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Queen Hippolyta

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Wonder Woman [ 1 ]


Alcippe (mother, deceased), Atalanta (sister), Antiope (sister), Astarte (sister, deceased), Diana (daughter), Jason (son), Philippus (partner)


Amazons of Themyscira, Formerly Justice League

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Queen of the Amazons (formerly)







Blond · Black



Prime Earth

First Appearance Appearance of Death
Wonder Woman Vol 4 #2
(December, 2011)
Trial of the Amazons #1
(May, 2022)

Hippolyta was the Queen of the Amazons of Themyscira, and mother of Wonder Woman and a secret son, Jason.

early life

Hippolyta and her sister, Antiope were the first Amazons to emerge from the Well of Souls in antiquity. [ 2 ] together, they built the inaugural Themyscira, which thrived under their rule. At some charge afterwards, their sisters Astarte and Atalanta emerged. Soon, they came into reach with the greek heroes Heracles and Theseus, who befriended them. however, their confederation would not last, and the Amazons were betrayed by Heracles, Theseus, and their men. With their leaders leaving them to their spoils, their forces tormented the Amazons. One spear-wielding soldier in especial tormented Antiope a great hand ; feeling her pain, Hippolyta cried out to the patron goddesses of the Amazons, and the Goddess Athena answered, on the condition that the Amazons would show mercy to those who had held them captive. At first, Hippolyta believed this feasible, but the spear-wielding soldier, sol vile that even his own men would not stand by him, threatened Antiope ‘s life if Hippolyta did not intervene. Throwing her spear at him, Hippolyta inadverdantly set off a chain of events that resulted in the deaths of all of Heracles ‘ men. She would later have the tales of this incident buried, seeking to forget the blood she had spilled in the initiation of Themiscyra. [ 3 ] In the process, Hippolyta ‘s bracelets would be shattered by Heracles. [ 4 ]

conflict with the Frost King

During the tenth hundred AD, Hippolyta left Paradise Island, fighting alongside an Avatar of the Green, the expatriate Viking Prince Jon Haraldson, and a temporarily freed Black Adam against the Frost King, a potent cryokinetic who threatened the universe with endless winter. [ 5 ] Following the pyhrric frustration of the Frost King, Hippolyta aided the sorcerer Mamaragan in restoring Teth-Adam to his prison in Egypt. At some detail, Themyscira was beseiged by the forces of the Valkyrie Queen Gudra. Hippolyta and the Amazons were victorious, and showed mercy to their enemies, granting them a single gravy boat and provisions on the condition that they never attempt to return to Paradise Island. [ 6 ]


Centuries late, when Hippolyta found out she was fraught with Zeus ‘ children, she knew there was a luck one of them could be a boy, something that would be impossible to hide on Themyscira. Fearing Hera ‘s jealous wrath, she invented the false floor that her daughter Diana had been molded from mud and contacted Glaucus to adopt her son Jason if she were to have one in order to protect him. As a child, Diana discovered that parts of the history of the Amazons had been hidden from her by her beget. [ 3 ] At some point, Hippolyta created Dimension Chi, a dark mirror of her own life sentence, as a method acting of self-reflection. One day, Hippolyta and Diana became trapped in Dimension Chi. Viewing them as advance scouts for an invasion, Empress Hippolyta imprisoned Diana and engaged in a series of contests with the Queen. Being reflections of one another, the queen and empress remained tied until interrupted by an invasion from the world of Atomia. They joined forces to defend the Empress ‘ Themyscira. Diana managed to free herself, and in the process saved the Empress ‘ biography. Diana and Hippolyta managed to bring peace between the Empress ‘ Themyscira and Atomia, and were allowed to return dwelling. [ 7 ]

modern Day

When Steve Trevor crash-landed in Themyscira, Hippolyta called together her councilors, leery of the hurt soldier. together, they discussed the position and analyzed his personal belongings, paying especial attention to the emblem on his clothing and the firearm he ‘d carried. Despite ferocious debate between her advisors, Hippolyta recognized that Steve Trevor was not a threat, believing that the gods were speaking to them, and that they should consider carefully how they answered. Aiming to return Trevor to his fatherland and understand why the gods had sent him to Themyscira in the beginning seat, Hippolyta called for a tournament amongst the Amazons for the honor and load of leaving Paradise Island aboard Trevor. Though she attempted to dissuade her daughter from joining the tournament, knowing that she may never see her again if she won, she finally relented, allowing Diana to participate. As she feared, Diana won the tournament, and was named Themyscira ‘s ambassador to the away earth. She gave a dolorous adieu to her daughter and saw her off on her travel alongside her subjects. [ 8 ] At some point, a enchantress created Donna Troy, a charming duplicate of her daughter, in an undertake to slay Wonder Woman. Foiling her, the Amazons alternatively gave her false memories, causing her to believe that she was a orphan rescued by the Amazons and raised among them. [ 9 ]

subsequently Adventures

late, Hippolyta would temporarily take her daughter ‘s place as Wonder Woman. During this time, she would come into conflict with Saturnette. She offered her a locate on Paradise Island, but unfortunately Saturnette refused. [ 10 ]


Years belated, the Amazon Castalia would discover an omen, a shriveled tree, at the gates of Themyscira. Recognizing the omen, Hippolyta called together her soldiers, expecting a rupture in the dimensional barrier between Themyscira and Man ‘s World. [ 11 ] At the rupture, they fought off Phobos and Deimos, who intended to free their father, Ares from his prison within the Island ‘s interdimensional walls. Unbeknownst to them, Ares had no hope to escape, and so assisted Wonder Woman and Veronica Cale in their kill. unable to leave, Veronica Cale ‘s daughter Isadore, who had besides become trapped in Ares ‘ prison, joined the Amazons. In the process, Hippolyta was able to see her daughter in person for the first gear time in many years. [ 12 ]

Amazons Attacked

Themyscira would late come under attack from a born-again Darkseid, who invaded seeking to transform the Amazons into soldiers for his army by converting them into Parademons. During the invasion, Hippolyta was able to meet her grow son Jason for the first time. During this brief meet, she gave him her enchanted spear. As a leave of the invasion, half-Amazon Grail was imprisoned aboard Ares below Themyscira. [ 13 ] not long subsequently, Ares forced Grail to kill him, shattering the interdimensional walls of their prison and freeing them both. In the tumult, Grail overthrew Hippolyta and seized control of the island, with many Amazons siding against her. Hippolyta ‘s general Antiope led a group of holdouts into exile in Dimension Chi. [ 14 ] Wonder Woman managed to lead a counter-attack against Grail ‘s forces, and Hippolyta would be rescued by Nubia who had feigned allegiance to Grail. In the process, open travel between Themyscira and the global of Men was restored, reuniting Diana and her mother. [ 15 ]


however, their happy reunion would soon be interrupted by the death of the goddess Aphrodite, murdered at the hands of Barbara Minerva. Hippolyta would oversee Aphrodite ‘s funeral on Paradise Island. [ 16 ]

The Wild Hunt

After Wonder Woman ‘s bracelets were destroyed, Hippolyta aided her by helping her recast Hippolyta ‘s own bracelets using Amazonium, repairing the damage done to them centuries ago by Heracles. [ 4 ]

Ghosts of the Past

Hippolya was interrupted in the midst of discussions with Themyscira ‘s chief geologist Dotsia about the greater applications of Amazonium when Paula Von Gunther ‘s efforts to assault Themyscira resulted in an audible beat noise preceding a physical rift into Themyscira. When Paula and her horsewomen attacked, Hippolyta personally fought back Paula, recalling fighting Paula ‘s ancestor, Gudra, centuries ago. As they fought, Paula shattered Hippolyta ‘s sword with her spear, suggesting that Hippolyta should admit her guilt for her actions against Paula ‘s ancestor. Soon, however, Diana intervened. Though Hippolyta sought to execute Paula, her daughter counseled mercy. In the conclusion, Hippolyta accepted, taking Paula prisoner. [ 17 ] soon subsequently, Hippolyta was present as the Amazons launched a new embassy, an artificial island afloat in Manhattan ‘s harbor. [ 18 ] It was from this embassy that she belated briefed her daughter on the discovery of an frontier settlement of a one-third tribe of Amazons, and soon hosted a meeting between the current heads of the Bana tribe and her own Amazonians to discuss their findings .

Infinite Frontier

When her daughter ascended following her frustration of the Darkest Knight, Hippolyta abdicated the throne, passing the mantle of Queen of Themyscira to Nubia as she took her daughter ‘s former function as ambassador to the world of men. [ 19 ] Before she left, however, Brutus appeared through a rift in the multiverse in Themyscira. She fought him off, and followed him through the rupture as he retreated through another portal vein, one that led him to Central City. Hippolyta participated in the excursion with the Justice League that followed, and in the end stepped into her daughter ‘s early spot in the Justice League. After Diana ‘s render from the Sphere of the Gods, Hyppolyta embraced her daughter and urged her to take some time off from the Justice League to relax, and to return to Themyscira to clear her take care. [ 20 ]

trial of the Amazons

In order to select a new defender for Doom ‘s Doorway, the three Amazon tribes came together for a bang-up tournament. however, on the eve of the tourney, Hippolyta was murdered, apparently poisoned in her quarters. [ 21 ] Her cause of death was former revealed to be Artemis [ 22 ]



  • Amazonian Training: The Amazons honed their skills in many fields, aided by the gifts from Athena and Artemis.
    • Archery
    • Equestrianism
    • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)
    • Swordsmanship

  • This character is an adaptation of Hippolyta, a character in traditional stories. These include, but may not be limited to religious texts, myth, and/or folk lore. More information on the original can be found at Wikipedia.org.


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