Wonder Woman Vol 5 13

“ Angel Down ” : In narrative, Steve Trevor explains the position he had been in : he and Wonder Woman had gone looking for Themyscira, alone for them to discover that it was a bare waste in the Black Sea. Her

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Part of the ” DC Rebirth ” event.

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Wonder Woman Vol 5 #13

February, 2017

Rated T for Teen (12+)

Executive Editor

Bobbie Chase

Cover Artists

  • Liam Sharp
  • Brad Anderson

Variant Cover Artists

Cover Variant #1

  • Jenny Frison

Angel Down


  • Greg Rucka


  • Renato Guedes


  • Renato Guedes


  • Romulo Fajardo, Jr.


  • Jodi Wynne


  • Chris Conroy
  • Mark Doyle
  • Dave Wielgosz
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Quote1.png Do not worry, my survivor. I will help you… as we have always helped each other… Quote2.png

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (Volume 5) #13 is an topic of the series Wonder Woman ( bulk 5 ) with a cover charge go steady of February, 2017. It was published on December 28, 2016.

outline for “ Angel Down ”

In narration, Steve Trevor explains the site he had been in : he and Wonder Woman had gone looking for Themyscira, only for them to discover that it was a barren pine away in the Black Sea. Her home and friends missing, her sense of self and her memory cast into doubt, Wonder Woman was in the middle of a skittish breakdown. Steve reacted by calling in a tease home on the receptive A.R.G.U.S. channel on his radiotelephone. unfortunately, though he could n’t know this at the time, his base had been compromised by a materialistic police squad, who now had his localization, and made haste for him. Steve had fair finished the call, when he received a message from Etta Candy, telling him that enemies were coming for him and that she was going night. Faced with a nigh-impossible situation, full of things he could not control and opposition he could not predict, he did what Wonder Woman would do – he used every help at his administration, in a plan to control the few resources he did have. He made a arouse around which Wonder Woman could rest, and then he set up traps along the way into it. late that night, the mercantile team were on a helicopter approach to the placement, the head of the mercenaries put in a call to her employer – Veronica Cale, of Empire Enterprises, Washington, D.C. Cale outlined the want to take Wonder Woman alive, to help their ultimate deputation of finding Themyscira. Cale was already aware of Etta Candy ‘s scat, and was planning to go after the one person she thought Candy would see help from … In narrative, Steve recalls the trepidation he felt when he recognised their opponents – Colonel Marina Maru, and her materialistic team, Team POISON. Without much pause, Maru & her people stalk the way to the camp, without making a sound and – crucially – without tripping his boobytraps. Steve apologises – with so few resources, he had had to use Wonder Woman as bait. Waiting in the bushes, he was able to stalk the mercenaries as they made their direction to her. And when the mercenaries reacted by opening fire, they stopped paying attention for traps, and hurt themselves. Steve thinks that Wonder Woman would have done the like were their positions reversed. They plowshare an lookout on war – not a fear of death, but a fear of the loss their death will leave behind it. Getting past the mercenaries, Steve made his manner to the camp, where he found Wonder Woman, still in her fugue, being held at point by Colonel Maru. Maru threatened to shoot the other charwoman, then asked about her fugue. Steve, buying time, said he did n’t know. Maru, wanting to nullify Steve and Diana as threats, inject Steve in the leg and then got Diana to carry him back to the helicopter landing zone. Wonder Woman, though disconnected from events, was promptly to help. At the landing zone, Maru ordered them both onto the helicopter. But Steve said no, and pushed himself and Wonder Woman behind a rock ‘n’ roll, equitable as his A.R.G.U.S. police squad opened fire from their helicopter, having responded to his master radio message. In narration, he acknowledges that the greatest thing he fears to lose is Wonder Woman, and that to prevent her death, he will use every underhand trick and idealist urge at his disposal, to be the person she needs. Team POISON ‘s helicopter destroyed, their pilot wounded, and their soldiers scattered, Steve was able to make Maru back off as he loaded Wonder Woman into the helicopter and escaped. The narration is at this point revealed as the textbook of a letter, written by Steve to Wonder Woman. He explains, that though he said he would be there for her, he now has to leave her in the worry of a psychiatric hospital in London, under an false name and under the ceaseless guard of his A.R.G.U.S. police squad, while he goes to rescue their friends, Etta Candy and Barbara Minerva, who are both missing. When she comes back to herself – if she comes back to herself – this letter and her friends will be there for her. Until then, he, as her survivor, asks her to merely … outlive.

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