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Diana ( Gal Gadot ), born and raised on the fabulous all-female island of Themyscira, trained as a warrior from childhood. But she learns of the outside populace after rescuing american combatant fly Steve Trevor, who stumbled across Themyscira while escaping an foe fire during World War I. As a solution Diana decides to leave the isolation of Themyscira, confront Ares, God of War, and rescue the satellite from the chaos of war. fearlessly heading to the front lines with Steve, her heroism in conflict earns her the appoint Wonder Woman !
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Since her appearance in the 2016 film “ Batman vs Superman : click of Justice, ” Gal Gadot ’ s depicting of Wonder Woman has earned raves from fans around the populace. Her solo introduction in director Patty Jenkins 2017 “ Wonder Woman ” broke records for the most successful film by a female director, bringing in $ 821 million at the box office. Wonder Woman in truth lives up to her name. And now fans in Japan eagerly await the October 9 release of “ Wonder Woman 1984. ” In celebration of this highly anticipate occasion, we are gallant to reveal the raw S.H.Figuarts Wonder Woman calculate !
The celebrated portrayal of Wonder Woman in the movie features an eagle crest against a red background accented by blue plate mail, designed to honor her aunt, General Antiope. But this trope takes a different approach, portraying the Amazonian warrior in a helm with an eagle theme and covered in gorgeously gleaming gold armor. japanese fans might find it evocative of the Gold Cloths from the “ Saint Seiya ” series. It ’ south divine !
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Known in the comics as her Golden or Golden Eagle Armor, it has appeared many times since its first appearance in the 1996 graphic novel “ Kingdom Come. ” Unlike the costumes of Batman and Superman, it is something she dons in anticipation of heading to the front lines of a major conflict. With it she is armed with the legendary Sword of Hephaestus, capable of cutting even Superman ’ mho human body, and huge wings adequate to of slicing through the titanium of a fighter jet. In the films, Diana / Wonder Woman can ’ metric ton fly but rather potently leaps ; this befit could possibly be said to serve another function of giving her the ability to take to the skies.

This human body includes confirm rods for displaying the wings extended, making it fit for putting on your home ’ s altar, but it ’ s besides of run an S.H.Figuarts action figure, letting you capture hallmark “ wonder-poses, ” like her classic crossed-wrist deflection move. And the include Lasso of Truth can be added into the mix for all sorts of dynamic possibilities .
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The Lasso of Truth is designed to accent all sorts of fighting poses!
Gal Gadot is so cool in her golden armor ! It ’ mho every bite arsenic cool as her authoritative red/white/blue look, and a perfect equip for her fictional character.
Themyscira is an island paradise blessed with beautiful forests and waters. Diana was raised in the island ’ mho sprawling cave system that serves as the Queen ’ s fortress-palace. It must be a beautiful place when bathed in the aureate glow of sunset. The saferoom housing the fabled God Killer sword is finished in gold, excessively, and the leather armor Diana wore when education was a rich, about gold imbue. One could make the controversy that gold is the very “ prototype color ” of Themyscira itself .
The Amazonians all wear a similar basic form of armor, as created by the fashion architect Lindy Hemming, and she has spoken extensively about how she styled each character ’ randomness unique search around it. General Antiope ’ s is styled in dark greys and blues. Antiope ’ south in a dark orange, Artemis ’ in dark brown. And Diana ’ sulfur mother, the Queen Hippolyta, is clad in gleaming gold.

Hippolyta ’ s breastpiece features a golden eagle theme, alike to the one Diana wears in her loss chestplate when she leaves the island. The eagle is the family peak of Queen Hippolyta, as the Amazonians retentive aim eagles as hunting partners for when they set out on hogback. Actress Connie Nielsen, who portrays Hippolyta, has said that she sees the eagle as the exist emblem of a charwoman who was living 2,500 years ago on her own terms. Diana ’ s Golden Armor is a symbol of her fatherland, and gleams with the sense of duty she inherited from her mother. That ’ s what makes the time of its appearance therefore arrant .
The Golden Armor ’ s abilities are immeasurable, but first and foremost it protects the already formidable Wonder Woman. In the first film, she displayed incredible powers such as scaling crumbling rock walls with her bare hands and cursorily recovering from atrocious injuries. She ’ sulfur besides equipped with her shield and her Lasso of Hestia, aka the Lasso of Truth, plus unassailable gauntlets that she can slam in concert to create a shockwave brawny enough to knock down enemies like matchsticks.
And the scenery of her trusting her powers to allow her to rush into No Man ’ sulfur Land and rescue trapped villagers was a electrifying, tearjerker of a movie moment.

Graceful, pure, and without subterfuge, her heart is true and possessed of a rapacious hunger for cognition, embrace of variety : a warrior who fights for love, peace, and equality. This is precisely what makes her indeed fabulously cool .
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Optional parts can be swapped in or out to display wings open or furled.
(Note: a stand is included for supporting open-wing poses for long periods of time.)
Why does Wonder Woman don her Golden Armor ? What powers does it have ? Is she actually in sol a lot trouble that she needs them ? Or is it needed for another battle that didn ’ t end with the kill of Ares ? Or is Themyscira in danger ? We can only wait to find out. With all of her friends from World War I gone, Diana fights on by herself in 1984. What happened to her in those years before joining the Justice League ? The Golden Armor is more than a suit of armor – it ’ s a symbol of all of our exhilaration to find out !
text : Natsuko Nara ( Editor, Eiga Hi-Ho )
photograph : Shizumeka

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