Yara Flor (Prime Earth)

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Mainstream Universe‎‎, 2011‎-present

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Real Name

Yara Flor

Main Alias

Wonder Girl


Aella (mother, deceased)
Unnamed Brazilian river god (father)
Renata (aunt)
Brian (uncle)


Amazons of the Amazon

Base Of Operations

Brazil · Boise, Idaho





Public Identity




Amazon · Brazilian · american

Marital Status











Prime Earth


Joëlle Jones

First Appearance
Infinite Frontier #0
(May, 2021)
Quote1.png Wonder-Girl? Girl? You know i’m in my twenties, right? Quote2.png

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Yara Flor is Wonder Girl, an Amazon of the Amazon.


Yara Flor was born to an Amazon of Themyscira, Aella, who left Themyscira to adventure across the earth. finally her journey would bring her to Brazil where she fell in love with a local deity and bore a daughter by him, a daughter she named Yara. Aella and Yara would be taken in by the local Amazon tribe known as the Esquecida. [ 1 ] Tragically, Aella was killed by agents of the Greek pantheon, while Yara was spirited away by a womanhood named Renata to Boise, Idaho [ 2 ], in the United States, where she spent her years as a child and young adult. When Yara was twenty one years old she decided to travel back to her fatherland. Renata disapproved of Flor ‘s decision as she deemed it dangerous, although she however saw her off at Boise Airport alongside Yara ‘s uncle Brian. [ 3 ]


After landing in Rio de Janeiro Yara takes a bus to the hotel, on the way there she saves a man from a burn cable car, and introduces herself to the bus driver, a man named João. All the while Hera, Queen Nubia, and Queen Faruka all make plans for Yara. Later, while at Iguazu Falls, Yara is dragged down into the river below by boleadoras and encounters a mermaid like being. [ 2 ] The being turns out to be the Yara ‘s namesake, Iara, defender of the hallowed waters. Iara endowment Yara her Golden Boleadoras. While on a flight back to Rio with João, Yara is attacked by Amazons of unknown lineage. After Yara had defeated them the plane is brought down by the greek gods Zephyros and Eros, the latter of whom falls in love with Yara after cutting his hand on his own arrow. [ 4 ] After the plane crash, Yara and João embrace but are interrupted by Eros trying to hit Yara with one of his arrows. After being beset by diverse Amazonian fabulous beings, Eros stabs Yara with one of his arrows, making her capitulation in love with him and obey his commands. Eros takes Yara to Mount Olympus to meet Hera, the Queen of the Gods. [ 5 ] Yara would train with respective gods on Mount Olympus and tame a pegasus she named Jerry. Before the time came to become Hera ‘s champion, she visited João and went on a date with him. She would then encounter an Amazon of the Amazon named Potira, who claimed to have known Yara as a child and she revealed Yara ‘s origins. Artemis and Cassandra Sandsmark would then interrupt and would allow Yara the chance to make her choice of whether or not to become Hera ‘s champion, with Cassie warning Yara of the dangers she nowadays faces. Yara would return to Olympus, quick to become Hera ‘s ace. [ 1 ] Yara decides to refuse the elixir and Hera ‘s offer to become her champion, angering the Queen of the Gods. She has Hephaestus ‘s mechanical soldiers attack Yara. Yara calls Jerry to escape but is intercepted by Zephyros and is knocked to the ground, apparently killing Jerry. Hera appears and makes short exercise of Yara. She then orders Hephaestus to send Yara to Tartarus. [ 6 ] While Yara is imprisoned in Tartarus, Eros visits her, angry that Yara refused to become Hera ‘s champion. After Eros left, Yara is attacked by Menoetius. She is able to defeat the him with her Boleadoras. Jerry, who survived Zephyros ‘ attack, retrieves Yara and flies out of Tartarus. When they reach the Gates of Olympus and is confronted by Ares and his following — sent by Hera — the same that killed her mother when Yara was a child. [ 7 ]

As Yara battles the man who murdered her mother she is able to unmask him and is shocked to discover it was Eros. As Eros tries to defend his actions, Yara sees her mother in a immortal airplane, who encourages her to fight. Yara is able to break the gates of Olympus which allows the Esquecida, Donna Troy, and Cassie to storm Olympus. Yara is then able to defeat Eros, who is dragged down to Tartarus by Menoetius, but not before freeing Yara of his go, thereby returning her release will. After the battle, Yara, Donna, Cassie and the Esquecida leave from Olympus, with Yara asking what was future. [ 8 ]

test of the Amazons

After the vents of Homecoming, Yara returned with Potira to Akahim and earned a home within the Esquecida tribe. One day, a giant star boar attacked the rain forest. Believing that the beast originated from Mount Olympus, the Esquecidas oracle, Anahi, saw that the boar originated from Themyscira, behind Doom ‘s Doorway. Queen Goboymila of the Esquecidas, who was besides ill to travel, gave Potira power to act as queen in her stead, and told her to take Yara, as her mother was from Themyscira. [ 9 ] Yara, the Esquecida, Donna Troy and Cassie, traveled to Themyscira to join the contest to determine the new supporter for Doom ‘s Doorway. Yara and Potira represented the Esquecida at the welcoming feast, where Yara spoke to Hippolyta about her mother. [ 10 ] [ 9 ] After the death of Hippolyta, Yara met with the leaders of the Amazons of Themyscira and the leaders of the Bana-Mighdall to determine the best path of carry through. They chose to allow the contest to continue. [ 11 ] Following Hippolyta ‘s funeral, Yara met with the early members of the Esquecida and drank an elixir to enable the Anahi to see what the future declare for Yara. She told Yara that she was destined to be their champion and that she had the emotional state of their people within her. The next day Potira announced that Yara would represent the Esquecidas during the contest, and was surprised to see Diana declare herself to represent all the Amazons. [ 12 ] During the contest, the arena collapsed, forcing Yara, Donna, and Philippus to work together to find a way out of the tunnels they were in. finally they came across Echidna and were forced to struggle it. Working in concert they were able to defeat the monster but were forced to leave Diana behind as the cave collapsed on them. [ 13 ] Yara, Donna, and Philippus ran to warn the other Amazons that Chaos had escaped. They were beaten to the stadium by Diana and were stunned to see Doom ‘s Doorway begin to break open. [ 14 ] Yara and the other Amazons battled Chaos but slowly lost ground until Antiope, and Atalanta absorbed Choas and went through Doom ‘s Doorway, sealing it behind them. During the cleanup in the aftermath of the conflict, Yara was approached by Diana. Diana took her to the Tair-Mory, where Diana destroyed Yara ‘s tiara and replaced it with tiara with three stars to represent the three tribes of the Amazons. Diana then gave Yara the claim of Wonder Girl, much to Yara ‘s chagrin. Days belated, Yara watched as Faruka and the pillow of the Amazons acknowledged Nubia as queen of all the Amazons. [ 15 ]


  • Divine Empowerment: As the child of an Amazon and a god Yara Flor possesses several superhuman powers.
    • Superhuman Strength: Yara possesses great physical strength that enable her to overpower normal Amazons[4] and even fight toe-to-toe against titans[7] and gods.[8]
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Superhuman Durability: Yara is so resistant to physical damage to the point were she could survive several blows from the enormous Titan Monoetius with only limited damage.[7]
    • Superhuman Speed[1]



  • Kokoshnik Tiara[1]



  • Amazonian Sword: Fashioned by the god Hephaestus himself[1] with a style of the weapons of the Amazonian tribes.
  • Golden Boleadoras: This divine weapon was given to Yara Flor by Iara, the Brazilian water goddess.[4]
    • Electro-Blast[7]

  • Boise, Idaho, where Yara lived after leaving Brazil, is Joëlle Jones’s native city.[16]
  • When Yara returns to Brazil, she is 21 years old.[5]


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