How to Draw Wonder Woman

how to draw wonder woman step by step
In this drawing guide, we will tell you how to draw Wonder Woman. We are sure that you know this incredible womanhood from DC Comics .

Step 1

first we outline the basic draft of the silhouette of our superheroine. here we have three basic figures that designate the head, thorax, and pelvis. The pelvis should be slightly wider than the thorax. And the distance between the pelvis and chest should be 5-6 times greater than the distance between the head and chest of drawers .

how to draw wonder woman easy

Step 2

We depict the limbs in the form of sticks. The right hand is formed by an obtuse angle and the left hand is formed by an acute accent fish. In fact, it looks like right angles, if not peer. As you can see, the legs are formed by obtuse angles that look like straight lines. The leg should be longer than the sum of the head and torso .
how to draw wonder woman cartoon

Step 3

Let ’ s connect the head and breast, a well as the thorax and pelvis. In the first case we get the neck and in the moment case we get the waist. Avoid wide shape and bends that are excessively impregnable. Try to create a sketch of a graceful body .
how to draw wonder woman cute and easy

Step 4

As we have already said, our heroine must have a elegant physique. To emphasize this, we must draw the contour of the hands using thin cylinders with small bends .
how to draw art wonder woman

Step 5

To complete the formation of the Wonder Woman figure, we need to draw the contour of the stage. hera we will depict wide, round hips that form sharp angles at the joints with the pelvis on the medial sides. Draw noticeable but smooth extensions in the distal third of the shin .
how to draw a realistic wonder woman

Step 6

We have a classical comedian expressive style of drawing in our stream case. consequently, we will try to paint the details in accordance with this style. So we draw almond-shaped eyes, a nose that looks like a crash and chubby lips. Pay care to the distance between the eyes and besides the distance between the nose and mouth. This is a identical important step, in fact .
how to draw wonder woman easy step by step

Step 7

And now let ’ s draw the contour of the ellipse face and tiaras of our superhero charwoman. Face egg-shaped is one of the most important moments in drawing any fictional character. small errors in this area can dramatically distort the whole painting .
how to draw wonder woman cute step by step

Step 8

actually, you can choose any hairdo for your Wonder Woman. In fact, you can choose any hairdo for your Wonder Woman. We chose farseeing haircloth that blows slenderly in the scent. Avoid besides much contingent in this gradation .
how to draw wonder woman comic

Step 9

In this mistreat, we will draw the exceed of Wonder Woman ’ s clothing. This is a traditional superhero costume that everyone associates with Diana Prince. Please eminence that the center of the knock is significantly offset to the right .
how to draw wonder woman easy drawings

Step 10

Let ’ s make the final contour of the hands of our Wonder Woman. Avoid excessive terrain and bends that are besides strong. Do not forget about the bracelets that are located on the forearms .
how to draw wonder woman draw it too

Step 11

We are very lucky, actually. Drawing hands is a very unmanageable tax. In our case, we see only the back of the metacarpus. Let ’ s draw this with little elongate shapes and draw the contour of a whip .
how to draw wonder woman drawing

Step 12

Draw the final examination shape of the pelvis and hips. We use smooth, round lines to create a beautiful reduce calculate. We outline the contour of the knee joints .
how to draw wonder woman easily

Step 13

now we need traditional comedian shoes for a female superhero. These are decidedly tall superhero boots with a straight, across-the-board line in the concentrate. As you can see from our example, the line diverges at the proximal edge and forms an arrow .
how to draw wonder woman full body easy

Step 14

humble details constantly form an overall impression. In this step, we will draw five-pointed stars and small stripes on the Wonder Woman costume. We besides draw the contours of long haircloth. You can skip drawing hair in this footstep if you want to create a shorter hairdo .
how to draw wonder woman in easy way

Step 15

So we are about done with this drawing. now we need to look at our sketch and try to find all the inaccuracies and mistakes that we could make. If you made a arrant sketch, you can erase the excess guidelines with an eraser and go to the following footstep .
how to draw wonder woman from justice league

Step 16

It ’ mho time to work with colors, international relations and security network ’ thyroxine it ? We offer you a classic interpretation of the appearance of Wonder Woman. If you want to create the same attend, you can follow our example and use a combination of bolshevik, white, and blue sky .

So it was a usher on how to draw Wonder Woman. We are waiting for feedback from you in the imprint of comments in our sociable networks and under this stake. This is the biggest reward for us .

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