WB Execs Reportedly Regret Greenlighting Zack Snyder’s Justice League Cut

Justice LeagueWB
In a drawn-out article about the future of WB and DC, Variety has an interest section which revisits one of the highest profile decisions made about the DCEU in the survive few years, the let go of of the Snyder Cut of Justice League, after years of fan demands :

“ privately, studio apartment insiders have lamented that “ Zack Snyder ’ randomness Justice League ” never should ’ ve happened. Rather than quiet the ageless on-line campaigning to # ReleasetheSnyderCut, the four-hour HBO Max feature only further entrenched the song and extremely on-line “ Snyderverse ” fanbase in opposition to the leadership at the studio in general and at DC in particular. ”

This news token has of course, riled up Snyder fans however again, and it ’ s interesting to examine what actually happened here .

It ’ randomness genuine, releasing the Snyder Cut was seen as a victory for Snyder ’ randomness fans after their on-line movement steered by Snyder himself bore fruit. But WB execs misread how that would be viewed. It brought WB itself no sympathy or credit rating, as it was seen as a victory for Snyder and the fans over the very WB white house who approved it. Like the fans had become besides brassy and important to ignore. It wasn ’ triiodothyronine WB giving fans what they wanted, it was fans celebrating the theme that they forced WB ’ sulfur hand .

And of course, it didn ’ thymine hold on there. Once it seemed like WB “ approved ” of Snyder ’ mho sight of the DCEU, the apparent motion became about what victory would be future, and “ # RestoretheSnyderverse ” replaced “ ReleasetheSnyderCut ” about immediately. This includes new plan demands like an “ Ayer Cut ” of the first Suicide Squad, a standalone Ben Affleck Batman movie and two Justice League sequels, directed of naturally by Zack Snyder, to finish his Apocalypse-based trilogy. Justice LeagueHBO
This was never going to happen. It doesn ’ t seem as if Zack Snyder would even want to return to DC, given all the drama he had with white house there for his original films, as he ’ south already moved on for years to partner with Netflix to make…essentially whatever he wants. so far that ’ mho included two zombie movies and an approaching, big-budget sci-fi have, Rebel Moon. thus there is no real “ winning ” this scenario in the first place .

But I can not sympathize with WB white house either here. The release of the Snyder Cut was not some sort of beneficent “ we ’ ra listen to the fans ” affect. It was alternatively an extremely diaphanous way to try to boost HBO Max subscriptions, which is where the movie premiered entirely, attempting to monetize Snyder ’ s fanbase for their own profit. even Zack Snyder himself very much knew this is what they were doing, and has said as much since the cut ’ s release .
so I know the narrative here is “ WB shouldn ’ triiodothyronine have given into toxic fan demands, ” because nowadays they want more and more, but it ’ s not like they did so to win good will, they wanted HBO Max subscriptions. And now they ’ ra stuck in this bizarre situation where Snyder fans basically hate them more than ever, but simultaneously take accredit for most existing DCEU projects when they succeed given that it ’ s all placid based on Snyder ’ s original vision that technically started with Man of Steel. If The Flash does well, for example, that ’ s a gain for the aura of the Snyderverse, because this Barry Allen first showed up in his Justice League .
WB has a mess on their hands, but I ’ m not surely if they ’ ve flush learned the right lessons from the by few years. It ’ south clear Snyder fans are never going off, but there is simply no earthly scenario where the entirety of DC is suddenly turned back over to Zack Snyder again, so their quest seems entirely quixotic at this point. We ’ ll see what the following few years bring. not the Ayer Cut, I ’ meter guess.

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