How Wonder Woman and Batman’s Romance Was Inspired by DC’s Animated Universe

With Batman and Wonder Woman among the two most popular superheroes in the DC Universe and teammates on the Justice League, the two iconic characters have their fair parcel of fans rooting for a likely romanticist pair between the two. The Dark Knight and Amazon Princess have surely flirted with the hypothesis of taking their friendship to the following level before but have never quite taken it towards a full-fledged chat up in the chief DCU. But the origins of Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince ‘s coquettish active was in truth popularized by the DC Animated Universe before it finally gained grip in the amusing books and DC Extended Universe .
The DCAU series Justice League and its successor Justice League Unlimited presented the beginnings of a possible romance between Batman and Wonder Woman over the course of its run, with the two going arsenic far as to share a kiss over their animize adventures together. While Diana pressed the matter in the JLU episode “ This Little Piggy, ” Batman remarked that dating within a team constantly led to complications and referred to himself as a rich kid with “ lots of issues, ” dismissing the possibility of a romance between the two. While the Wonder Woman/Batman romance would n’t visibly progress in the DCAU, Batman would continually grow uncomfortable whenever the topic was brought up by his teammates .

relate : One of Wonder Woman ‘s Most dangerous Enemies Just Revealed a New Power Wonder Woman flirts with Batman in JL cartoon The possibility of a romance between the two heroes in the comics surfaced late during Joe Kelly ‘s tenure on JLA, with the two sharing a kiss before charging into conflict during “ The obsidian Age “ as they reveal their profoundly held wonder for one another. During the 2009 crossover voter consequence Blackest Night, Wonder Woman temporarily became a member of the Star Sapphires, bonding with one of their Power Rings and overcoming the insidious influence of the Black Lanterns. As Wonder Woman regained her senses and embraced the ability of love, she received a vision of herself kissing Batman — not her usual fancy man Steve Trevor — as she accepted the Star Sapphires ‘ power .
For Diana, her Amazonian culture revered the natural elevation of body and judgment to its maximum electric potential. similarly, the lengths Bruce has gone to push himself to the point in homo physical seaworthiness and acute reason is something to be admired. Batman is a mere person amongst literal demigods and that is something that Wonder Woman is well-aware of. Similarly, Wonder Woman is a beacon of hope, sexual love and compassion for the integral DCU, things that Bruce painfully needs in his life. For these reasons, along with her ferocious warrior spirit and firm dedication to her values, it is easy to see why Bruce would fall in sexual love with Diana himself. This is easy to see even if it is difficult for Batman to admit it to anyone, including himself.

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ultimately, Batman ‘s unwillingness to leave himself emotionally vulnerable and divert from his obsessional mission to fight crime throughout Gotham City dooms any good hopes of a chat up between Bruce and Diana from ever moving forward. Both Bruce and Diana besides remain attached to their common love interests, with a sojourn in an alternate universe revealing that while the two heroes are surely attracted to one another, they remained loyal to Steve Trevor and Selina Kyle and not wanting to upset their longstanding friendship. In the interim, the DCAU has surely popularized a romance between Batman and Wonder Woman, leaving scores of fans hoping to see such a kinship play out in any official capacity.

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