Captain Marvel vs Wonder Woman: Who Wins in a Fight?

An in-depth look at the powers and opponents of Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, and the final verdict as to who would win in a neck and neck match-up. comedian fans have debated infinitely over which quality from which universe could best the other in a contend : Superman versus the Hulk, Batman versus Daredevil, et alabama. therefore, in that spirit, who would come out on top in a throwdown Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman ? It ‘s meter to break it down .

Wonder Woman & Captain Marvel Mean Top-Level Power

Among the ranks of the DC Comics and Marvel Comics rosters, there are a choice few in each universe who are the best of the best. Characters who are faster, stronger, and smarter than their brawny peers. In the DC Universe, names like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern all immediately come to mind. similarly, Marvel fans might point to the Hulk, Thor, or Captain Marvel as that publisher ’ south apex superhero. Over the years, guess has arisen concerning who might emerge victorious in a battle of comedian ledger heavyweights. particularly, the women ’ second division. Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel have repeatedly proven themselves adequate to any meta-human man, but who would win in a fight between the two ?

How Wonder Woman Can Beat Captain Marvel

Wonder Woman Way of the Amazons Book

Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, is the Amazonian daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta. Diana has been blessed with superhuman potency, super-speed, the ability to fly, and invulnerability. On top of these physical attributes, the gods have besides bequeathed her with several charming accessories, including a deadly tiara, two unbreakable wristbands, and a truth-eliciting lasso. After leaving her island home of Themyscira, Diana promptly established herself as a physical and mental adequate to her male superhuman counterparts .
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On numerous occasions she has stood toe-to-toe with some of DC ’ s most mighty characters, including Superman in 2012 ’ sulfur Justice League # 11, and Darkseid in 2018 ’ randomness Wonder Woman # 44. Diana ’ s charming accoutrements have frequently been just adequate to tip the scales when facing an equally potent adversary. In a match-up with Captain Marvel, deflecting energy beams with her bracelets or entangling Marvel in her magic lasso may be fair the edge she needs. conversely, her items and abilities often require close-quarter fight, and that might prove a disadvantage against the identical mobile Captain Marvel .

How Captain Marvel Can Beat Wonder Woman

Captain Marvel Comic Costume Cover United States Air Force officeholder Carol Danvers became Ms. Marvel, and late Captain Marvel, after being caught in the blast of the “ Psyche-Magnetron ” device. This explosion, coupled with her proximity to her alien predecessor Mar-Vell, transformed Danvers into a human-Kree loanblend. Captain Marvel exhibits super-human intensity, lastingness, flight, and the ability to absorb energy and discharge it as projectiles from her fists. As one of the more herculean Marvel protagonists, Danvers has had her fair plowshare of confrontations with comparable allies and enemies .
In Ms. Marvel # 5 in 1977, Carol battles Vision to a stalemate before the two put apart their differences and join forces. More recently, 2006’s Ms. Marvel # 43 pitted Carol Danvers against an equally-powerful ringer of her namesake, Mar-vell. Danvers again emerged victorious. When stacked against the Amazing Amazon, Captain Marvel ’ s minor clairvoyant abilities and long-distance energy beams might be enough to put her over the circus tent. On the other hand, the millennia-old Wonder Woman has the know component, and that could be a boastfully disadvantage for Carol Danvers .

Result: Wonder Woman Would Beat Captain Marvel

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman Wonder Woman would narrowly defeat Captain Marvel. Both heroes display comparable levels of ace forte, lastingness, and escape. If Danvers ’ department of energy beams are cancelled out by Wonder Woman ’ s arsenal of charming items, then have becomes the x-factor. Diana is older and wiser. Thousands of years of Amazonian discipline, and about seventy-five years of fighting evil with assorted incarnations of the Justice Society and Justice League, will prove just enough of an advantage to barely beat the exceptionally talented, but far less experience Captain Marvel.

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