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[ 1 ]
Some Rich Pervert ‘s Prisoner [ 1 ]

Black WidowSome Rich Pervert’s Prisoner






Red Room ( once )
* Black Widows ( once )




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* Ronin


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Annie Hamilton

“Hi there, Ana.”
―Yelena Belova to Ana

Ana is an elect assassin trained in the Red Room and a former penis of the Black Widows .


early life

red room

As a young child, Ana was taken from her family when Dreykov selected her to become an assassin for the Red Room, where she survived a agonizing training regimen to become one of the Black Widows, which included having her uterus removed to prevent Ana from ever bearing her own child. [ 2 ] however, Ana was separate of the class of Black Widows who were not brainwashed. [ 1 ]

Working as an Assassin

“Wait, this is your house? How can you afford all of this?”
“By doing the thing we’re all best at. Killing for money.”
―Sonya and Ana

At some point, Ana deserted the Black Widows and the Red Room and utilized her coach to become a pay assassin. She used the money she earned from killing to live a luxorious life style, buying an expensive sign of the zodiac and decorating it with expensive furnishings. [ 1 ]

A New Life

Attacked by Black Widows

“Stop. I’m trying to help you.”
“Then why’d you break into my house?”
―Yelena Belova and Ana

In 2018, Ana ‘s home was broken into by Yelena Belova and Sonya, who were on a mission to free all of the Black Widows from Dreykov ‘s thinker operate. Ana attacked her intruders, who believed that she was not acting out of loose will. Ana held off the Widows for a short while, until finally Belova managed to pin her to the ground .
While Sonya held down Ana ‘s arms, Belova sprayed her with the Red Dust antidote. As Ana was not actually under the mind operate, the antidote had no consequence other than causing her to cough. Belova and Sonya realized that Ana was not one of the brainwash Widows, and Sonya asked how Ana was able to afford the expensive house they were in, to which Ana explained she killed people for money .
Ana sat down with Belova and Sonya as they explained what their deputation was and what they were doing there. Ana asked Belova how her sister was doing, to which she replied that Romanoff was doing o. Belova then excused herself to the toilet, but never came out as she vanished as one of the victims of the Snap. [ 1 ]

Beginning a Family

“I got married. We adopted three years ago, it’s been amazing.”
―Ana to Yelena Belova

Following the Snap, Ana ended her career as a nonrecreational assassin. She began to earn a legitimate know, while besides meeting a homo that she married and adopted a daughter with. [ 1 ]

“Yelena? Oh my God, you’re back.”
―Ana to Yelena Belova

In 2023, while Ana was at dwelling with her conserve and daughter, Yelena Belova suddenly reappeared in Ana ‘s bathroom where she had disappeared five years earlier. She startled Ana ‘s family, but Ana assured them that Belova was an old friend.

Ana sat down with Belova and explained to her that she had been gone for five years, filling her in on how she had turned her life around in the clock time that had passed. Ana encouraged Belova that she besides could turn her biography around, offering her a place to stay, but Belova was besides busy comprehending her situation to process what she was saying. Belova realized that she wanted to find her sister, asking ana if she would be able to help locate her. [ 1 ]


“Look what you did to my rug. Twenty thousand dollars down the drain. Thanks.”
―Ana to Yelena Belova and Sonya

Having endured the Red Room ‘s treacherous coach from an early senesce, Ana grew up cold and emotionless, being forced to abandon her feelings as part of being a Black Widow. After leaving the Red Room, Ana continued killing, as it was the only thing she knew how to do. Despite this, she was able to bond with Yelena Belova and Sonya after encountering them in 2018. Following the Snap, Ana was able to process her trauma and began turning her liveliness around. By 2023, she was a much more wellbeing and optimistic person, now a wife and an adoptive beget. She flush offered Belova aid to do the same with her life sentence, bright that she excessively could move past the injury Dreykov inflicted on them .


  • Master Martial Artist: Ana went through intensive martial arts training as a Black Widow. She was able to disarm Yelena Belova and Sonya with ease and held her own against the two fellow Black Widows until Belova eventually pinned her to the ground.
  • Staff Mastery: At the Red Room Academy, Ana was trained in various weaponry, including staffs and batons.
  • Knife Mastery: Ana was trained to be well-versed with knives during her time training as a Black Widow.
  • Master Marksman: As a Black Widow, Ana trained regularly with guns.
  • Master Acrobat: Like all Black Widows, Ana trained since childhood to flexible and acrobatic.
  • Master Spy: During her time with the Red Room, Ana was trained in stealth and spycraft.
  • Master Assassin: Ana was trained to be a professional assassin at the Red Room Academy. After gaining her freedom, Ana utilized these skills to work as a paid assassin, doing well enough to earn herself a luxurious lifestyle.


  • Red Room Academy: As a Black Widow candidate, Ana was forced to attend the Red Room Academy against her will.
  • Ana’s House: Ana owned an expensive home located on a snowy mountainside that she managed to afford by working as an assassin-for-hire.



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