The 10 Highest-Grossing Zack Snyder Movies, Ranked According To Box Office Mojo

Zack Snyder has an matter to box function history, and between 300 and Justice League, he has both huge successes and box agency fail under his belt. Zack Snyder is one of the most polarize directors working today. Some consider him all style and no substance, whereas others believe he ‘s a visionary and one of the best comedian ledger movie directors ever. however, despite how viewers feel about him, for the most separate, they calm show up in droves whenever he releases a new movie .
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evening when Snyder directs a movie for a streaming overhaul, they become the most-watched movies on the platforms. Though Zack Snyder’s Justice League was given a theatrical turn alongside being released on HBO Max, the figure is n’t available on Box Office Mojo. But it would probably be his lowest-grossing given that it was alone a limited handout.


Army Of The Dead (2021) – $0

Vanderohe holds saw on shoulder in Army of the Dead Though Zack Snyder ‘s Justice League is the best HBO Max original movie, the same ca n’t be said for the Netflix original Army of the Dead. The movie had a mix response from critics and was tied less liked by general viewers. however, that does n’t mean it was unsuccessful, as it was anything but .
The 2021 movie was one of the biggest movies for Netflix, as it was viewed in 75 million households in its first workweek alone. If it did have a theatrical performance unblock ( not during a cosmopolitan pandemic, ) it could very well have been a box function success. It ‘ll be even more of a achiever in the occur years excessively, as Army of the Dead is the begin of a huge universe and the beginning of a franchise .

Sucker Punch (2011) – $89.7 Million

Babydoll shoots a gun in Sucker Punch Sucker Punch is one of the most distinctive Snyder-directed movies in his filmography, as it ‘s so stylish-looking, full of slow movement, and has a heavy comedian record aesthetic. But that was n’t adequate to keep the movie from being a colossus box position bombard .
The 2011 film scantily made back its $ 80+ million budget, and as the market budget is generally adenine much as the production price, it must have left Warner Bros. around $ 70 million in the hole. It is n’t much of a surprise that the film performed therefore badly, as it was the subject of a fortune of controversies. Some viewers thought the film was supremely misogynous, while others thought it waved the feminist flag. Either manner, Babydoll is silent one of the best female characters in Snyder ‘s movies .

Dawn Of The Dead (2004) – $102 Million

Zombie horde sprints through the streets in Dawn of The Dead 2004 dawn of the Dead was Snyder ‘s directorial debut, and regardless of whether or not people like the movie, there ‘s no deny that it proved how big of a director he is. The movie had a budget of $ 26 million, but the film maker made it look like it was a $ 100 million Hollywood blockbuster .
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For a directorial introduction, it could n’t have been more successful for the director. The horror remake made four times its budget, but just a importantly, Snyder established his own classifiable stylus and set him apart from his peers .

Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga’Hoole (2010) – $140 Million

Eglantine smiles in Legend of the Guardians Following Watchmen, Snyder ‘s R-rated, almost-three-hour superhero epic, the film maker went in a pivotal opposite commission. Legend of the Guardians is a family-friendly and wholly inoffensive animated movie about owl. The production studio was attempting to double down on the phenomenal box office success that they had with happy Feet, but it did n’t precisely work out quite like that .
legend of the Guardians made $ 140 million global, and while that sounds like a bunch, that still was n’t adequate to cover box office and commercialize costs. It besides marked the first time that a Snyder-directed movie did n’t reach the peak touch at the domestic box agency .

Watchmen (2009) – $185 Million

Silk Spectre II in a burning building in Watchmen 2009 Watchmen has an interest history with the box function. The movie had a estimable opening week, but despite its positive reviews and word of mouth, it still had worryingly steep drop-offs with each consecutive workweek of being in theatres. And that could be toss off to respective factors .
First of all, it ‘s an R-rated superhero movie, which keeps half of the movie ‘s target audiences from being able to see it. It ‘s besides two hours and 45 minutes long, which is a big commitment for a largely obscure property. It ‘s besides worth mentioning that the movie has such an inflate budget, and that might have been based on how Snyder had two huge corner office successes in a quarrel, and based on that, Warner Bros. was willing to take the risk. however, despite all that, though ZSJL is the film director ‘s best superhero epic poem, Watchmen is still a very close second .

300 (2007) – $456 Million

Leonidas leads an army in 300 300 has become a tentpole movie when it comes to influencing modern blockbusters, as it ‘s so advanced in the means it uses CGI. Between the CGI, the singular, intense way it looks, and the epic storytelling, the movie was a phenomenal achiever .
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The film was closing in on half a billion dollars at the global box function, and as it had a budget of less than $ 70 million, Warner Bros. made the ache decision and kept Snyder on the payroll for the next 14 years. A movie that makes a net income net income of about $ 400 million with a budget that low is such a rare occurrence, and any visionary director who can achieve that is n’t person that studios should n’t take for granted .

Justice League (2017) – $658 Million

Superman with a digitally removed mustache in Justice League Though some think the 2017 movie is a good as Zack Snyder ‘s Justice League, it was critically scathed and largely hated due to the strange-looking coloring material correction and all of the out-of-place jokes. Most of the movie was completely reshot when Snyder had to leave the project for personal reasons, as Joss Whedon was hired to give the movie the more widely appealing Avengers aesthetic. But that vibration just does n’t work in the much dark DCEU. The final intersection was more of a Whedon movie than a Snyder movie, but it ‘s however credited to Snyder .
Justice League was a catastrophe for the studio apartment, and no movie that makes $ 658 million should ever be considered a right, but that ‘s precisely what the 2017 movie was. Because of all the output setbacks, the film had an outrageously inflate budget of $ 300 million, and that does n’t even include marketing costs .

Man Of Steel (2013) – $668 Million

Superman readying his heat vision in the scoutship in Man Of Steel Following the Christopher Nolan rule reserve by remaking a superhero movie based in a blue and game population, Man of Steel had a polarize reception. That was barely surprising, as Snyder had already had the reputation of being a polarize director for years at this point .
Either manner, the 2013 movie still had such a unique front, Henry Cavill made a great superhero, and it perfectly laid the foundation for the DC Extended Universe. These all helped make man of Steel the highest-grossing solo Superman movie ever. It could have made even more if it did n’t have such tough contest in its irregular week, as both Monsters University and World War Z were released .

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016) – $874 Million

Batman squares up to Superman in Batman V Superman It seems as if Snyder was a lot more interested in making a Batman movie than a Superman movie with Batman five Superman. Batman ‘s scenes are epic poem and some of the best action scenes of any Batman movie, whereas Clark Kent is just standing about in cornfields. The film is generally considered a squandered opportunity, as the two heroes only in truth fought for 10 minutes before putting their differences aside, and that was reflected in the box office consequence .

Again, just like with Justice League, though Dawn of Justice ‘s box position consumption would normally be seen as a huge success, it still underperformed for the studio. And, in theory, a movie called Batman volt Superman should n’t have made anything less than $ 1 billion .
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