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3000 BC [ 2 ]


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Princess of Themyscira God Killer


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I used to want to save the world. To end war and bring peace to mankind. But then I glimpsed the darkness that lives within their light and learned that inside every one of them, there will always be both. A choice each must make for themselves. Something no hero will ever defeat. And now I know that only love can truly save the world. So, I stay, I fight, and I give, for the world I know can be. This is my mission now. Forever.
―Diana Prince[src]

Diana of Themyscira is an Amazon warrior princess and one of the world ‘s first superheroes, known as Wonder Woman. She is the daughter of Queen Hippolyta and Zeus, the king of the Old Gods, vitamin a well as a member and co-founder of the Justice League. Born on Themyscira, Diana was raised in a farming of paradise, hearing tales of the Amazons ’ capital task of defeating the corrupt God of War, Ares, ushering in a newfangled earned run average of peace to the earth. Upon coming of age, Diana began pursuing the life of a warrior, despite her mother ‘s objections. Determined to serve, she ultimately enticed her aunt Antiope to train her in mysterious. This, however, was soon discovered by her mother. Begrudgingly, the queen accepted Diana as a warrior, and ordered Antiope to train her better than any other Amazon. Following a train session, Diana happened to come across Captain Steve Trevor during his escape from the imperial german army in the ongoing Great War. A struggle soon followed, as the Germans tracked Trevor to Themyscira, where they invaded in pursuit of Doctor Poison ‘s notes. The loss of Antiope and subsequent realization of world ‘s precipitation during the absence of the Amazons convinced Diana to join the war campaign, recognizing Ares as the instigator of the conflict. In the follow days, Diana soon uncovered Ares, who exposed her to be the God Killer, having been originally conceived to be the ultimate weapon against her buddy. Following this revelation, a cutthroat struggle ensued, where Diana fulfilled her purpose in freeing world from Ares ‘ determine. The loss of Steve in World War I and the passing of her early friends sometime after 1918 had left Diana broken-hearted & disjunct but she vowed to protect humanity whenever she was needed due to her identical feel for nature over the years in the shadows as a mysterious female savior which people are curious about on who she is. She besides gained more cognition on the earth and she changed residence over the years to keep herself guarded while landing jobs at museums like the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. In 1984, she came into conflict with entrepreneur Maxwell Lord and erstwhile ally Barbara Minerva all while reuniting with Steve to prevent a possible nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union after Max used the Dreamstone for his own means which caused ball-shaped chaos and imbalance in the process. She successfully did then after she convinced Max and the people of the universe to renounce their wishes to undo the chaos that was created. In modern times, Diana operates as the curator of the Louvre Museum as Diana Prince. Two years following the Black Zero Event, Diana came into conflict with billionaire supergenius Lex Luthor, who discovered a photograph of Diana and the Wonder Men during his search for metahumans. During her pastime of Luthor, Diana crossed paths with Bruce Wayne, who discovered her secret after their confrontation during his search for the White Portuguese. Later, along with the photograph on Luthor ‘s files Bruce sent her, Diana discovered the attest of metahumans in the world. With her deputation fulfilled, Diana prepared to depart back to London, but the emergence of the monstrous Doomsday led Diana to ally herself with Superman and Batman to take down the monster in a cutthroat battle that ended with the tragic death of Superman. Afterwards, in the inflame of Clark ‘s funeral, Diana and Bruce decided to create a team to battle any future threats to the earth. As the world mourned for the Man of Steel, Diana combatted the rise of radicals who saw Superman ‘s death as an omen and capitalized on the global ‘s vulnerability. concisely after the team assembled, Wonder Woman assisted in helping a newly resurrected Superman regain his memories. With the team now amply assembled, Wonder Woman contributed to the successful nauseating against Steppenwolf, forcing the foreigner invasion into retreat. Afterwards, she began to plan for the Justice League ‘s future aboard Bruce Wayne. finally, Diana was forced to stop an army of retrobots finding herself with the heroin known as Wonderous Serena in the work, ampere well with Serena Williams and an alternate version of herself, with whom she would join forces to detain the responsible of the invasion, Doctor Cyber. In early 2022, she along with the Justice League would be gathered by Amanda Waller to get involved on the “ Project Butterfly “ operation, however, the League arrived in the immediate consequence of the conflict, with a torment Peacemaker reprimanding her and the rest of the team for their incompetence .



Diana was born circa 3000 BC [ 3 ] on the newly-created island of Themyscira, to Zeus, the King of the Old Gods, and Hippolyta, the Queen of the Amazons, mere months after the end of War of the Gods. Zeus intended for the child to one day grow firm adequate to defeat Ares, the God of War. Fearful for her daughter ‘s condom, Hippolyta lied to Diana about her true parenthood, alternatively telling Diana that she ‘d sculpted her from cadaver and prayed to Zeus to bring her to liveliness. Diana would believe this floor for most of her biography. [ 4 ] As the merely child on the island, Diana grew bored by her lessons. She began to take an active matter to in the Amazons ‘ battle education, despite her mother ‘s stern refusal of it. She frequently ran off from her tutors to watch the Amazons train. [ 4 ] [ 5 ] Her aunt Antiope, General of the Amazons, was mindful the true nature of Diana ‘s background. Knowing that one day she would have to face Ares, and caring so profoundly for her wellbeing, she began to train the youthful princess in mysterious. [ 4 ]


You cannot be the winner because you are not ready to win. And there is no shame in that.
―Antiope to Diana[src]

Seven years after her train had begun, their deception was discovered by Hippolyta. Angry at Antiope for defying her decision, Hippolyta sent Diana back to her room so that she could speak to her sister entirely. Antiope reasoned with the Queen, reminding her that Ares was alive and would come for Diana someday. Hippolyta accepted this with some difficulty, and ordered Antiope to train Diana harder than any Amazon before her, until she was better than even Antiope herself, the Amazons ‘ fiercest warrior. frankincense, with the bless of her mother, Diana formally began extensive education in all forms of Amazon combat. Over the years, she became a formidable warrior. [ 4 ] finally, Diana competed in multi-stage acrobatic rival against in full grow Amazonian competitors. After falling from her knight due to looking back at her opponents and taking a shortcut, she was disqualified, which she was forced to account for when an nameless dissenter snatched her staff by chance. As Hippolyta observed, Antiope lectured the fiddling girlfriend on the importance of truth and assured her there was no shame in losing to larger and more know competitors. [ 6 ] much later, during a train session observed by Hippolyta, Diana sparred against her fellow warriors, demonstrating her weapons expertness and defeating each of them swiftly. Her concluding opposition was Antiope herself. The two fight with all their might. Diana managed to disarm Antiope and looked toward her mother for blessing. Antiope seized the opportunity to push Diana to the ground and pick up her sword, admonishing her for letting her guard down. As Antiope slashed at her and forced her backwards, Diana instinctively brought her arms together to block the approach. She clashed her arm gauntlets together, resulting in her unleashing a herculean shock-wave that sent Antiope flying back and left all spectating Amazons there, including Diana herself, in accomplished shock. [ 4 ]

Themysciran beach battle

You’re a man.”
“Yeah… Do I not look like one?
―Diana and Steve Trevor[src]

A shock Diana apologized to Antiope and abruptly left the educate school term. She wandered away to a cliff on the Themysciran seashore and examined her gauntlets in awe. As she stood there, she noticed an airplane explode through the forcefield surrounding Themyscira and clang in the nearby waters. Seeing even from a big distance aside that person was trapped inside the bury aircraft, she leaped down the ocean and rescued the pilot burner, none other than a human soldier named Steve Trevor. She pulled him out of the water and onto the Themysciran prop up. As he came to, she noted in incredulity that he was a world, as she had never seen one before. Though reasonably confuse, Steve affirmed that he was, rhetorically asking whether or not he looked like one. She asked him who he was, but before he could answer, the two noticed several boats coming through the island ‘s forcefield. Steve noted that he was one of the good guys and the people on the boats—Germans—were bad guys. Having noticed the invading ships, the Amazons promptly gathered on the cliffs above the beach. Hippolyta ordered Trevor to move away from Diana, but forgot about him as the german soldiers began to come closer to shore. She took command of her army, ordering the archers to fire on the boats. Diana and Trevor took blanket behind boulders on the beach. As the soldiers landed on the shore and began to open arouse, several archers leaped from the cliffs. Diana watched, horrified, as a bullet fired from one of the german soldiers hit an sagittarius, killing her about immediately. Amazon cavalry stormed the beach, engaging the soldiers and cursorily overwhelming them. Though Trevor told her to stay rear as he fought one of the german soldiers, Diana picked up a sword from a fallen Amazon and easily dispatched a soldier .
As the battle came to an end, a soldier aimed his gunman at Diana while her back was turned. unable to warn Diana in time, Antiope leaped in front of her, taking the bullet and saving her life. As she lay dying, Antiope urged Diana to use the God Killer and kill Ares .
Hippolyta, in angry grief over her sister ‘s death, attempted to kill Trevor for bringing the Germans to Themyscira. Diana stopped her in meter, telling her that he had fought by her side. As the Amazons debated whether to kill him or not, Artemis argued that they needed to question him as to who the Germans were and why they ‘d come .
Trevor was taken to be interrogated using the Lasso of Hestia. Though he tried to resist the lasso ‘s world power at first, unwilling to reveal military secrets, he however was powerless to withstand it and admitted that he was a spy. He told them that he ‘d been on a mission to observe General Ludendorff and Doctor Poison, that he ‘d stolen the latter ‘s research notebook, and that his get off had brought himself and the Germans to Themyscira. He described the Great War, informing them that millions of people had died. Hearing this, Diana deduced that only Ares could be behind a war of that magnitude. She tried to persuade Hippolyta to send the Amazons back with him to face the god, but her mother refused, much to Diana ‘s confusion .
late, as a therapist tended to Diana ‘s struggle wounds, she noted with confusion that Diana ‘s wounds had healed completely. Diana then visited Trevor in his cell, asking him about the outside world. due to his words, Diana decided to sneak him off the island and confront Ares herself. She snuck into the island ‘s loom and stole the God Killer, along with an Amazon harbor, the Lasso of Hestia, and a especial set of battle armor. She broke Trevor out of his cell and took him to the island ‘s dock, where she was intercepted by her mother. To her surprise, Hippolyta allowed Diana to leave, gifting her Antiope ‘s tiara. She then warned Diana to be careful, mournfully telling her that the world of men did not deserve her. She and Trevor cast the gravy boat off into the ocean, and Diana watched as her home vanished as they passed through the island ‘s forcefield. As they sailed, Diana told Trevor about Ares and the Amazons ‘ mission to kill him. They then lay down for the night and discussed the concept of marriage, which Diana found leftover. [ 4 ]

Experiencing London

To the war!
―Diana upon arriving in London[src]

The future day, Diana awoke to find that they had hitched a ride on a larger transport and arrived in London. She was less than pleased at the sight of the city, stating that it was hideous. As they walked through the streets of London, Diana insisted that Trevor take her to the war. She was dismayed to hear that he intended to deliver Doctor Poison ‘s notebook to his superiors in the british War Council. Trevor promised that if he went with her to deliver the notebook, he would take her to the war. Though annoyed by the detour, Diana agreed. Trevor then realized that she was only wearing her conflict armor, and took her to a memory to buy her some clothes. As they walked to the shop, Diana was delighted to see a baby and ran toward it, with Trevor having to pull her away. At the store, the two met up with Etta Candy, Trevor ‘s repository. Candy was overjoyed to see Trevor alive and well. She introduced herself to Diana and offered her handwriting to shake, but Diana, unaware of what the gesture entail, simply asked what a repository was. Upon hearing Candy ‘s answer, Diana noted that the job sounded like to slavery .
Candy helped Diana try on a bang-up many outfits until she ultimately settled on one. Dissatisfied, thinking that she even looked excessively “ distracting, ” Trevor gave her a copulate of spectacles to wear. After they had paid and left the shop, Diana reluctantly allowed Candy to take her sword and shield back to Trevor ‘s agency while the two took Doctor Poison ‘s notebook to the british War Council .
As they walked, Trevor noticed that they were being followed. He tried to lose them by taking a turn down a back bowling alley, but alternatively walked true into a german spy ‘s gunman. The serviceman ordered Trevor to give the notebook back ; he refused, alternatively headbutting the man. He told Diana to stay back at the man took aim and film at them. Diana reached out her branch, blocking the fastball off her gauntlet and saving Trevor ‘s life. Diana then fought the german spies single-handed ; her spectacles were crushed in the fight. As one of the spies tried to make his safety valve, Candy blocked his exit, brandishing the God Killer. Diana used her lasso to trap the man and ask him where Ares was. Rather than reveal any information, the spy committed suicide by swallowing a nitrile pill. [ 4 ]

british War Council

Diana and Trevor arrived at the british War Council ‘s meeting station. Trevor told her to stay behind while he retrieved one of his superiors from the war room. curious, she followed him into the room, where dozens of men argued with each other while Sir Patrick Morgan struggled to be heard. The board fell silent as the men noticed Diana, as women were not allowed in the room ; Trevor promptly escorted her out. After the confluence, Trevor ‘s superior berated him for taking a charwoman into the war room. Morgan then introduced himself to Diana. She began to introduce herself as “ Diana, Princess of Themyscira, ” but Trevor cut her off to maintain her unavowed identity, calling her “ Diana Prince. ” Trevor then informed Morgan that he had managed to steal Doctor Poison ‘s notebook .
The british War Council quickly gathered to discuss the notebook. Their codebreakers were unable to decipher the two different languages that it was written in, but Diana quickly identified them as Ottoman and Sumerian. She read the script out loudly, informing the council that Doctor Poison had created a new form of mustard boast based on hydrogen alternatively of sulphur, which flatulence masks would be useless against. Trevor pitched a mission to destroy the facility where the accelerator was being created, but his superiors decided against it, stating that it was excessively deep in the war to do something ampere drastic as that. When Trevor argued that more soldiers would die, his superiors simply stated that that was what soldiers did. With the battle of Themyscira and the death of her aunt so bracing in her heed, Diana was infuriated by the serviceman ‘s comments and berated him, calling him a coward and telling the rest of the council that they should be ashamed. Trevor escorted her out as she ranted, apologizing to the council on her behalf. Outside the room, Diana confronted Trevor for not standing up to the council. Trevor then told her that they were going anyhow, without the council ‘s approval. Diana, distrustful of him for lying, did not believe him ; he resorted to using the Lasso of Hestia on himself, revealing in the work that he believed it was a severe theme and that they were going to die. [ 4 ]

Gathering allies

Steve then took Diana to a local tavern to gather reinforcements in the shape of his friends, a spy named Sameer and a sniper named Charlie. She was dismay to see them, as she did not consider them adequate to fighters or even dependable men. Sameer was enamored by Diana upon seeing her, something she did not appreciate .
Diana, Trevor, Sameer, and Charlie sat at a mesa together as Trevor proposed his plan to them. Sameer and Charlie were will to join them, if they were paid for the subcontract. Trevor, however, had no money. The two refused the job. Sameer told Diana that all the payment he needed was a photograph of her ; Diana countered that he would n’t need one, as she was going with them. He and Charlie were baffled by her reaction .
As they talked, a bibulous man who Charlie had gotten into a fight with earlier walked astir to him, pointing a gun at his head. Before he could pull the trigger, Diana grabbed the gun from his hand and shoved him away, hurling across the room. Candy then joined the group, with Morgan in tow. The group was initially anxious to see him, as their plan was going against the target orders of the british War Council, but Morgan assured them that he was there to help. He told them that their actions were admirable and gave Trevor a big sum of money as payment for Sameer and Charlie ‘s aid. [ 4 ]


The next sidereal day, the group left for the caravan that would take them to the war front in Belgium. Diana tried ice cream for the first time at the string post, which she greatly enjoyed. In Belgium, Trevor informed Diana that they were to meet with another acquaintance of his, a smuggler known as foreman. She observed with antipathy the company they were keeping, noting that they were liars, murderers, and smugglers. As they left the train post, Diana began to notice a firm stream of hurt soldiers coming from struggle. She was horrified by their injuries. The group took a ride on a little transport that Trevor had arranged for. They walked through the rest of the day, finally arriving to Chief ‘s camp at night. Chief introduced himself to Diana as Napi. That night, as the others slept around Chief ‘s fuel, Diana mistook the cannon fire as for strange thunder. Charlie was awoken by a nightmare. Diana tried to comfort him, but he pushed her off in and left the clique. Chief then told Diana that Charlie was haunted by the people he had killed as a marksman. [ 4 ]

The Wonder Men

The follow day, they go to No Man ‘s Land where Diana sees that the people living in the villages were suffering vitamin a well. After this, she decides to go into No Man ‘s Land, changing into her armor and blocking the bullets with her bracelets and her carapace with the assist of the Wonder Men, led by Steve Trevor .
She fights off against a group of german soldiers in a warehouse meeting the pillow of Steve Trevor ‘s team fighting off more Germans that were invading the village. The citizens of that town see Diana as a hero. In award of Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor ‘s team ‘s fearlessness, a photograph was taken of her with Steve Trevor ‘s team. She then sees Steve on the telephone with Sir Patrick Morgan, and abruptly decides that General Ludendorff is actually Ares. Later on, Steve and Diana are seen dancing where they finally accept they have feelings for each other and they kiss, after which they proceed to spend the night together. [ 4 ]

Infiltrating Ludendorff ‘s gala

The next day, they decided to infiltrate Ludendorff ‘s gala to learn more about the weapon he and Doctor Poison are creating and how to stop it. To enter the gala, Diana stole a dress from a guest where she dances with. She is prepared to kill Ludendorff, but her attack is intervened by Steve. She hears Ludendorff release some of the natural gas where it kills citizens from that town. Feeling devastated, Diana was distressed by this consequence blames Steve for interfering with her character assassination attempt on Ludendorff thinking the people could have been saved with him already being dead, and realizes that Ares has corrupted everyone. [ 4 ]

infiltration of Ludendorff ‘s base

I am Diana of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons. And your wrath upon this world is over. In the name of all that is good in this world, I hereby complete the mission of the Amazons, by ridding this world of you forever!
―Wonder Woman to Erich Ludendorff[src]

Receiving a bespeak from Chief, she infiltrates Ludendorff ‘s basis. She and General Ludendorff fight each early where Diana killed him. Thinking that killing Ludendorff would solve the trouble, she gets confused when she sees the german soldiers loading the weapons onto the planes thinking that world is corrupted and it does n’t deserve her help. [ 4 ]

touch Ares

“Goodbye, brother.
―Ares and Wonder Woman[src]

Diana sees Sir Patrick Morgan in the base, who reveals himself to be the true Ares, and tells her of his plan for a worldly concern without world by having them destroy each early. Ares proposes that Diana help him accomplish his vision of eden, but Diana promptly refuses, not wanting to kill billions of innocents. Ares then reluctantly engages her in an epic struggle while Steve and his comrades attempt to dismantle the plane harboring the mustard accelerator. During the battle, Steve approaches Diana who ca n’t hear him speak due to an explosion temporarily rupturing her eardrums. Steve, after much talking, departs and leaves Diana with his watch before boarding the plane which is taking off with the mustard gasoline. Ares finally restrains Diana, imploring her to surrender and realize the futility of their crusade. Diana notices the plane in the flip as she ‘s pinned to the land and watches in horror as it explodes with Steve sacrificing himself to save billions of lives .
Enraged, Diana breaks free and begins attacking the remaining german troops at the compound. Ares attempts to manipulate the distraught warrior by presenting her with Doctor Poison, saying she should kill her as she appropriately represents the worst of humanity and the malefic it can possess as he predicted to Zeus and the early Old Gods .
Diana lifts a tank ready to crush Doctor Poison with it, but hesitates when she thinks about the love and compassion that Steve brought to her animation when she realizes that he professed his sexual love for her before leaving to sacrifice himself. Dropping the cooler, Diana spares Doctor Poison, telling Ares that he is improper about humanness. She tells him that while humans are everything Ares says and can be able of the worst crimes, she ‘s learned that they are evenly capable of therefore much more : unbridle love and compassion. Ares engages Diana in a concluding fight, but is defeated after she amply embraces her powers as the God Killer and blasts Ares with mighty divine lightning. The soldiers, absolve from Ares ‘ corruption, stop their active, thereby ultimately ending the war. [ 4 ]

consequence of the war

Returning to London where the people are celebrating the end of the war, Diana notices a memorial with pictures of die soldiers who fought in the war with Steve being among them. Diana fondly strokes Steve ‘s photograph before closing her eyes to take in the world being at peace once again. [ 4 ]

A hundred of horrors

Living in Man ‘s World

Despite helping win the war, defeating Ares and still loving world, Diana is still left sobered, emotionally broken, psychologically scarred, and devastated over not having been able to save the belgian village from Dr. Poison, vitamin a well as over her beloved Steve Trevor ‘s self-denying death however she was inspired by his altruistic act & love that shows her that world is worth believing & protecting despite their flaws so she vows to continues that however as a mysterious female jesus since not concerned in the fame Wonder Woman late fought in World War II. [ 7 ] Although her exploits in helping humanness remained largely live, the resulting caption of ‘Wonder Woman ‘ persisted. At some luff, a amusing was made by the company All Star Comix that based it upon her known compare. [ 8 ] After the end of all the other members of the Wonder Men, Diana and Etta Candy left London to live in the United States of America. [ 7 ] Circa the 1950s, she and Etta traveled to New York City, where they took a photograph together in front of the city horizon from out on the water. [ 6 ] Etta died erstwhile before 1984. [ 7 ]

life in 1984

"All hands on deck." ―Billy Batson, Shazam! “All hands on deck.” ―Billy Batson, Shazam!
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By 1984, Diana had become a aged anthropologist at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., specializing in the polish of ancient Mediterranean civilizations. [ 6 ] In the mix, she interfered at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History when a group of gunmen broke in to steal the celebrated noble diamond, thwarting them. [ 9 ] She would late prevent a promenade looting in Virginia on her manner to work. shortly subsequently, she met and befriended a fresh colleague, Barbara Ann Minerva who had just slipped on her room in, dropping and scattering all her papers, Diana assisted her in picking up the mess. She was an insecure woman who idolized and envied Diana for her beauty and confidence. In the mix, aspiring businessman Max Lord visited the Smithsonian in search of a cryptic Dreamstone which apparently granted wishes upon contact with any user. Both Diana and Barbara unwittingly used the rock to fulfill their own desires. Diana wished for Steve Trevor to return into her life, causing his soul to take over another man ‘s body. When she attended a quarterly fund-raise gala, Trevor found her. [ 6 ]

“All hands on deck.” ―Billy Batson, Shazam!
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together, Diana, Steve, and Barbara tried to investigate the Dreamstone ‘s power further and discover that it was created by Dolos – the deity of treachery and mischief. The stone granted a exploiter their wish but exacted a toll, much like in “ The Monkey ‘s Paw ”, and the alone means to reverse the exchange was by renouncing the wish or destroying the rock itself. Steve realized that his being came at the cost of Diana ‘s powers, while Barbara ‘s cost was her heat and good. Both Diana and Barbara were unwilling to renounce their wishes and give up what they were given, and attempted to find option solutions.

During celebrations of Independence Day in Washington, D.C., Diana and Steve hijacked a tactical jet in the National Air and Space Museum and used it to fly to Egypt. She went on to chase Maxwell Lord, alone to lose him in Cairo .
meanwhile, aspiring businessman Max Lord came to personify the stone through his own wish, and subsequently became a brawny and influential figure, while leaving chaos and end in his wake island. Upon learning from the U.S. President of a satellite air organization that could transmit signals globally, he chose to use it to grant wishes to the entire global. This would make him about invincible as he stole the things people cherished most. Diana was betrayed by Barbara when she revealed she had used her regard to become Diana ‘s equal and joined forces with Maxwell to keep him condom from Diana herself. Diana confronted Maxwell in the White House where she was defeated by Barbara, and unable to use her might to heal or stop the severe things Maxwell wanted to accomplish. More specify than ever, Steve convinced Diana to let go of him and renounce her wish. The action was emotionally painful for Diana who vowed to Steve that she would never love again, though he hoped that was n’t true. As she walked away she renounced her wish and regained her military capability in the process, allowing her to take to the skies once more. [ 6 ] Returning dwelling, she proceeded to don the armor of the legendary Amazon warrior Asteria and travel to the air station. There, she fought against Barbara, who had made a second wish to become an apex marauder, transforming her into Cheetah, a self-describing hybrid. The contend between the pair was barbarous and caused the destruction of the armor ‘s wings. Diana attempted to convince Cheetah to renounce her wish but she refused, not caring about the consequences of her actions due to her ethical motive and humanness have been stripped away. Diana ultimately defeated Cheetah by restraining her subaqueous, but took pity on her, knowing that she plainly wanted to be strong, not malevolent. Arriving to confront Maxwell, Diana used her Lasso of Truth to communicate with the worldly concern through him, convincing everyone to renounce their wishes, with noteworthy success. With the wishes renounced, the populace was restored to its former imperfection. Maxwell reunited with his son and the conflict ended for Diana. [ 6 ]

luck encounter

Having saved the universe from destruction, Diana had finally accepted the truth that Steve is gone, having refused to pay the price anymore by not bringing him back, and was now continuing protecting the world whenever it was needed. Although she had returned to her disjunct universe, she was happily observing the people to know what they are capable these days. In this current climate, Diana had a probability meet at a fair, where she met the homo whose body Steve had previously inhabited. [ 6 ] She was soon thereafter scheduled to give a moment enlistment to Jazz, Teo, and Teo ‘s friend after their tour the previous week. [ 9 ]

subsequent endeavors

Struggling to move forward

At some point before the twenty-first hundred, Diana replaces her destroyed sword with the Sword of Athena, slays more baleful “ beings from other worlds, ” & when not using the sword, she continues performing heroic acts but remains incognito. finally she moves to France, and becomes a professional antiquities dealer, with the Louvre Museum employing her as the Curator for the Department of Antiquities. [ 10 ] At an orphanage in Gotham, ‘Wonder Woman ‘ had a fan in at least one daughter who believed that she was a superior bomber to both Batman and Superman. [ 11 ] After examining the photograph of Wonder Woman and the Wonder Men taken in 1918 Belgium, Lex Luthor uses facial recognition software to deduce that the great superheroic Amazon warrior is in fact inactive animated, under the alias of “ Diana Prince, ” working at the Louvre Museum, and he obtains footage of Diana in Paris, France, which has her exiting a taxi and entering a patronize, in civilian invest. [ 12 ]

Meeting Bruce Wayne

The other night, you took something that didn’t belong to you. Stealing is not polite.”
“Is it stealing if you steal from another thief?
―Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince[src]

Diana finally became mindful that Lex Luthor had in his possession the photograph of her and the Wonder Men, the lone visualize of her together with her deceased beloved even if she accepted the truth that he is gone .
Hence, in an feat to finally reclaim it and Steve ‘s memory, Diana flew from France to the United States, and managed to get invited to a charity function hosted by Lex Luthor at his villa, an event which is besides attended by Gotham City billionaire Bruce Wayne and celebrated Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent. During his greeting lecture, Lex made a reference to how Zeus cruelly punished the Titan Prometheus for enlightening world, much to the visible depress of Diana. shortly thereafter, she covertly stole a hack device of Bruce Wayne ‘s, who is similarly investigating Lex Luthor. She exited the party with Bruce pursuing her, but manages to make it to her car and drive off good in meter for Bruce to see her depart .
later, Diana is seen in the Gotham City Museum of Antiquities ( with ancient Greco-Roman exhibits ), conversing with an aged couple, when the curator comes up, and offers to show her something of interest. She politely excuses herself and follows him to the display of the forge replica of Alexander the Great ‘s sword, which the ancient conqueror of the Middle East had used to cut the gordian knot. While Diana stood admiring the replica, Bruce Wayne appeared. He proceeds to angrily confront her by grabbing Diana ‘s arm and asking her about the information device that she had stolen. Bruce claims to see right through her “ baby in the woods ” work, saying that while Diana does n’t know him, he ‘s met “ a few women like [ her ]. ” Diana, however, calmly smiles and retorts that Bruce has never met any women like her. She then proceeds to tell Bruce that she was unable to obtain anything from Bruce ‘s device, due to Lex Luthor ‘s data having military-grade encoding. Diana explains her intention to re-obtain her photograph from Luthor, stating that she alone borrowed Bruce ‘s device, and has already returned it to him shortly beforehand ( placing it into the glove compartment of his cable car ), before calmly excusing herself and leaving. [ 12 ]

Bruce Wayne discovers her universe

Found your photograph. But it doesn’t belong to you… It IS you. Who are you? Where have you been?
―Bruce’s email to Diana[src]

hush puzzled as to Diana ‘s identity, Bruce discovers more about her amongst the data he stole from Lex Luthor. He sees a photograph of her aboard the Wonder Men, taken in Belgium in 1918 during the shutting days of World War I & asking the cryptic female savior of where she ’ south been. He then makes contact with her via her laptop, sharing supernumerary information that Luthor had on both her and other metahumans, such as the Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. Diana is visibly intrigued and shocked at this disclosure, as Flash ‘s lightning reminds her of that of Ares, Aquaman reminds her of depictions of Poseidon, while the Mother Box that created Cyborg reminds her of the one she briefly saw back on Themyscira. Diana needs to take some meter to think this revelation over, does not answer Bruce ‘s e-mail, and rather proceeds with her plans to depart Metropolis on a flight back to France, through Turkey. [ 12 ]

Battle with Doomsday

That thing is from another world. My world.”
“I’ve killed things from other worlds before.”
Is she with you?”
“I thought she was with you.
―Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman[src]

When news broke of Doomsday ‘s attack on Metropolis, Diana was boarding an airplane bound for Turkey. Seeing what was happening, Diana reflects on what Steve said to her before that the earth needs her so she is forced unto the adult degree, left the flight before parody and dons her Wonder Woman armor and weapons before heading for Gotham City to help Batman and Superman in their battle against this incredibly potent grotesque adversary .
As Wonder Woman joins the Battle against Doomsday, she arrives equitable in time to save Batman from Doomsday ‘s deadly thermal blast, deflecting the glow with her durable bracelets. She then jointly attacks Doomsday with Superman while Batman tries to expose the creature to kryptonite, allowing its destruction. She relentlessly battles the giant, and despite Doomsday being stronger, Wonder Woman held her own, parrying a fantastic punch with the Sword of Athena, and then slicing off Doomsday ‘s right branch with it. finally, Batman baits the monster into coming close to her, allowing Wonder Woman to hurl the noose of her unbreakable Lasso of Hestia around his torso. Superman then promptly flew back, wielding the kryptonite spear, and managed to impale the freak ‘s breast. The mortally wounded Doomsday bellowed in agony, releasing huge amounts of electricity from his body, which made Wonder Woman fleeting lose her footing, loosening the lasso ‘s hold and allowing the monster to mortally stab Superman. While a visibly shell-shocked and sadden Batman promptly retrieves Superman ‘s lifeless body ( enveloping him in his own cape ), Wonder Woman takes the body from Batman, lightly placing it on the anchor before them. Lois proceeds to cradle and weep over her fallen beloved, as Wonder Woman and Batman stand following to her in respectful lamenting silence, with Wonder Woman empathically giving Lois a comfort glance, as she had been in the lapp position as Lois was with Steve before. Wonder Woman was astounded by Superman ‘s selflessness, equaling that of Steve Trevor ‘s own and was equally saddened at his death, due to now not having the find to get to know Superman but inspired by him to come out of the shadows despite doing the well matter specially as a mysterious female savior while besides understanding on what it means to be symbol despite not being one because she ’ south afraid of losing or hurting them since those important to her. [ 12 ]

dawn of Justice

The others like me, why do you say they will have to fight?

Diana attends Clark ‘s funeral in Smallville along with Bruce, with the latter paying for it as an anonymous donor. The two share a conversation about honoring Superman by bringing in concert the three other metahumans, in case a worse threat to the world should ever arise. Diana inquires why Bruce is proposing it. He replies that it is merely due to a feel he has that things will imminently get worse ( in reality, he was following the instructions given to him by the time-traveler. )
Considering Bruce ‘s volunteer, Diana meanwhile returns to her subcontract as Curator for the Department of Antiquities [ 10 ] at the Louvre Museum. Bruce sends Diana a software, which contains the original, physical photograph of herself with the Wonder Men. She sends a grateful e-mail for bringing Steve back to her even if she accepted that he ’ second gone awhile ago. Diana then dons her Wonder Woman armor after hearing a affray in the outdistance of Paris by sailing off the roof of the museum at sunset in Paris to confront it. [ 4 ]

I don’t believe it.”
“Believe it.
―The terrorist leader and Wonder Woman[src]

In London, a belittled group of reactionary terrorists took over the Old Bailey Courthouse, taking respective hostages including a school battlefield trip. Diana stormed the construct and used the Lasso of Hestia to compel one of the terrorists to tell her their plans. He revealed that their drawing card had a bombard knock-down enough to destroy several city blocks while the global media will watch. Diana took out the terrorists and neutralizes the bomb calorimeter. The terrorist drawing card then tried to kill the hostages with a gun, but Diana protected the hostages by deflecting bullets with her bracelets, killing the drawing card. [ 13 ]

Coming in concert

Assembling the League

What did you do this weekend, Diana?”
“Nothing very interesting.
―Louvre Museum employee and Diana[src]

At the Louvre Museum, Diana watched a news program report showing a signal fire burning at the Shrine of the Amazons and knew that it had been sent by her mother to warn of the impend invasion. Diana traveled to the enshrine and discovered a painting of Darkseid ‘s invasion of land. Traveling to Gotham, she broke into Bruce ‘s base of operations to find him tinkering with a new prototype troop carrier, the Flying Fox. It reminded her of person she thinks of who would have loved to have flown it. Bruce tells her that he believes an invasion is at hand ; she corrects him. It has already arrived .
Diana fills Bruce in on Darkseid and the Mother Boxes and the history of his first invasion of the Earth. Knowing that they need to pull a team together, Bruce plans to go after Barry Allen. [ 13 ]

Recruiting Cyborg

“All hands on deck.” ―Billy Batson, Shazam!
This article incision is incomplete and requires expansion .
The world needs you, Victor. And maybe you need us, too.
―Diana to Victor Stone[src]

Using Bruce ‘s equipment, Diana tries to track down Victor. Victor is aware of Bruce ‘s concern in him ; due to his connection to information and security systems, Victor hacks in the computers to send Diana a message. Diana and Victor meet confront to face, and tries to convince him to join them. Victor refuses and flies off. [ 13 ]

This one will be mine.”
“I belong to no one!
―Steppenwolf and Wonder Woman[src]

While Bruce came back to Gotham and brought Barry Allen with the airplane, Diana awaited for their arrival. Bruce asked if she found Cyborg, to which her answer is that she and Stone spoke and told them to give him time. Diana then introduced herself to Allen, as he mistakenly said the names incorrect for his introduction. Just then, Allen pointed out the Bat Signal shine in the sky, meaning the Justice League should get going. The Justice League receives intel from Commissioner James Gordon that the Parademons are traveling underground. meanwhile, they go to find Steppenwolf interrogating the S.T.A.R. Labs employees about the final Mother Box .
Wonder Woman helps out by attacking the Parademons and taking Steppenwolf to a different separate of the factory. When Steppenwolf commanded his Parademon soldiers to let him handle Wonder Woman entirely, she spoke with the New God General, trying to tell him that he would overestimate himself, but Steppenwolf prepared to fight her with his own ax while saying it still has the blood of her Amazon sisters .
Batman then jumped toss off into the Knightcrawler and saved Wonder Woman after a Parademon managed to briefly knock her out. The Knightcrawler got attacked by Steppenwolf, and Flash helped Wonder Woman get her sword so she can help Batman .
Flash and Wonder Woman get attacked by Steppenwolf and the Parademons before Batman helps her by killing one of the Parademons. Cyborg then falls into the Knightcrawler and hacks it in his control, which he uses it against Steppenwolf. But the Knightcrawler fails when Steppenwolf caught the projectile and threw it against the wall, which then causes the seaport to flood which allows Steppenwolf to escape. Before Diana could get hit with the flood urine, Aquaman comes and saves the team by using his trident to hold back the water while the League escaped. [ 13 ]

He’s back.
―Wonder Woman after Superman’s resurrection[src]

The team returns to the Batcave, and discusses a fresh plan. Victor explains that the mother boxes are “ deepen machines ”, and they can bring things back to life. Bruce states they should use the Mother Box to bring Superman binding to life believing that they need Superman to restore hope in world. Diana and Arthur are hesitant about the estimate, but Bruce forms a unavowed eventuality plan. The team put Clark ‘s body in the waters of the Kryptonian embark, using Allen ‘s Speed Force energy to activate the Box, causing the resurrection of Superman .
He flies out of the Kryptonian ship and lands in Heroes Park where Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash and Wonder Woman meet him. They notice that something is incorrectly with him, to which Clark uses his x-ray imagination to scan the League before Cyborg ‘s armor ‘s defensive structure system launches a projectile at him as it registers him as a menace. Superman attacks Cyborg with his heat vision as the remainder of the Justice League try on to subdue him, but he swiftly overpowers them .
As Diana, Victor and Arthur all sample to simultaneously flank Superman ( albeit unsuccessfully ), Barry attempts to help using his rush, but Superman is able to see him and keeps up with the speedster. Despite Barry ‘s best efforts, Superman is able to land a glance blow, knocking him out before Batman arrives and gets Superman to stop. Wonder Woman tries to fight Superman again, yet she ‘s knocked down. Before Superman could kill Batman, Lois Lane comes to stop him. Superman then flies away with Lois .

Children. I work with children.
―Wonder Woman[src]

The Justice League uses Flying Fox to Pozharnov to stop Steppenwolf from being the Mother Boxes together, the team design how there going to stop Steppenwolf, Batman tells the team that he going to take out the loom while the reason of the League will separate the Mother Boxes. Batman destroys the tugboat, but the controls on the Flying Fox besides did n’t report, which caused it to crash, but Bruce got in the Batmobile and used a siren to get the attention of the Parademons, this allows the rest to get to the Mother Boxes without any problems .
Diana confronts Steppenwolf with Cyborg and Aquaman, ignoring the New God ‘s taunts of how she was n’t at Themyscira to protect her sisters when Steppenwolf attacked it. As news bulletin charges improving, Cyborg gest to the Mother Boxes, while Batman takes care of the Parademons. While Cyborg tries to separate the Mother Boxes, Diana and Arthur struggle Steppenwolf. Steppenwolf finds out that Cyborg is trying to separate the Mother Boxes, which he grabs him before Wonder Woman saves him .
Diana and Arthur try to keep Steppenwolf off from Cyborg by using the Lasso of Hestia to pull him down. Steppenwolf tries to taunt Diana about how the Amazons fell before Steppenwolf ‘s might, including her beget, but Diana saw through his magic trick. He attacked them both before he knocks Arthur into a wall breaking the ceiling before Diana saves him. Before Steppenwolf could kill Cyborg, Superman comes and saves him, by easily overpowering the New God and breaking his ax. But even with Superman, the Boom Tube to Apokolips opens with Darkseid at the helm and his army stand by. Flash is hard injured from the Parademons and the Unity synchronizes, to the horror of all. But Flash uses his powers to reverse time and brings the agitate to Cyborg, allowing him to link into the Unity and break it apart from the inside. Victor calls Superman for assistant with the Mother Boxes, allowing them to separate and destroy them. Steppenwolf is not down yet and tries to attack, but is stabbed by Arthur in the back and lifted before Superman punches him. Diana then jumps and slices Steppenwolf ‘s head, the New God ‘s body flying through the Boom Tube to Darkseid where he crushes his mind. Diana is then seen with the rest of the Justice League facing Darkseid before the Boom Tube closes. [ 13 ]

A newfangled populace

The League of Justice

After the frustration of Steppenwolf, the League observed the beauty of the small town in Russia and late on, Diana helped Bruce Wayne move ahead with plans to expand the league with more at the empty Wayne Manor as their base. Diana besides captured art thieves at a museum who are lassoed and she was greeted by kids. [ 13 ] At a later point in time, at least one newspaper reported on Wonder Woman denying the rumor that she and Aquaman were purportedly dating. [ 14 ] Peacemaker once claimed to have been at a party that Wonder Woman was besides attending and that she was attracted to him, despite besides admitting to have never met her. [ 15 ]

conflict with Doctor Cyber

At some point during her heroic career, Wonder Woman entered in conflict with the supervillain known as Doctor Cyber, causing her enemy decided to travel to another reality to make her plans without the treatment of Diana. [ 16 ]

Arresting innocent people is not justice. We need to find who did this and why.”
“I couldn’t agree more.
―Wonder Woman and Wonderous Serena[src]

finally, Diana would be forced to intervene in a stadium which was being invaded by retrobots. Upon arriving, Wonder Woman would save a civilian who was about to be attacked using her lasso of truth, while she would see that a heroine helped her. In that, Wonder Woman and Wonderous Serena would introduce themselves to meet while continuing to defend the place, Wonderous would explain to Diana that the retrobots came from her population .
Serena explained that retrobots arrest anyone who they considered could commit a crime despite not doing therefore, so that Diana would see it as unfair. meanwhile, Wonderous Serena would warn some civilians to leave the stadium due to the danger posed by the retrobots. Seeing more retrobots arriving from a portal site, Diana proposed to help Serena retort to her universe to stop the invasion. Both would try to run to the portal site, however a retrobot would shoot them, so Wonderous Serena would return the shoot .
Seeing that going to the portal site would be very dangerous due to the number of retrobots that guarded the space, Wonderous Serena was would happen to infiltrate in a S.T.A.R. Laboratory upon seeing a debris from a retrobot containing the logo. The heroines would then infiltrate the lab in search of some like portal technology in the universe that would allow them to travel, entering conservatively so that the retrobots guarding they would not see them .
Inside the labs, they would find a room with the name of retribution, so they went inside, Wonderous went through some blueprints that appeared to be exchangeable to the original prototype, so Diana would help her, where she told her that the threat may be affecting both universes. finally, they would find a sign of the zodiac for S.T.A.R. Labs of their domain, seeing the frequency, would realize that they needed a blast of energy .
Wonder Woman would hear a retrobot border on to the board, so she was in tear of destroying it with her Lasso of Truth, the retrobot would collide with a door although she was able to launch a shot, that shoot would be returned by Wonderous Serena with her revel, but crashing mistakenly above the grind, causing a finale explosion to the heroines. [ 17 ] The explosion caused both to travel to the universe of Wonderous Serena, who woke up on the ground with a little pain when hitting the drumhead. Diana saw a retrobot approaching what was warned by Wonderous, however both were saved by Serena Williams and an alternate version of herself. Between confusion, all explained to be alternate versions of themselves but cursorily acted when more retrobots approached .
While running for exist, Diana asked her new companions to help them enter the offices by facilitating access. In that moment, Wonder Woman by seeing the retrobots protected a door deduced that the creditworthy hide there, so they all entered by destroying the door and causing an explosion. Upon the team on action entered prepared to attack, Wonder Woman was surprised by recognizing Doctor Cyber with confusion and asking for her .
Doctor Cyber welcomed Wonder Woman and Wonderous Serena with irony, amazing that they have found her along with their fresh companions. The Doctor Cybeer then proceeded to attack the team using her extremely speed while she explained her plans, causing tennis players to distract Dr. Cyber by multiple angles. Wonderous Serena gave a scream to Diana to use her Lasso of Truth at the time, causing her to stop by falling on the ground .
As a leave, Dr. Cyber was tied by the Lasso on her arms, forcing her to tell the accuracy. When Diana asked about the location of the prisoners, Cyber revealed that they were in the cells in the basement. Diana Prince from the other proportion was surprised to see the world power of the lasso saying it was amazing, so Diana told her that she was amazing excessively. Wonderous Serena then continued to give Doctor Cyber recall orders .
Wonder Woman and the team headed to the location to open the door and rescue the prisoners by removing their handcuffs. Having freed them, Diana went to Williams to tell her that they should take the families back to their realities, however Williams decided to take Mikayla Johnson ‘s parents with Kym first to reunite them with her again, while Wonder Woman took the others. [ 16 ] In early 2022, Leota Adebayo informed her knob and mother Amanda Waller about the current crisis point with the Butterfly alien invasion. She suggested to Waller to call in the Justice League. Leota was promptly reminded that they had no time to wait for backup. Diana, along with Clark Kent, Arthur Curry and Barry Allen managed to make it to the site of Coverdale ranch merely as Peacemaker and the rest of the 11th Street Kids were heading out of the web site. Peacemaker hurled several insults at the League as they left. [ 18 ]

80?cb=20201223031037 “I had a dream. It was the end of the world. I think it’s something more… something darker.” ―Bruce Wayne, Zack Snyder’s Justice League
Knightmare future. This is a potential future that may not necessarily follow the primary timeline. This article or section is about the. This is a likely future that may not necessarily follow the elementary timeline .

In a dark electric potential future, Darkseid came to Earth and killed the newly resurrected Superman ‘s lover, Lois Lane, making the distraught Man of Steel susceptible to Darkseid ‘s mind dominance. in concert with his new general Superman, Darkseid conquered the planet and transformed it into an apocalyptic barren. A massive conflict began between Darkseid and Superman ‘s Regime and the Batman and the Justice League ‘s Insurgency. At some target late the Amazons built a funeral pyre for her consistency, with her mother among those grievously mourning her death even as Darkseid and his forces descended upon Themyscira. Sometime late, her shield could be seen lying cracked in the ruins of the Hall of Justice, the electric potential headquarters of the Justice League. [ 3 ]


They do not deserve your protection!”
“It’s not about deserve. It’s about what you believe. And I believe in love.
―Ares and Diana[src]

Diana is a very kind, loving, feel for, and strong-minded person, who, while initially reasonably naïve, has become all the fresh through her clock in Man ‘s World. An blunt classless, she fights for what she believes in and broadly for the betterment of world through beloved and common understanding, as teach to her by her mother and fellow Amazons. [ 19 ] Growing up, Diana besides proved herself froward and determined to do what she wanted, such as train in hand-to-hand fight under her aunt Antiope ‘s care despite her mother initially forbidding it. In this way she is quite refractory ; if she believes something is the right thing to do, then she will do it – as evidenced by her try to leave Themyscira without her mother ‘s permission and imperativeness in attending Ludendorff ‘s gala despite Steve telling her not to. Alongside her forgivingness and compassion, however, Diana was besides a very naïve idealist when she beginning arrived in “ Man ‘s World, ” blindly believing that all men were corrupted by Ares and that the World War I Central Powers would plainly abandon their baleful ways if she killed him. This blind naivete besides translated to explicit indignation whenever she was treated with disrespect due to her status as a charwoman, such as when she was ignored by members of the War Office. Alongside this, Diana besides voiced her opinions preferably bluffly upon her arrival, such as when she perceived Etta Candy ‘s job as Steve Trevor ‘s repository to be akin to slavery ( which earns Diana Etta ‘s wonder ). Despite her frankness and behavior in Man ‘s World, however, Diana remained very caring and feel for, as demonstrated by her initially rocky kinship with Charlie and willingness to step into No Man ‘s Land to save the greenwich village of Veld while encouraging him with compassion to sing for them By the end of the war, Diana began to lose religion in both humanness and herself after Ares opened her eyes to humanity ‘s likely for evil. While she still believed in the power of love and compassion to change humanness for the better despite their flaws because of Steve ’ s declaration of love to her that showed her that, Diana was left sober up and emotionally broken over sealed events from the war, such as the function of Dr. Poison ‘s flatulence to massacre the entire village of Veld, and Steve Trevor ‘s self-denying death however she was inspired by his sleep together & altruistic act that shows her that humanity is indeed worth protecting despite their imperfections so she vows to do because she is unable to fully stop wish for and protecting humanness by keeping impeccant people safe as a mysterious female jesus while besides continued to fight and kill other malicious beings from other worlds and did everything in her power to prevent Max Lord ‘s apocalyptic agenda. In hurt of her sophisticate line of cultivate, Diana was clearly an introvert at affection with few friends. This did not mean she was closed off from human connection, however, as she and Barbara Maxwell bonded quite cursorily. When she saw what the office of the wishing keepsake was about fix to do to the integral worldly concern, she made the ultimate sacrifice by heavyheartedly revoking her regard to be reunited with Trevor — ironically, the Amazonian who had even had impression in humanity despite their imperfections was the very first base to revoke her regard, having done sol strictly out of selflessness. Upon witnessing the destruction of the apparently unstoppable Doomsday, Diana joined to struggle him aboard Batman and Superman. After witnessing Superman ‘s sacrifice to stop the freak, and after Bruce ‘s entreaty to her implicit in belief in the implicit in good of humanity even though she understands the complexities of homo nature because world is both good and bad by sending her the original photograph of her and the Wonder Men & sends Bruce a grateful e-mail of him bringing him back Steve Trevor even if she accepted the truth that Steve is gone thirty year ago since she can ’ t have it all even though he ’ s a memory to Diana so she ’ mho inspired to come out of the shadows demonstrating despite how much humanness had failed or she understands that humanity is flawed but worth protecting despite being a mysterious female jesus over the year, she distillery held underlie impression in her own core values and the positive consequence true heroes can have on the populace. While life in “ Man ‘s World “ for a hundred following World War I tempered some of Diana ‘s more blindly held beliefs, she still held true to her core values of kindness and compassion, and further grew into an exceptionally considerate, diplomatic, and empathic woman. fully understanding the complexities of homo nature. This can be seen when she mutely emphasizes with Lois Lane after the death of Superman had been killed ( recalling her own pain with Steve Trevor ) smiling wittingly when Aquaman by chance sat on the Lasso of Hestia and confessed his fears about their approaching deputation and how attractive he found her. With all of her experiences, Diana is besides the most diplomatic extremity of the Justice League, as evidenced by her treatment of the Flash with compassion and solitaire, despite his inclination to somewhat annoy her and the other Justice Leaguers with his humorous attitude, and the kindness and patronize she showed to Cyborg while he continued to grapple with his powers. [ 20 ] indeed, through her compassion and unbreakable heart, Diana has given renewed hope to many of her teammates throughout the years. For exemplar, she motivated and inspired the Wonder Men into looking past strictly monetary interests, with Chief resolving to no long be neutral in the war, Sameer finally admitting his passion for acting, and even the depressed Charlie struggling with PTSD finally beginning to sing again for the inaugural time in years. alike, during the Justice League ‘s conflict against Steppenwolf ‘s forces, Wonder Woman was able to inspire confidence in the inexperienced Flash and Cyborg, assuring them that they would n’t need to fight the Apokoliptan invasion alone. furthermore, she was the most understanding of Superman ‘s confusion upon his resurrection and remained ambivalent about fighting the newly-resurrected Superman and even implored him not to force her to, showing him compassion and doggedness while attempting to get him to remember who he is ( even calling him by his birth name ). In accession to her general willingness for empathy, however, Diana is besides highly friendly and can step second enjoy the smaller moments in life, as seen in her dead enchant in experiencing ice rink cream and agreement with Superman ( who, up until this decimal point she had not spoken to a lot ) about him not missing out on the positive results of their victory over Steppenwolf. even alongside all of her kindness, compassion, and empathy, Diana is still besides a warrior at heart, and when person she cares about is hurt, becomes far more persistent and pitiless. When apparently beaten by Ares ( who was only growing more mighty from her violence, rage, and hatred ), and after having to watch her beloved Steve Trevor die, she flew into an agonize rage, and she assaulted and brutalized respective armed german soldiers with huge speed and ferocity. She evening came close to murdering Doctor Poison as vengeance for Steve ‘s death ; but after recalling Steve ‘s great love for an deathless impression in her and her beliefs, restrained herself and refocused her energies on Ares, harnessing her sleep together for Trevor to overcome her fierce emotions and swiftly overpower an angered Ares. additionally, she resolved to fight even harder after Steppenwolf revealed that he had killed several other Amazons. Outside of battle, however, Diana can besides react indigently and negatively towards people who disrespect her, her relatives, or those she cares about. Two such celebrated instances were when she shot an angry expression at Lex Luthor ( after he insulted her father Zeus ‘s memory ), and when she furiously shoved Batman back ( after he had insulted her beloved Steve Trevor ‘s memory ). Diana besides remains pitiless when facing enemies in battle as Wonder Woman, and she even shows signs of enjoying a good battle when they put up a good contend. This was seen when she briefly smile and laughed when she was beaten to the ground by Doomsday, and smirked as she stopped the beginning bullet fired at a group of hostages in London. still, Diana ultimately had a very strong regard for liveliness and compassion for her enemies, choosing not to drown Cheetah or wish Max Lord out of being, knowing that ending the conflict without committing murder would be far more unmanageable. additionally, she entirely killed Ares and made more than one attack on the life of Steppenwolf because it was clear to her that both of them were sentient beings of arrant malevolence with no genuine love for anybody. possibly due to her Amazon setting, Diana greatly respects other noble altruistic warriors, as evidenced when she attended Superman ‘s funeral in Smallville and spoke of how he had been much more than a soldier ( adding to what Batman said about Metropolis burying an evacuate casket ). As a leave of her great posthumous respect, she was, consequently, more than uncoerced to aid Batman in honoring the heroic verse death of Superman, by helping round up the metahumans from Lex Luthor ‘s files to form a team of superheroes ( late known as the Justice League ) to protect the populace from the at hand cryptic foreigner invader Steppenwolf and his Parademon minions after Superman ‘s death left the world vulnerable. In addition, Diana appears to hold members of her near kin in high respect. In addition to the respect she has for her mother, Hippolyta, and aunt Antiope, she indicated that she held her don Zeus in the lapp identical gamey think of, when she was visibly angered when Lex Luthor referred to him disgustingly while discussing the narrative of the Titan Prometheus .

Powers and abilities


You have the blood of the Old Gods in you.

Amazon-Olympian hybrid physiology : As the hybrid offspring of an Amazon and an Old God, Wonder Woman possesses incredible superhuman physical abilities, such as an cold military capability, lastingness, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes and bring around, american samoa well as extended longevity, the ability to generate divine energy through her bracelets, manipulate electricity in a express means, and cast spells. Wonder Woman ‘s baron is great enough to kill a full Old God like Ares and contend with a lot stronger beings like Doomsday. As such, Wonder Woman is one of the most mighty beings in the population and the moment hard in Earth, second gear only to Superman .

You are stronger than you believe.
  • Superhuman strength: 250?cb=20180719233042 As a demigoddess, Wonder Woman possesses incredible superhuman strength, making her the second strongest member of the Justice League and one of the strongest beings in Earth. She can effortlessly bend metal bars, slam through solid walls and reinforced glass, and pry open steel doors. Even before accessing her full divine powers, Wonder Woman was strong enough to dominate several Amazons during her training, knocking down one with a whip and another with a shield, as well as kicking Antiope’s sword out of her hand. Wonder Woman’s strength extends to her ability to leap great distances. In a bar fight, she was able to throw a man across a room with an effortless shove of her hand. She effortlessly lifted an adult man with one arm and held him in the air, threw an armored Ehrhardt E-V/4 tank in the air with ease, effortlessly knock down many German soldiers with her shield and lasso, and deflect a missile with her shield. Diana’s immense strength allowed her to fight Ares, the powerful God of War, despite the considerable divine power of her older brother, managing to grab him from the waist and throw him against the roof of a warehouse. However, she was still easily dominated by the much stronger Ares. After obtaining and releasing her true divine power, Wonder Woman was able to fight Ares to an even greater degree, managing to knock him down and hit him in the face twice, as well as defeat a small German battalion using only her strength, and raise a very large and heavy German tank without much effort, which weighed 29 tons.[21] In 1984, during the rescue at the mall, Diana was able to break two revolver with her hands, lift a grown man with one hand, and lift the three robbers and then drop them on top of a police car. She was able to move a truck out of the way to protect herself from bullets, make another truck fly through the air by putting her back on the ground to generate a pothole, and with a kick move a tank out of the way, as well as avoid for a time that two trucks would crush her, putting her feet like a lever. She was also able to stay in combat for quite some time with Barbara, despite the fact that at that point she had almost completely lost her powers, almost like holding down several grown men that Barabara was throwing into the air with the help of her lasso. After regaining her powers, Diana was able to outmaneuver Cheetah in combat, even though the “apex predator” had initially taken the lead, as well as holding Cheetah down long enough to keep her from electrocution, and knock her unconscious. Diana also face the powerful Kryptonian deformity known as Doomsday, with her blows being powerful enough for the monster to wobble, stopping a massive blow of the monster with her sword. She was even able to knock him down with one strike of her shield on one of Doomsday’s legs, as well as cut a car thrown toward her by Doomsday in half. Wonder Woman was also able to fight several times against the powerful Steppenwolf, managing to take him from the waist, knock him down through a wall, and shove him against a concrete wall. She was able to stab her sword into one of the feet of the New God, cut him at the waist, and, with the help of Aquaman, knock him down before he reached Cyborg. Wonder Woman was also able to break Steppenwolf’s Electro Axe with her sword after Superman froze it with his freezing breath. In addition, during the Resurrection of Superman, Wonder Woman was the only one in the Justice League who was actually able to harm and defend against Superman during his confusion, though only briefly and to a minor extent, slightly pushing him back with a blow from her shield, forcing him to exert himself slightly to resist and break free of her lasso and managing to briefly keep herself from being pulled to Superman, and even generating a powerful shockwave and blowing Superman back slightly with a single headbutt, which visibly impressed the latter and making him put more effort to ultimately overpower her. The only beings that surpass the strength of Wonder Woman are Ares, Zeus, Doomsday, Steppenwolf, Darkseid and Superman. Wonder Woman is able to use her incredible strength to jump immense vertical and horizontal distances, with her leaping across an entire field effortlessly, while fighting Doomsday.
  • Superhuman durability: Wonder Woman’s skin, bones, and muscles are much denser and harder than those of humans and Amazons, which makes her incredibly durable. Although she is not bulletproof and is susceptible to piercing attacks, she can survive blunt force trauma, falls from high altitudes, explosions and powerful energy blasts, and withstand blows from superhuman opponents such as Ares, Doomsday, Steppenwolf and Superman. While training with the other Amazons, Wonder Woman was not affected by the attacks of the latter, not even by the attacks of strong Amazons like Antiope and Artemis, as well as by resisting the blows of the improved Erich Ludendorff without any damage. Wonder Woman’s durability allowed her to withstand Ares’s blows, despite the considerably greater strength of the God of War, as well as a direct hit from a sword built by Ares, an explosion of lightning that blew it away and left her somewhat dazed, and even a tremendous explosion that left her dazed and almost deaf for a few minutes and still was able to get up to fight again against her half brother. In 1984, despite losing most of her powers, Diana was still able to survive being struck and thrown through concrete walls and pillars by Barbara, as well as falling into the street from a great height with two children in arms. After regaining her powers, Diana was able to withstand severe electrocution much more than Cheetah, who was knocked unconscious, as well as resist being thrown against a wall by the great winds generated by Maxwell Lord’s wishes. Diana also withstand the huge blows of the Doomsday, with a blow sending her flying several meters and leaving her completely unharmed. She was also able to withstand the lightning, thermal vision and waves of electrical discharges of Doomsday, wrapped by the thick thermal beam without suffering any damage. In the same way, Wonder Woman came out completely unscathed and without a scratch from her fierce battles with Steppenwolf and Superman, even though Steppenwolf hit her constantly with his axe and Superman hit her with enough force to leave her dazed. While Wonder Woman may be affected by the considerable force of the powerful impacts, they only make her stumble and hit her briefly, leaving her unharmed, with Wonder Woman smiling even after receiving powerful blow from Doomsday that sent her flying, and quickly rose up to face the monster again with a renewed ferocity. Her body is able to smoothly withstand air pressure when entering hypersonic speed while flying, a pressure that would easily disintegrate a normal human’s body.
    • Regenerative healing factor: Due to her hybrid physiology, Wonder Woman can heal from wounds at considerable superhuman rates. This compensates for her vulnerability to sharp objects and bullets. During the Germans’ attack on Themyscira during World War I, Diana suffered a wound to her shoulder that, even with much of her power being suppressed had healed completely a few hours later. In 1984, having regained her powers after giving up her wish, Diana was able to recover from the injuries and trauma, which Cheetah had inflicted on her during their confrontation, in a matter of seconds.
    • Poison immunity: Wonder Woman was able to walk right through a cloud of Dr. Poison’s extra lethal hydrogen-based mustard gas without suffocating, and with little to no discomfort.
  • Superhuman speed: Wonder Woman can move at superhuman speeds. She was able to make it from the Metropolis Airport to Gotham Port in minutes after seeing Doomsday on television. She was fast enough to get up from her seat, disarm a man of his gun, and toss him across a room in seconds; to leave Lex Luthor’s fundraiser before Bruce managed to reach her; to save Batman from Doomsday’s thermal attack; and to instantly use the Sword of Athena to slice apart in mid-air a car that Doomsday hurled at her. Indeed, Wonder Woman appeared as a blur when charging back at Doomsday after being knocked back by him. In 1984, despite the gradual loss of her powers, Diana was still able to run alongside several high-speed trucks and tanks, as well as react fast enough to save several civilians who Cheetah was throwing to the air. Although outmatched by Superman and the Flash, Wonder Woman was still fast enough to be capable of providing some resistance to their respective immense superhuman speeds, as she was able to move herself enough to outstretch her hand while Flash was super speeding towards her instead of being totally frozen to him and managed to quickly cover the distance between her and Superman to surprise and land a hit on him and later on dealt a powerful headbutt while her Bracelets were restrained by the Kryptonian.
    • Superhuman reflexes: Wonder Woman’s speed also extends to her reflexes, even if she is not moving at super speed. She was able to perceive bullets as if it were moving in slow motion. She repeatedly used this skill to deflect bullets with her Bracelets of Submission and block the blows of her opponents with ease. One hundred years later, Wonder Woman’s reflexes improve further, to the point that she was able to block all of the full auto assault rifle shots of a British terrorist with her bracelets, leaving the people standing behind her unscathed. When she dropped her sword mid-battle with Parademons, Wonder Woman was able to perceive Flash super speeding towards her fallen weapon, and hence outstretched her hand while he returned the sword to her grasp. Her reflexes were not powerful enough to contend with those of Flash or resurrected Superman, however, as Superman managed to grasp Wonder Woman’s Bracelets of Submission before she could clash them.
  • Superhuman agility: Wonder Woman naturally possesses superhuman agility, dexterity, balance and body coordination, allowing her to jump up immense distances and come down in elaborate somersaults, to swiftly and easily take down many World War I soldiers, while dodging and weaving around their attacks, and to even dodge quite a few attacks from the equally fast Ares, Cheetah and Doomsday. Diana is also able to mix her great agility with the use of her lasso, allowing her to glide with great skill and then jump over obstacles with the help of her lasso. This was demonstrated during her rescue at the mall in 1984.
  • Superhuman stamina: Wonder Woman’s advanced musculature is considerably more efficient than that of a human and most of the other Amazons. As a result, her muscles virtually do not produce fatigue toxins during physical activity compared to humans and most other members of her race. Her virtually inexhaustible endurance allows her to exercise her maximum capacity for an indefinite period of time without tiring at all, as she never needs to slow down or catch her breath during her fierce battles with Ares, Cheetah, Doomsday, Steppenwolf and the resurrected Superman, despite being pressured considerably by all of them.
  • Superhuman senses: Wonder Woman’s senses are superhumanly enhanced, much like those of Superman. She was able to clearly see Steve Trevor from miles away when his plane crash-landed near Themyscira.
Wonder Woman… what do you think, man? You think she’d ever go for a younger guy?”
“She’s 5,000 years old, Barry. Every guy’s a younger guy.
―Flash and Cyborg[src]
You have greater powers than you know.
  • Divine energy generation: 250?cb=20180719233348 As the daughter of Zeus, Wonder Woman has incredible control over the supernatural divine energy of the Old Gods, which she usually emits through her Bracelets of Submission. When she clashes her bracelets together, she releases a large spherical blast of orange (or sometimes white-hot) energy, with it being powerful enough to accidentally injure Antiope, send the mighty gods Ares and Steppenwolf flying back, and even push back the gigantic monster Doomsday. At full power, Wonder Woman could generate these shock waves from her body, notably to destroy the restrains Ares put her in and knock down a small German battalion with a very powerful omni-directional shock wave. She was also capable of using the energy to shield herself, as the debris Ares sent flying at her disintegrated against the invisible field as she built up her attack. She could also freeze the momentum of targets in front of her, causing Ares to be forcibly suspending in the air when he tried flying into her before she blasted him away. Wonder Woman can also transmit this energy through her shield. By striking one of her bracelets with her shield, she generated an energy wave that knocked down a bridge, and Cyborg and Steppenwolf with it.
  • Magic: Diana is capable of manipulating magic based on what she remembers of the ways of the Old Gods.
    • Spell casting: Like the Old Gods, Diana can cast spells. Mimicking her father’s shroud spell over Themyscira, Diana was able to teach herself to generate an arcane veil that could be placed around objects, making them imperceptible even to the gods. She uses this ability to hide a F-11 Aardvark, enabling them to make their escape.
  • Lightning channeling: Wonder Woman, as the demigoddess daughter of Zeus, has some degree of power over divine lightning. When Ares shot bolts of lightning at her, she caught, absorbed, and then redirected the tremendous bolts back at the God of War, killing him. She can also interact with lightning without being electrocuted, such as when she swung from lightning bolts and withstood electrocution while battling the Cheetah.
  • Flight: Wonder Woman possesses the ability to defy gravity and fly. While battling Ares, she leapt into the air and gravitated down once, and then hovered for a few seconds just as she ended her battle with the war god. After regaining her powers by giving up her wish of the Dreamstone, Diana first learned how to fly by riding air currents (advice she remembered from Steve Trevor). Unfamiliar with this new skill, she used her lasso once to propel herself faster, but gradually became more comfortable with flight therefore no longer needing the lasso to propel her. She flew at hyper-sonic speed to help people in need on the ground in 1984.


You will train her harder than any Amazon before her. Five times harder, ten times harder. Until she is better than even you.
―Hippolyta to Antiope[src]
You know, I paid millions of dollars for this building’s security.”
“You got your money’s worth. Took me almost a minute to disable it.
―Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince[src]
  • Stealth mastery: Wonder Woman is exceptionally stealthy, as she was able to quickly sneak away from Chief and Charlie to General Ludendorff’s gala, and later to steal the hacking device that Bruce Wayne had plugged into the LexCorp Industries servers and leave it in his car, without getting caught on either occasion. Later, Wonder Woman noticed Cyborg spying on her and Batman from a distance. Shortly thereafter, along with Batman and Cyborg, she was able to swiftly slip away when Commissioner Gordon turned away for a moment, and even Flash was left incredulous at how he didn’t notice his teammates leave, despite having superhuman reflexes and standing right beside them. Wonder Woman even managed to enter the highly-secure Batcave itself on her own, impressing Batman.
Diana Prince, cultural anthropology and archaeology.

―Diana Prince to Barbara Ann Minerva[src]



  • Lasso of Hestia: Wonder Woman’s completely indestructible weapon, with the ability to force anyone it captures to obey the lasso’s wielder and tell the truth. She successfully wielded it against Steve Trevor (in order to get the experienced spy to tell her the truth), General Ludendorff (in order to prevent his escape and kill him), Ares (in order to keep up with the violent God of War in battle), Doomsday (in order to temporarily restrain him, while Batman weakened him, and Superman delivered the finishing blow), and the resurrected Superman (in order to restrain him until the post-mortem amnesia wore off).
  • Bracelets of Submission: Like all Amazons, Wonder Woman wears two nigh-indestructible gauntlets as part of her armor. They are incredibly durable, capable of deflecting even Ares’ massive bolts of lightning and Doomsday’s tremendously powerful and destructive thermal attack. Due to her powers as a demigoddess, she also has the ability to create a massive wave of energy outwards when she clashes them together.
  • God Killer: Wonder Woman’s extremely sharp and durable sword forged in Themyscira that she wielded in battle during World War I, which Hippolyta claimed to be capable of killing Ares. However, the God Killer was ultimately destroyed by Ares.
  • Amazon shield: During World War I, Wonder Woman used an Amazon shield that she used to protect herself from bullets and other attacks when she entered no man’s land. However, Wonder Woman lost the shield during the battles and several years later replaced it with a new one.
  • Sword of Athena: Wonder Woman’s second sword, replacing the God Killer. The Sword of Athena is equally as powerful, and is one of the few weapons that can actually injure the otherwise invulnerable Doomsday.
  • Eagle shield: Wonder Woman’s shield, which she uses to protect herself from other weapons and energy blasts (in tandem with her bracelets). Much like her bracelets, it is nigh-indestructible, capable of deflecting even Doomsday’s thermal attacks. It can also be used as an offensive weapon, with Wonder Woman smashing it hard into the legs of Doomsday, thus momentarily managing to knock him down. She was also able to withstand the massive blows of the Steppenwolf’s axe.
  • Wonder Woman’s third sword: In the potential Knightmare future, Wonder Woman replaced the Sword of Athena with this sword.

other equipment

  • Armor: Wonder Woman wears a red armor body plate that bears a gold eagle-shaped breastplate, and a matching golden W-shaped belt plate. Below this is a blue skirt and knee-high dark red armored combat boots. The armor helps her compensate for any possible vulnerability to bullets and sharp objects .
  • General Antiope’s tiara: Wonder Woman would wear it in loving memory of her beloved aunt and mentor Antiope, with Diana striving to be worthy of it, as the tiara signifies that it’s wearer is the greatest Amazon warrior of them all.
  • Glasses: Wonder Woman’s pair of glasses, which Steve insisted she wear attempting to conceal her identity and pose as a human (much like Superman) during World War I. They were quickly broken during a fight with General Ludendorff’s spies.
  • Asteria’s armor: Diana wore the armor for the first time in preparation for her final battle with Cheetah in 1984.


  • Invisible Jet: The Invisible Jet was a F-111 Aardvark kept in a storage hangar in the Roth Smithsonian Archives in Washington, D.C. until Diana and Steve decided they needed to steal it to prevent a global catastrophe.
  • E-Class Cabriolet: Diana’s personal car, used for her travels.
  • Flying Fox: Wonder Woman, along with the Justice League, traveled to Pozharnov, Russia with the Flying Fox.




  • According to multiple sources, the initial plan for the Wonder Woman movie was set in the 1850s during the Crimean War.[26]

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