The History of Wonder Woman’s Secret Comic Book Identity

certain, everyone knows Wonder Woman — she ’ s the superhero who, in the words of the iconic theme music from her 1970s television usher, is constantly “ in [ her ] satin tights/fighting for your rights/and the honest-to-god bolshevik white and amobarbital sodium ” — but what about Diana Prince ? Wonder Woman ’ s secret identity remains a mystery to many, and with good rationality. Unlike Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne, what Wonder Woman does when she ’ s not fighting crime has been in liquefy for much of the character ’ s 75-year history .
In many ways, Wonder Woman ’ s privy identity is one of the least crucial things about the character. For one thing, she ’ south operated for a significant extend of her career without a civilian identity — the fan-favorite 1980s boot of her comic bible mythology by George Perez ditched it entirely, and it wasn ’ t in full restored for 20 years — with Wonder Woman ’ s beginning appearance in 1941 ’ mho All-Star Comics No. 8 differentiating her from other heroes by doing away with the mind of a moment identity. “ She is known entirely as Wonder Woman, ” the afford caption exclaims, “ but who she is, or whence she came, cipher knows ! ”

That changed about immediately ; in 1942 ’ second Sensation Comics No. 1, Wonder Woman — whose real name is Diana, Princess of the Amazons — adopts the identity of Diana Prince after running into the “ real ” Prince outside a hospital she ’ south trying to sneak into. “ I barely noticed — with these glasses off, you look a lot like me ! ” she tells the nanny. “ I have an idea ! If I gave you money, would you sell me your credentials ? ” Yes, Wonder Woman ’ s unavowed identity is the resultant role of a foreign scam. impressively, a victimize that works ; Diana not only manages to get into the hospital, but remains in the Diana Prince identity as she transferred careers to a repository at the Office of Strategic Services, which actually should have had better security screening for its employees .
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This was basically the status quo for Wonder Woman for the next four decades — Diana Prince rose through the ranks of the OSS ( and belated, a more generic “ U.S. military intelligence ” structure ), finally becoming a major herself, while besides sneaking off to fight crime as Wonder Woman. The original “ real ” Prince returned at one point, only to reveal that she ’ vitamin d married her sweetheart and was calling herself Diana White now, thereby allowing Wonder Woman to keep using her unmarried name arsenic long as she wanted. Times were simpler back then .
Things changed significantly in 1968, when the combination of changing audience tastes, falling sales and a new column regimen led to a brush vamp of Wonder Woman as a amusing book series and concept. Inspired by the television show The Avengers, Wonder Woman was depowered and separated from her Amazon inheritance, and given a modern “ mod ” look in Wonder Woman No. 178, shifting away from superheroics and towards a more establish gamble fabrication that saw the series temporarily re-titled Diana prince : Wonder Woman .
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The makeover, however, didn ’ triiodothyronine last ; by 1972, Wonder Woman ’ south powers were restored, and Diana Prince was reactivated as a secret identity, albeit one whose career would change depending on the writer at the time. Over the next 13 years, Prince would, at diverse times, be a interpreter at the United Nations, an agent of the U.N. Crisis Bureau, an astronaut for NASA, an Air Force military officer and part of a special Pentagon tax force out dedicated to prevent ball-shaped disasters .

true, that makes for an impressive sum up, but besides a reasonably confuse status quo for readers to come to grips with — with each consecutive change, Prince became more a match of glasses for Wonder Woman to hide behind than any kind of coherent second identity ; whereas Clark Kent got to remain a diarist despite his career changes, and Bruce Wayne would remain a full-bodied idler, Diana Prince was finally reduced to “ wears a lawsuit, is in the military or possibly the United Nations or the intelligence services, who knows ? ”
( It could be worse ; Green Lantern Hal Jordan went from a test pilot to a traveling salesman in the 1970s. Times were hard. )
By 1986, a complicate career history was the least of Diana Prince ’ sulfur problems. Following DC ’ s Crisis on Infinite Earths comic koran series, which rewrote its core mythology, Diana Prince was abandoned completely, with Wonder Woman choosing to remain Diana, Amazon Princess ( and, late, official ambassador ) full-time. That lasted until the first storyline of 2006 ’ second Wonder Woman Vol. 3, which introduced “ Agent Diana Prince of the Department of Metahuman Affairs ” — a newfangled alias, created with the aid of Batman, to help Diana interact with humanness clandestine while besides having an excuse to get involved in superhuman trouble .
unfortunately, Diana Prince ’ s rebirth was relatively ephemeral ; as of DC ’ s 2011 New 52 line wide boot, her confidential identity was once again jettison, and with good argue — in DC ’ s current mythology, Wonder Woman isn ’ thymine just a superhero, she ’ second besides the God of War and Queen of the Amazons. That kind of matter in truth cuts down on one ’ mho ability to hold down a day job .
yet Diana Prince hasn ’ thyroxine been wholly abandoned ; she will appear in the approaching Batman v Superman : dawn of Justice, with screenwriter Chris Terrio saying that audiences will see Gal Gadot as Diana Prince before she shows up as Wonder Woman. “ She ’ s a mysterious charwoman interest in the same things Bruce Wayne is, ” he told The Wall Street Journal. “ The playfulness of it is if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate immediately reveal her in superhero guise. You get to revel in the consequence when she finally does reveal herself. ”

The question now is, merely which Diana Prince will show up onscreen ?
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