Superman vs Wonder Woman Showed Exactly How She’d Kill Him

Warning: Graphic imagery ahead!
If close allies Superman and Wonder Woman were forced to fight to the death, it ‘s no contest : Diana would absolutely be able to kill Clark. The two unfortunately found out how a match-up would shake out after Superman was manipulated by Maxwell Lord ‘s mind-control powers. Though the Man of Steel fight with a terrorization doggedness, Wonder Woman proved she ‘s ready and able to take him down if she ever has to .
Of course, both heroes have their own unique traits that make them quite amazing fighters. Thanks to his Kryptonian inheritance, Clark has a authentic treasure trove of powers that have made him one of the most able heroes on the planet. By contrast, Diana ‘s godly origins have enabled her to fight some of the most fabled monsters and nonnatural threats. But when pitted against each early, alone one can come out on top .

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Wonder Woman proved she does, in fact, have what it takes to bring down Superman in Wonder Woman # 219 by Greg Rucka, Rags Morales, David Lopez, Tom Derenick, Georges Jeanty and Karl Kerschl. After Maxwell Lord implants a vision of Doomsday killing Lois Lane, Superman goes amuck and attempts to kill Wonder Woman. He shoots lasers at Diana, who effortlessly blocks his beam with her bracelets. Said bracelets besides come in handy to help Wonder Woman immobilize Superman by clanging them right in his ears. She even attempts to distract Clark by calling upon birds to give her enough prison term to break Lord ‘s control over the bomber. Maxwell smugly comments that nothing will stop Superman, prompting Diana to throw her tiara at Clark, nicking his throat and ultimately getting him to stop his rampage .

Wonder Woman Finishing Move Superman Maxwell Lord DC Comics The consequence is a bitter, bloody battle between friends, but it proved that in a worst-case scenario, Wonder Woman could kill Superman if she needed to. If it were any other champion, they ‘d likely be obliterated by an out-of-control Kryptonian, but Diana ‘s bouncy nature makes her one of the few people able to stopping point in a competitiveness with Clark. And it is n’t just her sensitive might that gives Wonder Woman what she needs to turn the tide of the fight. After all, Diana is an Amazon, who are some of the best warriors in the DC Universe. She applies her trail from her days on Themyscira and uses it to help her consider advantage of Clark ‘s weak points, like his hearing or his vulnerability to magic. Wonder Woman may not have military capability to rival Superman, but she does n’t need it if she can fight fresh .

many of the Greek legends Diana is familiar with much have brawny foes felled by a clever hero. much like Achilles, even a big warrior like Clark can be stopped by a bare cut. Though Wonder Woman and Superman stay close, the former has a trump calling card waiting for when she needs it .
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