How to Create Wonder Woman’s Headpiece for Halloween Using Only Makeup

If you ‘re not into the cutesy or sexy costumes that Halloween has come to be known for, dress up as a badass superhero, like Wonder Woman, rather. The merely thing is, finding a headpiece fair like the one Gal Gidot wear in the movie might be arduous to find. Feeling artsy ? Whip out some amber eye shadow and eyeliner to make it yourself. Read on to find out how to get the spirit .

pace 1 : Line your eyes.


Ruben Chamorro

equally army for the liberation of rwanda as eye constitution goes, Wonder Woman ‘s look is minimal. Use a black fluid liner to tightline your lashes ( which means to line very close and subtly at the whip cable ) from the inside corners to the extinct corners of your eyes — but do n’t flick it out ! Finish off the center front with a swipe of total darkness mascara .

step 2 : Add pink lipstick .


Ruben Chamorro

Wonder Woman has the slightest pinko tint to her lips, so I used Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in “ Pillow Talk ” to mimic it .

step 3 : Grab gold eye shadow pigment .


Ruben Chamorro

Grab a flat mix come on ( like a plate or pallette ) and sprinkle a small bite of the amber pigment on crown. I used MAC Pro Pigments in “ Gold. ”

step 4 : Add mixing medium .

mixing medium

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Pour a small of the fluent ( I used Mehron Mixing Liquid ) onto your pigment and use a small, pack eye trace brush to mix the two together until you have a paint-like consistency .

step 5 : paint the base .


Ruben Chamorro

Using a reference point photograph of Wonder Woman as your guide, and the lapp small eye shadow brush, paint the gold base shape for your headpiece. It doesn ’ t need to be perfective ; you can go back late with constitution remover and preciseness cotton swab or concealer to fix the edges .

step 6 : Outline your headstall .


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Use a black gelatin pencil liner to outline the bottom of the headstall. then, draw straight horizontal lines that split the sides of the headstall in half ( we ’ ll call these lines A and B ). Stop just before you get to the concentrate diamond shape.

measure 7 : Draw doubly “ V ” lines in the center .

outline V

Ruben Chamorro

Starting at the bottom point, draw a solidus channel that connects to wrinkle A and another to connect to line B to create the first “ V. ” then start your future “ V ” equitable above the bottom compass point and connect the aslant lines to the acme of the headpiece. We ’ ll call these lines C and D. This contented is imported from { embed-name }. You may be able to find the same message in another format, or you may be able to find more data, at their web web site .

gradation 8 : draw inverted “ V ” lines .

wonder woman makeup

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Make the lines parallel to the top point of the crown. Connect lines C and D with two inverted “ V ” lines. These lines don ’ t have to be perfect — you ’ re going to blend them out in the adjacent step .

step 9 : Blend out the lines .

blender sponge

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To make your headpiece pop music and search as though the ridges are actually raised and three-d, blend out the center lines with a humble sponge, like the BeautyBlender Micro.Mini .

dance step 10 : Paint a six-point headliner .


Ruben Chamorro

Use an eyeliner brush and leftover gold pigment mixture to paint the star in the middle of the headstall. The easiest way to do this is to paint a little “ X ” in the center of the headstall, and then layer a cross determine on top .wonder woman makeup

Ruben Chamorro

wonder woman makeup tutorial

Ruben Chamorro

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