Wonder Woman game: Everything we know so far

DC games are arriving in droves, from Gotham Knights to Suicide Squad, and now we have Wonder Woman, developed by Monolith, responsible for the critically acclaimed Shadow of Mordor games. Wonder Woman was recently revealed at The Game Awards 2021, so we don ’ metric ton know a wholly bunch about the game good so far. however, we have a few ideas about where the history and gameplay could go ampere well as when it ’ ll launching. Before we dive in, this title still has clock to launch, indeed keep in mind our frequently updated lists of best personal computer games and best personal computer Game Pass games deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as our best Xbox Series X games and best PS5 games. If you have n’t purchased the latest-gen of consoles, we highly recommend checking out our Xbox Series X | PS5 reviews. And if you ‘re more into the imaginative play, see our best virtual tabletop software and DND tips pages.

now, hera ’ s everything we know about Wonder Woman, from the release date and story to the gameplay and more. We don ’ thymine have an official secrete date for Wonder Woman just yet, but we imagine that it ’ ll launching beyond 2022. My estimate is 2023 to 2024, and that ’ s entirely because Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad already have release windows in 2022, so it begs to rationality that Wonder Woman would have revealed its window if 2022 was the character. We ’ re not sure about the consoles that Wonder Woman will be dropping on, but considering the consistency of the Shadow of Mordor games, it ’ s likely going to launch on personal computer, PS5 and Xbox Series X at the very least .

Wonder Woman story 

While we lone got a Wonder Woman teaser that lasted less than a minute, we have some inkling about what ’ s going on in the history. In the description for the YouTube television, it describes how we play as Diana of Themyscira in the crusade to unite her Amazon class and the humans from the modern universe. It besides reads that Wonder Woman will introduce an original report to the DC Universe, meaning that it won ’ t be directly based on another workplace. however, it could calm feature ties to other comic books. It would be reasonably neat to play as Wonder Woman and face off against greek gods like Ares. We besides don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know if Wonder Woman has any ties to the Arkhamverse or the population in which Gotham Knights takes seat. We imagine that we ’ ll determine more down the road. In the preview, we hear, “ my daughter, a new threat comes to our shores and I must call you home. ” So we know that at this point, Wonder Woman has left Themyscira and lives among modern company. Her mother goes on to say that she needs to reunite honest-to-god enemies and become a leader. It sounds like this game takes place at a target in Wonder Woman ’ s career where she needs to become some sort of general in a huge battle, so that ’ s pretty excite.

Wonder Woman gameplay 

Wonder Woman is described as a single actor open-world action venture crippled. Where ’ s the global taking place ? Well, if the trailer is any reading, it ’ s likely that the game is taking place in Themyscira. Wonder Woman game: Everything we know so far Warner Bros. Games ( image credit rating : Warner Bros. Games ) It ’ mho besides been confirmed that Wonder Woman will use the Nemesis System that the Shadow of Mordor games used, which is pretty clean. That means we ’ ll probable suffer to meet some iconic characters out in the open-world to fight. Since Monolith is developing Wonder Woman, it ’ ll probable play similar to the Shadow of Mordor games, which isn ’ t badly since it ’ ll suit the third-person action that the game will need to show off the hero ’ mho abilities. I can already see it now : the bracelets are going to act as a hedge, the lasso of truth is going to be a stun machinist, the tiara is going to be a roll attack, and the sword is going to be for epic melee strikes. I got this all figured out — not actually, but I bet it ’ ll look something exchangeable. As arouse as a Wonder Woman game is, I ’ megabyte not 100 % certain it ’ ll be very groundbreaking gameplay-wise, but I hope that Monolith pulls out some modern tricks for this championship .

Wonder Woman PC requirements 

It ’ second more than probably that Wonder Woman is heading to PC, but we have to imagine that it ’ mho going to take a lot of power to run by rights considering Monolith ’ s track criminal record of taxing titles. Warner Bros. Games ( image credit : Warner Bros. Games )

When looking at Middle-earth : shadow of War for reference book, we see that it required a minimal of an AMD FX-4350 or Intel Core i5-2300 CPU, 6GB of RAM, and an AMD HD 7870 2 GB or NVIDIA GTX 660 2 GB GPU. however, the commend requirements up those specs to an AMD FX-8350 or Intel Core i7-3770 CPU, 12GB of RAM, and an AMD RX580 4GB or NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB GPU. If I had to guess, I imagine that Wonder Woman will likely recommend an RTX 3060 by the time it launches. That international relations and security network ’ metric ton that adult of a problem, however, because some of the best brassy bet on laptops already have that .


Wonder Woman is likely a long ways away, but there was still batch of information to gather from that one trailer. We ’ re excited to see what this newly age of Wonder Woman looks like. I surely hope that it ’ mho better than the holocene live-action films at the very least. Stay tuned for more updates here as information is revealed down the line .

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