Marvel Promised Zachary Levi More ‘Warriors Three’ Screentime In Thor: The Dark World

presently, fans around the universe know Zachary Levi as Shazam, the grow superhero version of foster kid Billy Batson. The DC icon made his debut in 2019 ’ south Shazam !, and has another film coming up in two years titled Shazam ! fury of the Gods .
Before his clock time in the world of the DCU, however, the actor was known as a lesser character, but in a larger earth. As many may know, Levi was beginning in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as Fandral in Thor : The Dark World, who is one of the Warrior ’ s Three.


The Shazam ! star didn ’ t truly leave much of a mark on the MCU and not by to any blame of his own. rather, Marvel just didn ’ t give him much to do––and his prison term on thor : Ragnarok surely didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate aid .
At Dragon Con 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia, the MCU and DCU seasoned, commented on his time with Marvel, and how he found the ash grey lining in it all .

Lots of the Warriors Three… or Not?


During the Atlanta-based Dragon Con 2021 as attended by The Direct, Zachary Levi had a panel where he was able to talk about his experience working on the Thor films for Marvel Studios.


Despite how everything worked out, the actor stood his ground in saying that “working on  Thor  was… a dream come true:”

“ Working on Thor was besides a dream semen true. I grew up devouring Marvel Comics books. I was decidedly a Marvel kyd as a comedian ledger reader… So it was cool. I was very grateful that I got to be a part of that. ”

He jumps back to the begin of his time in that global, reminiscing about how “it happened, and then it didn’t happen:”

“ peculiarly since it happened, and then it didn ’ t happen, because I was cast in the first one but was doing Chuck, and they wouldn ’ thyroxine let me do it, and then the moment one came around and the talented Josh Dallas was doing once Upon A Time, and they wouldn ’ t let him do it, because all of a sudden Marvel ’ sulfur like, ‘ Ooo Zack, remember us ? Wan na come dally this character ? ’ ”

After having seen what the first Thor was, he was honest in saying that “he didn’t really feel like The Warriors Three were used all that well,”  but what caused him to come on board for the second one ? Well, according to Levi, Marvel said that they “‘[were] going to use The Warriors Three a lot in Thor: The Dark World'”:


“ To be honest, I had seen the first one, and I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate in truth feel like The Warriors Three were used all that well, so I was like, ‘ Hey, are you going to actually use these folks ’ … And they said, ‘ Oh no, we ’ re gon na use The Warriors Three a bunch in thor : The Dark World. A fortune. Yea, you ’ re going to be busy. ’ And I was like, ‘ Okay, ’ so I signed up for it. ”

ultimately, the Warriors Three had less screentime in the final cut of The Dark World than in 2011’s Thor.

He goes on to say that it was “very cool… [that Kenneth Branagh] believed in [him]:”

“ I got to be in the Marvel Universe and play a in truth rather fun, matter to, different rather character, and that ultimately Kenneth Branagh believed in me enough to cast me in the first one… that ’ randomness very aplomb. [ … ] I besides didn ’ t have that a lot to do, ya know ? And actually, nothing to do in the third one… I knew I was going to die in the one-third one. I didn ’ t know I was going to die, having said nothing. even the few words they gave me were going to be taken away. ”

As constantly, Levi finds silver linings in everything. The actor says he “knew even then that [Taika Waititi] was a genius:”


“ But at the end of the day, I was like, ‘ Okay, I ’ ll go take a trip down to Australia, and I ’ ll become to go meet and work with Taika Waititi for a couple of days, because I knew even then that that ridicule was a brilliance. So that was worth it… And even if I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate fail, they were probably going to snap me out of being anyways, who am I kidding ? ”

Another silver line, specially in hindsight, was that “he got reborn in the DC Universe:”

“ But besides, in hindsight, I got that travel, I died in the Marvel Universe… and then I got reborn in the DC Universe, and I can ’ t even tell you how unbelievably cool that is and how grateful I am for that. As an older dandy, I ’ megabyte not the young guy on the market who everybody wants to be like ‘ oh that ’ s our cool superhero guy, ’ and I ’ m like ‘ I ’ m the guy that ‘s been a swot for a long clock, and is like 40, ’ and they ‘re like ‘ yea. actually, you know what, you ’ rhenium arrant ’cause you never grow up inside. ’ ”

Out With the Warriors Three

It ’ s hard to think that anyone could reasonably defend how the Warriors Three were handled throughout their clock time in the Thor franchise. While there were surely estimable history aspects being integrated around them, they were second tinker to about everything and surely didn ’ triiodothyronine hold the lapp importance as they do in the source corporeal .
To know that Marvel Studios immediately promised the actor far more to do makes it all the worse. It ‘s no secret though that the second Thor film had batch of sub-rosa drama, not something to excuse the situation by any means, however.


Fans were probably barely adenine defeated as Zachary Levi when it came to the character ’ randomness quick and not indeed flatter death in thor : Ragnarok. All the Warriors Three suffered the same fortune, sol at least Levi didn ’ metric ton have to suffer entirely .
As the actor makes sure to emphasize, as unfortunate and frustrating as all of that may have been, it led to him being cast as Shazam, something that has led to an even better path for Levi. Hopefully, his time in the DCEU is long and fruitful, and possibly he ’ ll even get to double-dip into the MCU in the future .
Levi ’ s adjacent out as Shazam, in Shazam ! fury of the Gods is set to hit theaters on June 2, 2023.


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