrated a Lexcorp testing ground to find a way to cure Superboy. While the other Titans flew to Blüdhaven following an attack from the Society, Cassie remained at Titans Tower to watch over Superboy. When he awoke, the pair of them reconnected and remembered their past in Young Justice, which seemed then much happier and easier. Conner then took Cassie to Smallville, and, afraid that it would be their end night together, consummated their relationship. Ares appeared to her again, informing Cassie that the reason behind her weakening power was Zeus taking back the powers he had granted to her as he left the mortal airplane. Ares then offered Cassie some of his office in commute for becoming his champion and acknowledging him as her buddy. She joined Superboy and Nightwing up north, with powers returned, to assist in the attack on Alexander Luthor ‘s tower. Superboy sacrificed his life to defeat Superboy-Prime and destroy the tugboat. He died in Cassie ‘s arms .

The Cult of Conner

Main article: 52 In the consequence of Superboy-Prime ‘s actions, the Teens Titans fell apart. Cassandra left the Titans following Robin ‘s deviation. She felt abandoned by her best friends. Bereaved and desperate, Cassie became involved in an on-line cult heavily influenced by Kryptonian culture that she believed could bring Superboy back to life. She set up an altar in Titans Tower with Kryptonian crystals and a gold figure with the Superman-insignia, which meant “ hope ” on Krypton. Soon, Ralph Dibny approached her because person defaced the grave of his wife Sue with an top down “ S ” Shield, which in Kryptonian means “ resurrection. ” About five days former, Cassie and her colleague cult members meet with Ralph. Cassie mentioned that it was another member, Devem, who led her to join. Cassie explained that the goal of the fad was to resurrect Superboy. As a screen of their process, they intend to resurrect Sue Dibny. Cassie and Ralph attended a ceremony designed to resurrect Sue, but Ralph grew leery and with the aid of other superheroes, disrupts the ceremony, destroying the Kryptonite which was necessity to the process. Cassie left with Devem, blaming Ralph for destroying her chances to resurrect Superboy. After stopping Weather Wizard in Metropolis, Cassie met Supernova and refered to him falsely as Kon-El, actually turning out to be Booster Gold in disguise .

return to the Teen Titans

Main article: One Year Later Wonder Girl attempted to stop Gemini of the Brotherhood of Evil from escaping S.T.A.R. Labs with valuable technology, revealing that she had been following the Brotherhood for some time. She besides donned a new costume influenced by that of the late Superboy, wearing a golden Age Wonder Woman-themed jersey and jean jeans. She “ temporarily ” rejoined the team, under the suggestion of Cyborg so that they may combine their forces to defeat the Brotherhood of Evil. Both Robin and Cyborg hoped that she would agree to return permanently. When Kid Devil was mortally injured during a battle with the Brotherhood, the Doom Patrol arrived on the fit, offering to help. Yet there was a bombastic rift between the two teams, and Wonder Girl seemed peculiarly upset that Beast Boy left the team to rejoin the Doom Patrol. After the combine efforts of the Teen Titans and Doom Patrol defeat the Brotherhood of Evil, she decided to rejoin the team permanently. When she went to tell Robin of her decisiveness, she discovered his mysterious failed attempts to bring back Superboy. In their shared grief, the pair kissed one another, but upon realizing what they had done, Wonder Girl flew aside from Robin. The pair never talked about the incident beyond coming to the agreement that it was a mistake, but both discussed it with others. With her life in disorder, Cassie was having difficulty with her personal biography, frequently having major confrontations with her mother. Cassie had however gained a new friendship with the recently returned Supergirl, who had shared with her in mourning the loss of Superboy and Paradise Island. Cassie and Tim tried to convince Raven to resurrect Superboy, as she had recently brought back Jericho. however, Raven claimed that Superboy ‘s person had already transcended their plane of being. The discussion was cut unretentive when Cassie was captured by Deathstroke ‘s nefarious Titans East, along with Robin and Raven after an attack by Inertia and Match. Each member of Titans East had been recruited to counter a specific Titan. Deathstroke selected Match, a knockoff of Superboy, to counter Cassie. not only could he match her forte, but Match ‘s appearance had a psychological advantage over the Teen Titans. The Titans battled furiously against the Titans East, during which they were able to convince Batgirl and Duela Dent to switch sides. unfortunately that team was defeated by Slade ‘s, but thankfully Raven, Cyborg and Duela Dent managed to get aid from Nightwing, Donna Troy, Beast Boy and Flash. together, the two generations of Titans get the better of Slade, who along with Inertia, managed to escape. Cassie was still very ferocious at Diana, who she felt abandoned her during the last year. She was besides not pleased that Robin was mindful of Diana ‘s disappearance, but never told her about it. Diana and Cassie had not been able to discuss their past differences, partially due to the kidnap of Donna Troy. When Donna questioned Cassie ‘s hesitance to be cheeseparing Match due to his resemblance to Superboy, Cassie last broke down and told Donna how hurt she was over Superboy ‘s death after all that clock time. Adding to her annoyance, Cassandra attended Bart Allen ‘s funeral. During a heat and controversial eulogy, she vowed to get retaliation for Bart ‘s death. [ 10 ]

Cassie and Supergirl discovered that their friends and family had been placed in an impoundment camp due to their ties to the Amazons. After a fail attack to aid them, the two heroes agreed to bring the U.S. President to Hippolyta in order to stop the war. They are ambushed by a group of Amazons in the process, which caused the President to become mortally injure. The actions of the Amazons and Wonder Girl ‘s own affair caused public cry and hatred against all those who had followed in Wonder Woman ‘s footsteps. ultimately, Cassie declared that despite her train and past, she was not an Amazon, preferring her ties to the Teen Titans over that of Paradise Island. [ 11 ] Accepting her decision, Artemis wished her well and left Cassie to her devices. Wonder Girl celebrated by sharing another kiss with Robin in front of her teammates. In the months following the snog, Cassie and Tim continued to go through “ will-they-won’t-they ” moments in which they both questioned the cogency of their kinship. It was after a battle against an army of future Titans, the couple last decided to date. unfortunately, their kinship is ephemeral, as after their beginning official date Cassie ended the relationship, feeling guilty that she was using Tim. [ 12 ] This resulted in a growing animosity between the pair, which began to bleed into their relationships with the other Titans .

Wonder Girl

Cassandra attempted to redeem herself for the mistakes made by the Amazons on her own. Cassie adopted a mysterious identity, taking up the name “ Drusilla. ” however, as she attempted to apprehend a group of mysterious beasts left over from the Amazons ‘ fire, she found herself confronted by her stepbrother Hercules, who claimed he wanted to help her become a true champion of the gods and to rebuild Olympus. Cassie was reluctant to trust him. Hercules persisted and chased after Cassandra, taking the form of Superboy in order to get her attention. together, Hercules and Cassie tried to discover who was attacking the remaining majestic gods. soon into their research, they were attacked by the Female Furies. Hercules stopped the fight by explaining that he had allied with the Furies in hopes of rescuing the gods, or, failing that, starting a modern pantheon with them. The Furies had their own plans and were only using Hercules to get to Cassie. The Furies soon betrayed them, with Bloody Mary using her pungency to influence Hercules. The Furies kidnapped Cassie ‘s beget to lure her into a trap. Aided by the Olympian, Cassandra went into conflict, being forced to fight her own buddy. The Teen Titans, Empress, Arrowette and Wonder Woman showed up to help. After Bloody Mary was murdered by the New Gods killer whale, Hercules was freed from her spell and immediately saved Cassandra from being kidnapped by the Furies. Hercules went free after he revealed he was now a demi-god and that Zeus released him to help stop “ the Great Disaster “. Hercules then left to perform certain “ labors. ” Cassandra finally reconciling with Wonder Woman, who told Cassie that she has become her own charwoman. Cassie was by and by attacked by her nephew Lycus, the son of Ares. He attempted to take her title as Ares ‘ embodiment, along with her ability. Although he was successful in stealing Cassie ‘s powers derived from Ares, Cassie discovered that she no longer needed to be blessed with powers from the gods as she willed her own unconditioned world power to come on. Cassie now possessed a high floor of super-strength of her own. Robin made the decision to leave the Teen Titans for an indeterminate length of time in the wake of Batman ‘s end, leaving Cassie with the tax of assembling and leading a new team. After an abortive attack by Kid Devil to recruit adolescent metahumans such as Klarion, Shining Knight, and the adolescent members of the Justice Society of America, Cassie finally gaieds three new Titans in Static, Aquagirl, and Kid Eternity. Kid Eternity ‘s ability to summon the spirits of the die briefly tempted Cassie into having him summon Conner ‘s intent. She finally decided against it, telling Eternity never to grant her such a request, even if she were to beg him. [ 13 ]

hark back of Superboy

Main article: Final Crisis Cassie became mindful of Conner ‘s rebirth by Brainiac 5 ‘s hand. Despite meeting him briefly on his render, [ 14 ] Cassie decided to wait until Martha Kent herself, now sheltering Conner at her plaza, invited Cassie for dinner, basically granting Cassie and Conner a date. At inaugural disbelieving and fearing to “ end as Lana Lang “, she was touched by Conner opening his heart to her about her fears and dreams for their future life, and frankincense decided to tell Conner about herself and Tim Drake. Conner cursorily forgave her, explaining that tied if Cassie still loved him, she could not have known of his impending resurrection. Happily, Cassie agreed to rekindle their relationship. [ 15 ]

drawing card of Teen Titans

due to personal responsibilities, neither Conner nor Bart returned to the team, though Cassie still continued to lead. however, following the demise of Red Devil, Cassie started questioning her leadership and began to make mistakes. During a massive battle with Cinderblock in business district San Francisco, Cassie refused to let her team attack the villain directly, causing massive destruction to the sphere. The heroes continued in their bootless stalemate until Beast Boy arrived and took command of the team, leading to their victory. In the consequence of the conflict, Beast Boy told Cassie that she had to stop dwelling on Red Devil ‘s death or else more innocent people were going to get hurt, something she did not take kindly. [ 16 ] A few days belated, Beast Boy made the decision to move back into Titans Tower and replace Cassie as the head of the team, declaring that they needed a more experienced drawing card to get rear on track. Though Cassie initially said nothing about this, she ultimately becomes angry and told Beast Boy that no one asked for his help oneself, and that she can lead the team just very well. Beast Boy simply replied by saying that the Teen Titans need assistant, and that everyone, including Cyborg, though then. [ 17 ]

Defending Titans Tower

Main article: Blackest Night Cassie joined Kid Flash and Beast Boy as part of a humble group of past and give Titans who assembled at Titans Tower. Lacking aid from Static, Miss Martian, Blue Beetle, Bombshell, and Aquagirl, the team barely survived the onslaught. After Dove used her abilities to destroy the Black Lanterns, Cassie and the others travelled to Coast City in ordering to assist the Flash and Green Lantern in there conflict with Nekron. To the horror of the gain heroes, Nekron used his abilities to transform several once-dead heroes into Black Lanterns, including Superboy, Kid Flash, Donna and Wonder Woman. In the ensuing conflict, Cassie was killed when Wonder Woman violently tore her affection out. however, the stallion conflict was a mental ruse by Aphrodite, and Cassie was still be active. When Black Lantern Conner attacked Cassie, all the while attempting to break barren from the Black Ring ‘s control, Conner managed to break the control in impermanent, short-circuit lapses, which he used to alert Cassie of the solution to his Black Ring trouble. The conflict moved to the fortress, where Cassie realized what Conner was referring to when he told them to move to the Fortress of Solitude where Conner ‘s cadaver was placed as he awaited his resurrection in the future. The Black Ring, confused, left the live Conner and tried to attach itself to his cadaver. Conner used his freeze breath ability, freezing the ring, and Cassie threw it into eye socket. After reconciling, the three headed back to Coast City for the final battle.


  • Demi-Goddess Empowerment: She was eventually granted abilities by Zeus, who granted “her fondest wish.” This gift’s import proves to be rather vague, and Cassie could arguably have access to more powers than she has previously been aware of. After Zeus and the other gods had left the mortal realm which left her bereft of her powers, Ares secretly made a pact with her and made her his champion on Earth, restoring and increasing her powers even further.[18] After her fight with Lycus, she lost her powers under Ares but managed to access abilities of her own demi-god heritage and power.
    • Superhuman Strength: Her Olympian flesh and bone is about one and a half times as dense as similar human tissue, contributing to the Olympians’ superhuman strength and weight.[7]
    • Superhuman Speed: Like Wonder Woman, Cassie can move at supersonic speeds.[19]
    • Superhuman Durability: Cassie’ s durability is same as Wonder Woman but not vulnerable to bullets.
    • Superhuman Reflexes
    • Flight
    • Immortality



  • Maternal Depowerment: Discouraged by previously shown arrogance in his children (Ares and Heracles), Zeus also blessed Cassie’s mother with the ability to take away her powers for a short time via a simple touch. However, this may not be true now that she is no longer drawing her strength from Zeus.




  • Lasso of Lightning: Shortly after joining the Teen Titans, Ares approached her and gave Cassie her own magic lasso. Unlike Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth, Cassie’s is a weapon which channels Zeus’ lightning.

  • Cassandra was in love and in a relationship with Superboy, before he died. After his recent resurrection they have decided to put their feelings on hold to allow Cassandra to better lead the Teen Titans, after Red Robin joined the team, however, she relinquished control of the Titans and still has not rekindled her relationship.
  • Cassie considers Supergirl to be her best friend.[20] She formerly considered Arrowette her best friend.[21]


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