Magic Mountain’s Wonder Woman Coaster Takes You 13 Stories Up At 58 MPH

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Wonder Woman Flight of Courage is Six Flags Magic Mountain ’ s 20th roller coaster, the most at any theme park in the universe. The DC Comics heroine ’ s raw ride is setting other records, including being the tallest, longest single-rail coaster in the world at 13 stories high and more than half a mile long. And it ’ s fast, reaching speeds of up to 58 miles per hour. The raw coaster lets you feel the thrill of flying like Wonder Woman. The tease is painted in the superhero ’ second brand crimson, yellow, and blue. When you queue up, you ’ ll embark through an Ancient Greece-inspired area that connects with Wonder Woman/Princess Diana ’ sulfur Themysciran island origins, including designs on the walls of the greek gods. The tease features some steep drops — with the first one, you ’ re going toss off at 87 degrees. It besides features enough of twists and turns that may make you feel like you ’ re on a combatant jet — or an inconspicuous one. Those include inversions, a stall, and more during the two-minute-long depend on. The design is alike to the Jersey Devil drive at New Jersey ’ s Six Flags Great Adventure .

You can check it out before visiting yourself, via this first-person ride video :

Expanding Magic Mountain’s DC Universe

The park had another Wonder Woman attraction from 2012 until last year, when “ Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth ” was re-themed to become “ Teen Titans Turbo Spin. ” The fresh ride ’ s backstory may not go quite american samoa deep as those you find at Disneyland or Universal Studios, but clearly the park thinks there ’ s something there for superhero fans. It joins three other roller coasters, along with four extra rides, featuring DC characters as separate of a six-acre DC Universe-themed nation. You can even see the park ’ s interpretation of the Justice League ’ s Hall of Justice while you ’ re on your Flight of Courage. The park ’ s other DC attractions include :

  • Batman: The Ride
  • The Riddler’s Revenge
  • Superman: Escape from Krypton
  • The Flash: Speed Force
  • Justice League: Battle for Metropolis
  • Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom
  • Teen Titans Turbo Spin

It ’ sulfur part of a longtime collaboration between Warner Bros. and Six Flags, dating back decades. It started out with Looney Tunes, theming parts of the park around Bugs Bunny and friends. Since Warner Bros. acquired DC Comics, it ’ sulfur expanded to include intellectual property like these DC characters. They ’ ve besides cut back on non-Warner Bros.-themed attractions. Intellectual place has become an increasingly boastfully separate of the theme park business. Universal Studios ‘ Wizarding World of Harry Potter, featuring Hogwarts Castle and Diagon Alley, elevated theme lands to a new flush — then Disney kicked it up a notch by introducing Star Wars : Galaxy ’ mho Edge. Disney in finical traditionally relied on creating its own iconic properties with rides like the Haunted Mansion, It ’ s A Small World, and Pirates of the Caribbean, farseeing before the Johnny Depp movies. But in recent years, along with Star Wars, they ’ ve besides embraced more rides based on Pixar movies, along with introducing their own comics-based land : Avengers Campus at California Adventure, themed around the Marvel heroes ‘ home base. These big appoint rides have helped lead to adult name prices. Six Flags has already announced plans to make its parks more upscale, while Disneyland has instituted more limitations for base on balls holders .

Consider that park ’ outdoor spaces have been an attractive option for visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it all adds up to higher attendance, besides. While Magic Mountain ’ s numbers weren ’ metric ton immediately available, attendance at Six Flags parks overall — including Magic Mountain and their 26 other parks across North America — has returned to close to pre-pandemic levels. Fans have been frustrated with parks being busy even outside the bill summer dates, leading to complaints about delay times as a consequence of parks not increasing capacity debauched adequate to meet need. But if you ’ re ready to brave the crowd again, Wonder Woman Flight of Courage is assailable immediately at Six Flags Magic Mountain, cook to help you fly. We recommend skipping the park nacho before putting your stomach through this — but they ask you to put all loosen possessions in lockers before getting on board, so the only thing you might lose is the contents of your pot .
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