Wonder Woman vs the Avengers Destroyed a Major Myth About Her Powers

Despite holding her own against the Avengers on multiple occasions, Wonder Woman may be the most disrespect champion within the DC Universe. That obviously is n’t to say she does not have her average parcel of obedience from both characters in-universe and the readers outside of it. however, she seems to be overlooked in favor of compatriots like Batman and Superman, particularly when it comes to debates over who the strongest heroes in DC is. For all of her accomplishments, Wonder Woman still gets overlook and undervalue .
Wonder Woman frequently gets compared to her companion DC Trinity member Superman, who has been showcased as one of the most brawny heroes in all of comics. Fans mistakenly believe Wonder Woman is not angstrom hard as Superman, evening though she has won more of their fights. possibly because she has n’t been shown lifting planets like the Man of Steel, her superstrength is underestimate and she does n’t get her recognition as being among the strongest in the DC Universe. Her encounters with Marvel ‘s Avengers suggest otherwise .
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In JLA/Avengers # 2 by Kurt Busiek and George Perez, Wonder Woman makes short exploit of Hercules, shrugging off his hard blows and defeating him with ease in a humiliate fashion. In summation, the following topic sees Wonder Woman equaling ( if not, outmatching ) Wonder Man in an arm-wrestling contest, which Beast notes is one she wins every year. These two instances of Wonder Woman basically manhandling two of the best strongmen in Marvel shows the true extent of Wonder Woman ‘s intensity.

panels from JLA/Avengers #2 Both Wonder man and Hercules are examples of the strongest heroes that either the Avengers or the Marvel Universe as a hale can offer. Yet, Wonder Woman has been shown to be stronger than them both. For Hercules, it is besides worth mentioning that she fights him off in a blind ramp upon mistaking him for the DC interpretation of Hercules, person whom she ‘s already defeated in the past. Taking on Marvel ‘s Hercules at her most angered suggests that Wonder Woman besides uses all of her might against such a knock-down adversary .

By successfully combating two of the strongest Avengers that Marvel has to offer, Wonder Woman earns a modern flush of respect from heroes like Beast. She deserves that same level of respect from the average fan who underestimates her power. Her feats of military capability against the Avengers confirm that Wonder Woman is far more than barely passively strong, but actually one of the strongest in the DC Universe, on equality with the lastingness of Superman, if not stronger .
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