10 X-Men Characters, Ranked By Likability

The X-Men features many of Marvel ‘s strongest and most popular characters, but which characters have resonated with audiences as the most likable ? Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has good dropped on Disney+, and the film features debut appearances from many characters like American Chavez and Captain Carter. however, one of the most noteworthy of these appearances comes from Patrick Stewart ‘s Charles Xavier who is the inaugural member of the X-Men seen in the MCU .
As many of Marvel ‘s most popular and beloved heroes come from the X-Men many fans have fallen in sleep together with respective characters from the mutant superhero team, but some X-Men characters are a lot easier for audiences to attach to and root for as they are extremely sympathetic due to their emotional backstories, personalities, or their nature as heroes .

10 Charles Xavier

As one of the founding members of the X-Men, it ‘s no surprise that Charles Xavier ( aka Professor X ) is one of the most beloved and likable X-Men. What makes Charles therefore likable is his passion for reaching out to other mutants and providing them with the resources and support to harness their power for good .
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Despite having the ability to control the minds of others, Charles never forces his will onto others and shows that above all else he values others ‘ properly to choose their path. Fans love Charles for this, and the portrayal of this character by big Hollywood actors Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy have further added to the popularity and likability of Professor X .

9 Beast

X-Men's Beast reading a book.
Despite having enhanced military capability, rush, and lastingness, Hank McCoy ( aka Beast ) is shown as just wanting to be a normal human being and that aroused conflict is one of the many reasons fans love the boisterous gloomy mutant .
His outward appearance may make him a big physical threat, but Hank McCoy is one of the most intelligent individuals in all of Marvel and fans love to see how he uses both his brains and brawn. Although Beast is on a current path that strays aside from the ethical X-Man he once was, fans know Beast as person who always does the right thing and uses his brilliance to help others .

8 Storm

storm marvel comics
As one of the beginning major female african American amusing book heroes, Storm is one of the most noticeable and popular Marvel heroes. Despite having god-like power, Storm has a reasonably down-to-earth setting which has made her more relatable amongst fans .
even after losing her powers for a short sum of clock, Storm was an inspirational and audacious leader of the X-Men and is admired by many fans of the mutant superhero team as she constantly puts the needs of others above herself .

7 Cable

Cable standing with his gun at ready
Cable is decidedly over the exceed and extreme, to say the least, but this is precisely why fans love the character. The time-traveling mutant quickly made waves throughout Marvel comics as he created the X-Force which provided a more aggressive and dark tone compared to the X-Men comics .
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Cable ‘s cool fictional character design and alpha-male personality provided a nice change of pace for fans of Marvel ‘s mutants and his live-action depiction in Deadpool 2 has allowed fans to find more rationality to love the character as he is shown to have the comedic chops to keep up with Deadpool .

6 Nightcrawler

The Amazing Nightcrawler #1 cover
While Kurt Wagner ( aka Nightcrawler ) is sometimes outshined by more democratic mutants in the movies and comics, the teleporting mutant always seems to make the most of his screen time and had the iconic scenery in X2 : X-Men United of him breaking into the White House that intrigued many fans .
As Nightcrawler started growing in popularity because of the film, fans became sympathetic towards Kurt Wagner after seeing his disruptive childhood of being mistreated because of his demonic appearance. Despite his harsh childhood, Nightcrawler has a charming and playful personality that has caused many fans to love the character .

5 Colossus

Despite being one of the most physically imposing X-Men, Colossus has a ennoble intent and a worry nature that makes it hard for any fan not to fall in love with the steel-bodied mutant .
Colossus constantly acts to protect those around him and even though he is a morally virtuous champion, he does n’t have a single hint of self-righteousness in his character which sets him aside from early heroes. As Colossus is besides shown as having a curious side to him in superhero films such as Deadpool, it ‘s acquit to see why he ‘s one of the most sympathetic X-Men

4 Magneto

X-Men: 10 Mutants Who Are Close To Being Omega-Level
Although he is the signature villain of the X-Men, Magneto was one of the team ‘s founding members. As he would leave the team over conflicting views with Charles Xavier, Magneto provides an matter to whirl on the supervillain trope as he acts in what he believes is the best concern of mutant-kind .
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Fans became even more sympathetic toward Magneto after seeing his background of surviving the Holocaust as a child. With multiple layers that add to his complexity as a villain, Magneto is one of the most popular and beloved superhero villains in amusing book history .

3 Iceman

Marauder #18 Cover Iceman
Bobby Drake ( aka Iceman ) can be good described as a unblock spirit who merely indeed happens to possess the power of an Omega-Level mutant. Fans were introduced to Iceman in the very first issue and has a strong emotional bind with fans who have seen him grow from a capricious adolescent to one of the strongest mutants in the Marvel Universe .
His laid-back attitude and carefreeness allow Iceman to well resonate with audiences and his cool ( no pun intended ) might set makes him one of the X-Men fans ca n’t get enough of .

2 Wolverine

There ‘s no doubt that Wolverine is the most popular mutant and one of the most recognizable comedian book characters of all time. Fans love Wolverine because he is very different than the distinctive hero as he is prone to huge outbursts of ramp that show off his ferocious abilities .
Despite sometimes being mistaken as an antihero, Wolverine adheres to his rigid moral code and has a delicate side that fans love to see. As the fan-favorite character has been featured heavily on the big screen door by Hugh Jackman, Wolverine ‘s consistent portrait in pop culture has made him beloved amongst fans .

1 Kitty Pryde

As one of the independent modern characters introduced in the New Mutants comedian koran series Kitty Pryde sparked a newfangled interest and love for the X-Men amongst newly fans. Kitty Pryde is considered to be the most beloved X-Men as fans have seen the character turn from scholar to knock-down mutant, and then become a teacher all the while never faltering from the proper path .
She besides provides another layer of sake to readers as she has had multiple meaning love interests on the team, but Kitty Pryde ‘s endearing personality combined with her level courage and commitment make her the most sympathetic X-Men character .
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