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This failed television movie pilot is a pop-cultural oddity : An adaptation of Wonder Woman based partially on the brief five-year period of the comedian when the character temporarily lost her extremely powers, a well as her classical costume and she was re-imagined as a non-super-powered, mod-dressing Emma Peel-esque adventurer. This fender is besides partially a harbinger of the direction that the Lynda Carter series would finally take in seasons two and three : Diana Prince being revamped into a James Bond-like ace operative of an UNCLE-esque top secret spy arrangement.

When this navigate television receiver movie was in pre-production exploitation, Wonder Woman in the amusing books was still in her “ mod girlfriend explorer ” phase at the clock time and the producers seemed diffident which focus to take with the quality in the pilot program, ( “ Classic ” or “ Mod ” ? ) so they tried to split the dispute and try to give us a fiddling bit of both worlds ! For the purposes of this patchwork original, the producers transformed & transitioned Wonder Woman from being a “ Girl Adventurer ” to being a “ Spy Girl ”. A blonde-haired ( ! ) Cathy Lee Crosby tries her flush best to make this awkward composite portrayal of Diana Prince seem about plausible. ( The problem is with the script, not with the actress ! ) She even has a pair of witty Bond-esque exchanges ; one where she coolly rebuffs the buttery sexual flirtations of the villain ‘s head confederate ( a wonderfully oily Andrew Prine ) and one where she playfully mentions in passing her invisible plane to the independent villain ( a masterfully silky-smooth Ricardo Montalbán ) in a flirty rally !

rather of either her traditional classic costume or one of her mod new outfits from the current-at-the-time amusing books, the producers once again decided to “ split the difference ” by outfitting Crosby in a re-imagined costume that looks more like a mod chase lawsuit, than a superhero costume. It ‘s functional, plausible, and mundane. It does n’t look frightful, just numb. Just think if Superman alternatively of wearing his authoritative costume, was wearing a blue & crimson effort suit with a small crimson “ S ” shield on the side of the breast and you ‘ll get the general idea !

In another odd & awkward blend of the “ classic ” and “ mod ” directions, there is a new character, Diana ‘s huffy sister, Ahnjayla, ( played by Anitra Ford ) who seems to be broadly based upon Diana ‘s feisty sister from the amusing books, Nubia, who was then-recently introduced into the amusing ‘s continuity when Wonder Woman was re-revamped back into her authoritative costumed super-powered super-heroine persona in the amusing books once more. The pilot burner tries it ‘s best to blend both the classical and modern directions, but never wholly succeeding with either steering. The navigate producers should have chosen either one focus or the other, rather of hedging their bets and trying to blend both, ending-up in giving us neither ! One class by and by, ABC & Warner Brothers tried again with a second Wonder Woman pilot, this time starring a super-powered & a much more traditionally-costumed Lynda Carter. This modern “ back-to-basics ” pilot burner was a hit and the Lynda Carter series ran for three successful seasons.

So, possibly this failed pilot burner ‘s longest permanent bequest is the “ Spy Girl ” theme : When ABC late cancelled Wonder Woman after it ‘s foremost season for being a far-too expensive World War Two era period piece, CBS picked-up the appearance for seasons two and three, with the provision that the timeline of the read be moved-up to modern day, to keep costs down and so, Diana was re-imagined as an ace mysterious agent, once again ! This cost-efficient secret agentive role makeover saved the series, sol at least that aspect of this fail navigate was proven to be right in review. Just put Cathy Lee Crosby in a traditional Wonder Woman costume and a brunet wig, ( Or plainly re-cast Crosby with Lynda Carter ! ) and you would have a typical Wonder Woman episode from seasons two and three of the Lynda Carter series !

While this is not vintage classical Wonder Woman by a long shoot, it is an interest time space capsule of Wonder Woman in a flux department of state of passage and of a long-forgotten fail pilot program, valiantly trying and ultimately failing to capture the best of both worlds of Wonder Woman.

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