Zeke Yeager


Zeke Yeager

  • 854

  • 850

  • c. 842

  • 832

  • Beast Titan

854 850 c. 842 832 Beast Titan


Zeke Yeager
Jīku Yēgā


Kemono no Kyojin ? )
“ Beast ” ( 獣 Kemono ? )
“ Ape ” ( 猿 Saru ? ) [ 1 ]
“ Boy Wonder ” ( 驚異の子 Kyōi no Ko ? ) [ 2 ]

“Beast Titan” (獣の巨人”Beast” (獣”Ape” (猿”Boy Wonder” (驚異の子

Biological Information


Human, Intelligent Titan




[ 10 ] [ 11 ] [ 12 ]
29 ( 854 ) [ 13 ]

25 (850)29 (854)


[ 3 ]
17 thousand ( Titan phase ) [ 4 ]

183 cm (Human form)17 m (Titan form)


[ 3 ]

92 kg


  • Yeager family
    • Grisha Yeager (father, deceased)
    • Eren Yeager (half-brother, deceased)
    • Faye Yeager (aunt, deceased)
    • Yeager (grandfather)
    • Mrs. Yeager (grandmother)
  • Fritz family
    • Dina Fritz (mother, deceased)
    • Ymir Fritz (ancestor, deceased)
    • Maria Fritz (ancestor, deceased)
    • Rose Fritz (ancestor, deceased)
    • Sheena Fritz (ancestor, deceased)
    • Karl Fritz (relative, deceased)
    • Historia Reiss (relative)


[ 3 ]

August 1st







Professional Information




Senshi-chō ?, besides translated as “ Warchief ” or “ Commander ” ) [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ]

Captain (戦士長, also translated as “Warchief” or “Commander”)


  • Anti-Marleyan Volunteers
  • Nobility

Former rank

Senshi Kōho-sei ? )

Warrior Candidate (戦士候補生

Former affiliation

  • Marleyan military
    • Warrior Unit
  • Eldian Restorationists



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Quote1.png If we’d never been born in the first place…we never would have had to suffer, either. Quote2.png
— Zeke’s idea of salvation[14]

Zeke Yeager ( ジーク・イェーガー Jīku Yēgā ? ) was the former Captain ( 戦士長 Senshi-chō ? ) [ 15 ] of Marley ‘s Warrior Unit, assigned to take the Founding Titan from the Eldians of Paradis Island. [ 16 ] He was the heir of the Beast Titan, and was considered to be the strongest warrior by Reiner Braun, [ 17 ] contrasting Levi Ackerman ‘s title of “ world ‘s strongest soldier. ” [ 18 ] He manipulated and deceived both sides of the war between Eldia and Marley in rate to achieve his own agenda of causing the extinction of his own people, which he viewed as “ salvation. ” Zeke was the son of Grisha Yeager and Dina Fritz, the older stepbrother of Eren Yeager, and a penis of the royal family from his mother ‘s side. [ 19 ]


human form

In his human form, Zeke had a tall, across-the-board, well-toned body with grey eyes, shagged platinum blond hair’s-breadth, and a duplicate mustache that descended into his byssus. He was seen wearing no shirt, unleash pants, battle boots, and circular glasses. After his come back to Marley, and the four-year time skip, Zeke began to sport a much more clear expect, contrasting his look while on Paradis Island. He had his hair cut much shorter, so that it no longer fell into his eyes, and sported a slender beard. [ 20 ] In his Titan form, Zeke was an extremely unusual specimen, having a clear-cut, ape-like appearance. however, his model was closer to that of a human ‘s ; like typical Titans, he walked bipedally. He stood at a previously unobserved 17 meters in stature. Dark fur covered a boastfully contribution of his torso, growing on his upper torso, shoulders, limbs, and groin, while besides forming a beard and covering his scalp. His confront, ears, extremities, and stomach were unsheathed. He possessed point ears and teeth, unlike most Titans. The proportions of his upper body were similar to those of the Colossus Titan, possessing a very across-the-board chest of drawers which dwarfed his head, american samoa well as disproportionately slender arms. additionally, his arms were elongated, with long fingers and very deft thumbs, allowing him to easily pick up finespun objects off the ground. [ 21 ] His Titan ‘s eyes possessed iniquity sclera and irises, making it difficult to determine where he was looking at any given moment. [ 22 ]


Zeke was a very intelligent and curious man. He tried to communicate with Mike Zacharias in order to get information about the vertical steer equipment and learn about Mike ‘s linguistic process, though such curiosity was frequently characterized by a check calloused insulation. [ 23 ] He displayed the traits of a leader, giving orders and telling other people, sometimes evening Titans, what to do. While he was talking with Mike, he told the Titan that was eating him to hold him rather of devouring him. [ 24 ] If his orders were not followed, he did not hesitate to use beast impel. This was seen when he crushed the head of the Titan that was eating Mike deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as it disobeyed him, [ 25 ] or when he beat Reiner to make him and Bertolt focus on acquiring the Founding Titan rather of saving Annie. [ 26 ] His decision to prioritize the capture of the Founding Titan over rescuing Annie, and his deduction that she was not very being tortured by her captors, demonstrates an ability to think tactically and prioritize deputation objectives over mawkishness. [ 27 ] Zeke besides seemed to be a cold, pitiless and sarcastic individual, though not explicitly sadistic. He has killed human soldiers without hesitation and let a group of Titans eat Mike when the latter had exhausted his utility, outwardly indifferent to the trouble that he was about to endure. rather, he mused over them speaking the lapp lyric. [ 28 ] however, in malice of Zeke ‘s barbarian tendencies, he had been shown to take compassion on the citizens living within the Walls. He had expressed that it is a “ calamity ” that they continually sacrifice their lives trying to leave the Walls because their memories of the universe have been taken away, viewing it as ultimately pointless. Zeke ‘s condescending feel for towards Paradis was solid enough to have driven him to outbursts of anger at times. To deal with these doubts, he frequently reminded himself during battle to not get worked up, and to find the “ enjoyment ” in life sentence. [ 29 ] Zeke ‘s views on the Eldians ‘ prospects in society were highly negative and nihilistic ( possibly as a result of his childhood and miss of attention from both of his parents ). As a adolescent, he expressed his impression that it would have been better for the Subjects of Ymir to never have been born. [ 30 ] He planned to free the populace from its fear of the Titans and the Eldians from their suffer by using the Founding Titan ‘s abilities to sterilize all Subjects of Ymir, frankincense leading to their eventual extinction within 100 years. [ 31 ] During Zeke ‘s twenty-plus years of service as a Warrior ( and subsequently captain ), he was known to be peculiarly efficient and pitiless. He acted highly militaristic towards the Warriors underneath him : he had no problem inflicting punishment or abandoning them if they should fail. Zeke would threaten Reiner with death if he continued his disobedience and, in the case of Bertolt, chose to plainly cut his losses and left his hyponym to die in order to escape. Outside of the battlefield, Zeke displayed a drastically unlike demeanor characterized by a much ardent, more affable outside and a kind of calm charisma, acting humble around his superiors and being prone to cracking jokes. Zeke besides appeared to parcel a friendly kinship with his mate Warriors, though Pieck would by and by remark on how ambidextrous and close he always seemed. ultimately, Eren seems to be the entirely person he in truth cared about, as he feels that they were both victims of their don. [ 32 ] Zeke promised to “ save ” him before, which Pieck would note as the only time she could tell that he was not lying. [ 33 ] Zeke ‘s affection towards Eren had since developed into a near-obsessive desire to have his sentiments validated by his stepbrother to the compass point where he was will to postpone the sterilization of the Eldians until Eren agreed with him. [ 34 ] however, this affection for his buddy appeared to have faded after learning the way that Eren manipulated their forefather through the Attack Titan ‘s future memory ability, disgusted by the way Eren influenced Grisha to kill the Reiss family, and subsequently abandoned his try to try and get Eren to join his causal agent. [ 35 ]


Zeke Yeager was born to Grisha Yeager and Dina Fritz, [ 36 ] who were planning to overthrow the Marley government and put the Eldians binding in power. [ 37 ] Grisha was among the rebels when the Marley government announced the Warrior course of study, asking for Eldian children between the ages of five to seven to serve as potential Warriors, with the promise that their families would be given the title of Honorary Marleyans and be ensured exemption within the area. [ 38 ] Grisha then decided to enter Zeke into the program to play the function of a spy for his cause. At home, Zeke was routinely sent to his grandparents while both Dina and Grisha attended Eldian Restorationist meetings, with most of his visits being spend listening to his grandfather recounting stories of the Eldian raceway ‘s crimes against the universe. [ 39 ] Over time, his parents ‘ preoccupation with the Eldian Restorationists led them growing continuously distant with Zeke, with Grisha in particular showing very little investing in his son ‘s life outside of his studies and performance as a warrior campaigner .
initially, Zeke did not perform impressively as a Warrior Candidate, and his worry keeping tempo with his mate candidates caused him to be ostracized by his peers and his teacher. however, he did manage to make one friend during his coach : Tom Ksaver. After a day of routine aim, Zeke happened to meet Ksaver while the man was in the middle of playing catch by himself. After some goad from Ksaver, Zeke joined him in the game, and was thrilled to hear Ksaver complimenting him on his slope skill. [ 40 ] After returning dwelling, Zeke tried to tell his parents about the experience, but found them in the middle of a meeting with a fellow restorationist. Zeke tried eavesdropping on the conversation, and listening in as his parents reassured Grice that he had the ability to save Eldia .
During another public educate consequence, Zeke was once again outperformed by all of the other candidates. To his distress, Zeke observed that both his parents had come to watch, and was dismayed to see his father storm away from the field in frustration. That night, he cried in his room while listening to his parents argue over what to do about his poor performance. After the aim event, Ksaver tried to cheer him up during one of their games of catch, before joking that Zeke becoming a Warrior would be a dense mind. storm to hear a Warrior slandering the Warrior Program, Zeke asked to know why Ksaver had chosen to become one. Ksaver ‘s explanation, that he had wanted the opportunity to study the Titans scientifically, surprised Zeke but he agreed with Ksaver ‘s assertion that neither of them were meant to be soldiers. [ 41 ] While cleaning the halls of the Warriors ‘ headquarters, Zeke overheard that the Marleyan Authorities were finale to discovering the localization of the Eldian Restorationists. Knowing that this would sentence his entire class and himself to the surround of Paradis to be converted to Pure Titans, [ 42 ] [ 43 ] Zeke went to his parents and begged them to stop, but was met only with their insistence that what they were doing needed to be done for the good of all Eldians. In a desperate try to appeal to his father, Zeke reminded him of Faye and asked if he would be okay with his own son meeting the same destine : this entirely managed to enrage Grisha. Terrified, Zeke tried to remind his parents that their whole syndicate would be sent to Paradis if they were discovered, but Grisha only reiterated his former statement that they needed to win back the rights that Marley had taken, in arrange to make certain that no matchless else met the same fortune as Faye. emotionally drained from the argument, Zeke pointed out that Faye entirely died because Grisha took her outside of Liberio without license .
With no one else to turn to, Zeke revealed everything to Ksaver. Although Zeke had resigned himself to being sent to Paradis and spend an eternity as a Titan, Ksaver suggested that he turn his parents in so that only they would be punished ; this would allow Zeke and his grandparents to go free. Zeke initially protested the idea but Ksaver insisted that there was no other means, reminding Zeke of all of the convulsion and strife he had experienced on account of his parents forcing their ideals on him without remember for his own feelings. [ 44 ] After some think, Zeke agreed and turned in his parents to secure his condition in Marley ‘s eyes as a firm Warrior. soon after, Grisha and Dina were sent to Paradis Island to be transformed into Pure Titans. hush not knowing the truth of Zeke ‘s heritage, Marley sent him to be raised by his grandparents. [ 45 ] Despite believing he sent his founder and mother to their deaths, Zeke sympathized with their finish to free the Eldian race. thus, Zeke continued his parents ‘ cause by operating from the shadows to secure the Eldians ‘ exemption from Marley in his own direction. Zeke continued playing catch with Ksaver regularly during his meter in the Warrior broadcast, frequently using the games as a time to have long discussions with him. During one such game, Ksaver revealed that the Founding Titan had the world power not only to affect the memories of Subjects of Ymir, but besides to change the composing of their bodies. Inspired by this, Zeke theorized that a holder of the Founding Titan might be able to use it to render all Subjects of Ymir sterile, so that they would die out within 100 years without a want for bulk genocide. Noticing Ksaver not immediately tossing back the baseball, Zeke heard Ksaver uncover that he once had a syndicate with a Marleyan womanhood who had killed herself and their son after learning he was an Eldian. Listening to his mentor lament his own birth, Zeke vowed to Ksaver that he would take back the Founding Titan from Paradis, and keep it out of Marley ‘s hands to ensure that it could not be used to hurt anyone again. [ 46 ] Soon after, Zeke was told the identify in the aforethought euthanasia of the Eldians, the Founding Titan, must be in possession of person who will agree to the plan and be in physical contact with a Titan descended from the royal family. Ksaver asked Zeke to find person who is will to go through with the design. [ 47 ] At the historic period of 17, Zeke became the eldest of the Warrior candidates to be selected to receive the exponent of the Titans, inheriting the Beast Titan from Ksaver in the year 842. [ 48 ] Zeke kept Ksaver ‘s glasses after inheriting his colossus, as a memento of his erstwhile ally. [ 49 ] It was subsequently discovered that through the government of Zeke ‘s spinal anesthesia fluid into Subjects of Ymir, he would be able to trigger their transformation with a shout, and control their Titan forms afterwards, even when the moon was out. These abilities could not be explained by the Titan Biology Research Society, who were still unaware of Zeke ‘s royal inheritance. [ 50 ] One year after inheriting the Beast Titan, Zeke and his mate Warriors used their colossus forms to crush an integral nation. Zeke used his Beast Titan kind to bombard enemies, in the midst of retreat, with explosive ammunition. With the battle being a boastfully success, the Marleyan united states army regarded the new Warriors as more effective than their predecessors. [ 51 ] Zeke would late speak to his fellow Warriors about how the Marley government were preparing to begin the Paradis Island Operation in the next few years. [ 52 ] It was decided that Zeke be kept in Marley aboard Pieck as a deterrent to enemy nations, while the other Warriors ( Reiner, Bertolt, Annie and Marcel ) were entrusted to take character in the travel to Paradis. [ 53 ]


Five years after the get down of the Paradis Island Operation, Zeke travels with Pieck and a minor number of Marleyan soldiers to Paradis Island to infiltrate the Walls. After arriving, the group locates a small greenwich village inside of Wall Rose, and chooses to turn its residents into Titans. The soldiers releases a gas laced with Zeke ‘s spinal anesthesia fluid into the breeze, which is blown into the village and inhaled by the villagers. Zeke then lets out a scream, triggering all the affect Eldians to begin transforming into Titans. [ 54 ] As Zeke proceeds farther into Wall Rose in his Titan form, he is spotted by Mike Zacharias, who immediately notes the foreignness of his characteristics and mistakes him for a regular abnormal. As Mike ‘s sawhorse races back to him, Zeke notices it and throws it at Mike, preventing the latter from escaping and causing him to lose his foot and decrease into the mouth of one of Zeke ‘s Titans. Before the Titan can devour Mike, Zeke orders it to refrain from eat, captive on questioning the soldier about his vertical maneuver equipment. [ 55 ] The Titan disobey Zeke and continues to try to eat Mike, prompting Zeke to crush its point. He then proceeds to interrogate Mike, but cursorily gives up when the homo neglects to respond out of shock. Zeke assumes that they either do not speak the lapp speech or Mike is excessively panicky to respond to him, and rather notes that Mike uses swords, indicating that the soldiers of the Walls are aware that the nape is the Titans ‘ failing. He removes Mike ‘s equipment for far inspection, and takes his leave. As he is leaving, Zeke hears Mike ‘s cries of defiance, and allows the surrounding Titans to devour him. As Mike screams in repugnance and pain, Zeke notes that they spoke the same language after all before turning his attention to inspecting the vertical steer equipment, ignoring Mike ‘s screech. [ 56 ] Zeke is former seen wandering around outside Utgard Castle where respective members of the Survey Corps have been trapped by his Titans. As his Titans surround the castle, Zeke climbs up Wall Rose and watches the ensuing battle. [ 57 ] After the soldiers kill most of the larger Titans, Zeke begins throwing large stones at the loom, killing Lynne, Henning, and the soldiers ‘ remaining horses. [ 58 ] He then screams, summoning more Titans to continue the assault on the castle. Afterwards, Zeke climbs over the Wall and disappears into the baffled territory of Wall Maria. [ 59 ] At the time Historia Reiss is crowned queen ( approximately two months after both Reiner and Bertolt are exposed as traitors and escape the Survey Corps ), Zeke is reunited with the two Warriors. He learns from them that Marcel had been eaten shortly after arriving on the island and Annie had been captured by the Military. however, Bertolt and Reiner reveal that they have discovered the identity of the person in possession of the Founding titan : one of their early comrades in the Survey Corps named Eren Yeager. [ 60 ] Stunned to learn that Eren is his younger half brother ( along with the fact that Grisha somehow managed to survive and avoid getting turned into a Titan ), Zeke breaks down in anguish that evening ; in addition, Zeke contemplates how Eren ( despite not possessing royal rake ) managed to use the powers of the Founding Titan. Realizing that their church father must have obtained the missing Attack Titan, Zeke theorizes that he must have besides found a way to gain the Founding Titan and passed them both on to Eren ( while indoctrinating him much like he did with Zeke ). Because of this, Zeke believes Eren to be suffering from the influence of Grisha ‘s will and memories and must be freed to make his own decisions ; certain that Eren is the person he has been searching for to make his design succeed, Zeke makes acquiring his half brother the exceed priority of the Warriors. [ 61 ] [ 62 ] When he informs both Reiner and Bertolt about this, they protest and insist the convalescence of Annie takes precedence over capturing Eren. finally, Reiner decides to challenge Zeke to a battle with their respective Titan forms in the ruins of Shiganshina District, but Zeke swiftly and effortlessly defeats him. [ 63 ] While Bertolt takes Reiner ‘s body from his Titan shape, Zeke emerges and proclaims himself the winner. He then tells the two of them that they can rescue Annie after securing the Founding Titan, informing them of his plan to wait in Shiganshina to ambush the Survey Corps in order to capture Eren and the Founding Titan .
erstwhile after Zeke ‘s disagreement with Reiner and Bertolt, he reminds them not to worry about Annie, pointing out that the Survey Corps would not be able to torture her without triggering her Titan abilities and theorizing that she is likely only in hiding. Noting their dissatisfaction, he questions whether they have lost their dissolve. He offers to fight Reiner again to decide what they will do next, but threatens to feed him to another Warrior if he loses again. When neither of them is bequeath to risk fighting him, Zeke proclaims that their sole objective is to regain the Coordinate in order to put an end to what he calls the “ excommunicate history ” of Eldia. Pieck arrives soon afterwards to inform them of the Survey Corps ‘ at hand arrival, and the three continue to their posts to prepare for the approaching struggle. [ 64 ] Before they go, both Reiner and Bertolt warn Zeke about a man named Levi, cited as the strongest soldier within the Survey Corps ; intrigued, Zeke acknowledges his subordinates ‘ concerns but internally disregards the soldier as being a menace to him. soon after, the Survey Corps initiate the operation to retake Wall Maria. [ 65 ] After Eren manages to seal the out gate of Shiganshina, Zeke, Reiner, and Bertolt launch their operation. After Reiner ‘s fail approach and his fleeting fall, Zeke transforms along with a numerous horde of Titans outside the Wall. [ 66 ] Zeke immediately picks up a giant boulder and launches it at the inner gate, destroying it indeed that the soldier ‘s horses will not get over it, and effectively cutting off their only miss road from the battle rear to Shiganshina. [ 67 ] Zeke then starts walking lento towards the city with a maniacal smile on his face. [ 68 ] As he advances, he roars, ordering smaller Titans to attack the Survey Corps ‘ horses while having the larger Titans form a circle around the entrance of Shiganshina district in order to prevent the soldiers from escaping. [ 69 ] After some meter, Zeke receives the signal to throw a barrel containing Bertolt into Shiganshina in the form of a howl from Reiner ‘s Titan form. [ 70 ] After sending Bertolt over the Wall, Zeke begins attacking the Survey Corps north of the zone with a barrage of stones, pretending that he is pitching baseballs in club to help himself aim. Each throw breaks the strait barrier and every soldier who is caught in the bombard is absolutely vaporized, forcing Levi and the rest of the soldiers to retreat to the base of the Wall. [ 71 ]

As he continues his assail, Zeke notices a large group of soldiers led by Erwin Smith riding towards him. Zeke states that he had expected a better counterattack than a suicide run before throwing a bombard of stones at them. [ 72 ] As his pitches hit their tag, Zeke laments the fact that King Fritz erased the soldiers ‘ memories of the universe, forcing them to keep making the lapp mistakes and push themselves to “ die honorably ” as a solution of their ignorance. Getting worked up at the think, Zeke unintentionally crushes the stones in his hand into dust and is forced to calm himself down for a moment before resuming his attack. [ 73 ] Killing many more soldiers, Zeke notices that there are some still alert despite the odds, and continue their commit. Seeing their perseverance causes him to become annoy again, opining that they can shoot smoke at him all day long, as it will not achieve anything. As he finishes off the stragglers with one concluding throw, Zeke begins to lament their deaths before noticing with alarm that the Titans flanking him have been killed. Bewildered as to what happened, he is on the spur of the moment ambushed by Levi, who slices his branch to pieces as he attempts to grab him. Realizing that he is facing the soldier that Reiner and Bertolt warned him about, Zeke tries to guard his nape but is immediately blinded by Levi. Before Zeke can react to being blinded, his Titan ‘s Achilles tendons are slashed, leaving him unable to stand. Realizing that he has no time to harden his nape, Zeke tries to use his hand to shield it, but it is immediately cut to pieces vitamin a well. As Levi begins to cut open his nape, Zeke emerges from his Titan, trying to use the steam emitted to blind Levi but is immediately skewered through his mouth by the captain. Before Levi can execute Zeke, Pieck rescues him and carries him off from the battlefield. As they flee, Zeke orders his remaining Titans to kill Levi, gloating that once Levi is dead, he will have wiped out the integral Survey Corps. [ 74 ] Pieck carries Zeke into Shiganshina, where he locates and approaches Eren, who is holding Bertolt hostage. Zeke recognizes him as his stepbrother and tries to talk Eren down, claiming that they are both victims of their beget. Eren is shocked by Zeke ‘s resemblance to Grisha but before Zeke can foster elaborate, he is forced to retreat due to the arrival of Levi, whose sudden appearance takes Zeke by surprise. As he takes his farewell, he apologizes to Bertolt, stating that he will not be able to save him, before promise Eren that he will come second and “ save ” him. [ 75 ] While escaping, Zeke and Pieck locate a sternly injure Reiner, rescuing him from the remaining Survey Corps soldiers who have captured him. [ 76 ] shortly after the struggle of Shiganshina District, the Marley Mid-East War began. In mystery, Zeke sends his group of followers – the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers – to Paradis Island to make contact with the Eldians life there. Zeke besides gives the volunteers a list of requirements that Paradis Island would need to fulfill in exchange for his aid. [ 77 ] Working with his most trust follower Yelena ( and strange to the early volunteer members ), Zeke besides arranged the Marleyan sketch ships to carry big stocks of wine mixed with his spinal fluid. This wine would be served to members of the military, starting with the high-level officers. [ 78 ] Zeke would besides make liaison with Kiyomi Azumabito from the nation of Hizuru on the possibility of forming an alliance with Paradis. He acknowledges what he did to his parents and reveals that Marley does not know what a titan with Royal blood can do when joined with the Founding Titan. As a token of good will, Zeke brings out the erect maneuver equipment he took from Mike Zacharias and presents it to her ; he mentions the universe of iceburst stone, which powers the device and there are skimp traces still inside. Noting that it is found entirely on Paradis, Zeke tells Kiyomi it would greatly assist the nation of Hizuru. [ 79 ] The two sides agree and Kiyomi makes plans to travel to Paradis while Zeke returned to Marley and continued with the war campaign. At some point during the war, it was decided that Warrior campaigner Colt Grice would be the one to inherit Zeke ‘s Beast Titan at the goal of Zeke ‘s term. [ 80 ] At the climax of the war, Zeke takes contribution in the assault on Fort Slava. As Eldian captives parachute down from an airship, Zeke uses his royal lineage powers to transform the captives into Titans, inflicting a devastating airstrike upon Fort Slava. [ 81 ] After the Armored Titan destroys the Anti-Titan artillery, Zeke transforms into the Beast Titan and joins the battle. Using leftover artillery rounds as projectiles, he destroys the Mid-East Allied Forces evanesce. The fleet themselves fire upon Zeke before their destruction, but Reiner ‘s Armored Titan saves Zeke, being destroyed in the process. [ 82 ] After the conclusion of the battle, Zeke takes separate in a meeting with Marley officials to discuss the war ‘s conclusion and Marley ‘s future. here, Zeke suggests resuming the Paradis Island Operation to retake the Founding Titan deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as possible, using the wide ability of his Beast Titan before the fourth dimension comes for Colt to inherit it. [ 83 ] When reminded that Marley can not rely entirely on Titans anymore, Zeke mentions that Marley can besides use this fourth dimension to improve their own military regulation for their ground troops while they seek out the Founding Titan on Paradis Island. After the meeting, Zeke speaks with Colt about his powers as the Beast Titan. Colt, unaware along with pillow of Marley about the properties of Zeke ‘s imperial blood, calls him special ; Zeke feigns ignorance over the reasons behind his powers, but promises that Colt will know his secrets after inheriting his Titan. [ 84 ] Commander Magath joins the conversation, and they discuss the 32 survey ships that have disappeared when commit to Paradis Island. Zeke speculates that Paradis Island has control over four Titans and that at least two of them were creditworthy for the disappearance of the 32 sketch ships. Zeke informs Magath of the anti-Titan weaponry, angstrom well as the being of the Ackerman kin and says undervalue these factors were what led to his defeat. [ 85 ] Zeke departs on a prepare to Liberio. [ 86 ] After the educate arrives, Zeke walks with the Warrior forces into the Internment Zone. When he arrives, he is fondly welcomed base by his grandparents. [ 87 ] Zeke later holds an unofficial meeting, attended by his mate Warriors and Colt. He speaks about the worlds growing animosity towards Eldians, ampere well as the future in which conventional weaponry will eclipse Titan weaponry. He besides expresses worry for the future of the Eldian race for these reasons. Zeke states that to solve these concerns, Marley must continue with the plan to regain the Founder, with the esteemed Tybur family narrating the Warriors plans to the world, giving the Eldians within Marley an extent of clout nail. These points are debated among the Warriors, with him and Pieck staying on the like wavelength throughout. [ 88 ] The unofficial meet had been tapped by Marleyan authorities, [ 89 ] with Zeke apparently mindful of this fact. [ 90 ] Along with the Warriors, Zeke attends a suffer with his superiors where they explain their plans for the new operation on Paradis Island. subsequently, as Colt states his brother does not need to become a Warrior, Zeke calls him to order but cursorily softens up. He then leads Colt away to play a game of catch. [ 91 ] Zeke would finally meet with Eren in Liberio while the latter is infiltrating Marley. He notes how exchangeable in appearance Eren looks compared to their church father ; he mentions to Eren that he knows the details behind the Ackerman kin linage and reveals it to him. [ 92 ] Finally, Zeke tells Eren of his design to euthanize the Eldian race and asks him if he will support it by using the powers of the Founding Titan to render all Eldians sterile. After a consequence, Zeke is relieved to hear Eren agreeing to help, sharing his impression that Grisha ‘s strategy was a mistake. [ 93 ] Zeke agrees to meet with Eren within Shiganshina District [ 94 ] [ 95 ] and gives Eren a baseball, in stead of a handshake, to symbolize their agreement. [ 93 ] late on, Zeke arrives at the festival with the Warriors for Willy Tybur ‘s address. When Falco Grice asks Reiner to accompany him, Zeke allows it since there is distillery time before the play begins. [ 96 ] Just as the show is starting, a Marley soldier informs the remaining Warriors that Magath has summoned them. Recognizing the soldier as Yelena in disguise, Zeke stays mum and leads both Pieck and Galliard away. Whilst being walked to Magath ‘s apparent localization, the soldier instructs Zeke to split off and go through the front gate, which he does. [ 97 ] late on, after hearing the battle between the Attack Titan, the War Hammer Titan and the military, Zeke transforms into the Beast Titan and approaches the battlefield while joining the Cart and Jaw Titans ; Zeke then gives the order to annihilate the enemy while staring down the Survey Corps and locking eyes with Levi. [ 98 ] He provides artillery once more by launching debris at the soldiers and about gets attacked by two soldiers but is saved by Pieck. He has her provide covering burn from behind and he repels the Survey Corps back. [ 99 ] He then announces that Eren Yeager is not his foe, but another soldier from Paradis Island is, Levi Ackerman. He calls out to Levi and demands him to come face him again, stating that “ fourth dimension is running out. ” concisely afterwards, he notices Armin ‘s transformation into the Colossus Titan from the nearby harbor along with everyone else. [ 100 ] While the explosion has everyone distracted, Levi seizes his opportunity and catches Zeke by surprise. He then attacks the nape of his Titan successfully causing the Beast Titan to fall into a prone placement, and is unable to defend itself as Levi immediately throws a turkey into the open nape. The fail detonates, shocking the early Warriors ( and the perch of the Marley forces award ) with the assume loss of their most adequate to Warrior. [ 101 ] however, Zeke survives the attack from Levi and is taken aboard the Eldian airship. As he regenerates his sever limbs, Zeke converses with both Eren and Hange Zoë. When both Gabi Braun and Falco are brought aboard, Zeke expresses surprise at seeing them there. He then discusses with Hange that despite a number of “ miscalculations, ” namely the two Warrior candidates, the sacrifices made during the fight were deserving it to ensure Eldia had both the Founding Titan and person with royal blood. He is immediately confident that Eldia will have a opportunity at finally obtaining their exemption. [ 102 ] After the airship arrives at Paradis Island, Zeke is seen with Levi inside of a carriage, commenting that the citizens celebrating in the streets are ignorant of the true impact of the assault. Although Levi tries making death threats to him, Zeke is unflurried and coolly insists that Levi take him to Eren. [ 103 ] Levi alternatively takes Zeke to the Titan Forest, informing him that this is where he will be staying. Marveling at the sight, Zeke asks Levi if he can show the trees to Gabi and Falco, but is told that it depends on his own actions. [ 104 ] While Zeke is being guarded inside of the afforest, he explains how he was able to transform the citizens of Ragako. Levi is bothered by Zeke ‘s casual explanation, accusing him of having no concern for human animation. Zeke waves away Levi ‘s criticisms, explaining that his commitment to Marley would have been questioned if he had not complied with his orders. Changing the capable, Zeke requests to know when he will be able to begin experimenting with Eren ‘s Titan abilities, but Levi claims he is not allowed to answer. Zeke claims that it would be inexpedient to remain inactive for much longer, to which Levi promptly agrees. [ 105 ] He former asks if there is any wine left field and Levi informs him that the soldiers drank it all ; Zeke sarcastically mentions that Levi comes up with the worst punishments. As Levi walks off, Zeke sees an opportunity to escape and runs into the forest. Before Levi or any of the early soldiers can stop him, Zeke lets out a pierce yell. This triggers all the Survey Corps soldiers in the camp who drank the wine to transform into Titans, which fall out of the trees around Levi. [ 106 ] Confident that Levi would not slaughter his own subordinates, Zeke jeeringly states he did not want to do this but laments that this is not a proper conflict. regardless, he summons three of the newly created Titans and bids farewell to Levi. [ 107 ] He ponders if the Eldians sincerely understand the ramifications of their storm attack on Liberio and inwardly states that only he and Eren sincerely know the costs .
As he plans to have the Titans take him to the agreed upon meeting target with Eren, Zeke is stunned to see a bloody and angered Levi appear in front of him. Zeke madly orders two of the Titans to attack him and then subsequently transforms into the Beast Titan. [ 108 ] He immediately hardens his nape and scans the area for Levi. Finding him, Zeke tears apart the concluding surviving Titan and throws the bloody Titan pieces towards his foe. He chastises Levi for killing his subordinates and notices many tree branches falling towards him. Zeke is unable to spot Levi among the branches, and is struck by several Thunder Spears that pierce through the harden nape of the Beast Titan. Horrified, he only has a consequence to process this before Levi detonates the spears, sternly injuring Zeke. [ 109 ] erstwhile late, Zeke awakens tied up on a passenger car with a Thunder Spear sticking out of his abdomen. Levi informs him that the fuse and triggering mechanism are tied around his neck and any sudden movements can set it off. While Zeke vomits uncontrollably, Levi begins to slice off Zeke ‘s branch to prevent him from transforming, making Zeke shout in agony. merely half conscious, Zeke asks where his glasses are, before having his memories of Ksaver flash before his eyes. [ 110 ] Zeke mutters about his plan to euthanize the Eldian nation to ensure the populace ‘s safety. Levi mocks him for this, declaring that his impending death at the hands of a Titan is besides merciful for the lives he has taken. Zeke weakly protests that he was saving their potential children ‘s lives by killing them, prompting Levi to angrily prepare to cut off his leg again. on the spur of the moment, Zeke screams out Ksaver ‘s list and jerks his heading second, pulling the pin on the Thunder Spear lodged in his abdomen, causing an explosion. [ 111 ] The plosion leaves Zeke wholly mutilated and his wounds excessively hard for his body to regenerate from. As he begins to succumb to his injuries, Zeke recalls the meet he had with Eren in which the two of them agreed to sterilize the Eldian race. [ 112 ] As Zeke loses awareness, one of the Titans he created regenerates and approaches his body. Rather than devour him, the Titan tears open its own stomach and places him inside. [ 113 ] Zeke regains awareness to find himself entirely in an unknown location. Surprised to discover that he is somehow inactive animated, he notices a lone girl mutely reconstructing his consistency out of dirty. As this occurs, Zeke looks above him and notices strange patterns in the “ sky. ” He theorizes that he has experienced a Path, [ 114 ] and that the girl before him is his ancestor Ymir Fritz. After a short time, Zeke is released from the Titan ‘s stomach, fully healed from his injuries and in a flimsy daze. He watches on as soldiers pursue Hange before being approached by a act of Yeagerists with Floch Forster trying to ask him what happened. [ 115 ] Recomposing himself, Zeke avoids his questions and merely proclaims that they fair have to move forward before departing with the Yeagerists. [ 116 ] Zeke arrives in Shiganshina to find the zone under siege from Marley ‘s forces and Eren locked in battle with Reiner. After climbing to the crown of Wall Maria in his Titan shape, Zeke launches debris which knocks Reiner off of Eren and commends his youthful brother for standing against Marley ‘s forces, comforting him that he will now take care of the enemies. [ 117 ] Zeke throws a barrage of stones which destroys at least some of the Marleyan airships before turning his concentrate towards Pieck and Magath. [ 118 ] After the Marleyans forces begin to fall back, he spots Reiner charging at Eren and proceeds to bombard the Armored Titan, [ 119 ] a well as Galliard when he tries to ambush Eren. Zeke begins to gloat about how close up he and Eren are to achieving their dream but is silenced after spotting the char remains of the Cart Titan. Believing Pieck to have perished in the attack, he mourns his erstwhile comrade ‘s death. [ 120 ] He is caught off guard by the sight of respective Marleyan soldiers emerging near the Cart Titan to attack. Before Zeke can react, Magath fires a round from the anti-Titan artillery atop the Cart Titan ‘s cadaver, damaging his Titan ‘s nape and shearing off much of his human body. Incapacitated by this, Zeke plummets off the Wall and crashes into the ground. [ 121 ] As Zeke comes to his senses, he sees Eren grappling with Reiner and announces to his brother that he will transform the soldiers who have ingested his spinal anesthesia fluid. Struggling to get to his feet, Zeke is about to unleash a shout when he notices both Colt and Falco arrive at his location. Zeke is shocked to hear from Colt that Falco unintentionally ingested his spinal anesthesia fluid and begs him to refrain from screaming until Falco can safely get out of the range of the belly laugh. [ 122 ] Dismayed at Falco ‘s predicament, Zeke gives his condolences to Colt and remarks how he understands that his early comrade merely wants to protect his younger brother. Despite this, Zeke ignores Colt ‘s request and lets out a screech, triggering all the affect Eldians to transform into saturated Titans. [ 123 ] Seeing Eren struggling to get aside from Reiner, Zeke orders a newly transformed Falco to fight Reiner and kill him. [ 124 ] After giving the instruction, Zeke is subsequently shot by Magath ‘s anti-Titan artillery a irregular prison term. Exiting their Titans to make it appear that they have both been defeated, Zeke crawls towards Eren and reaches out towards his brother. however, before the two can reach each other, Eren is decapitated by a blast from an anti-Titan plunder fired by Gabi. [ 125 ] Eren ‘s head lands in Zeke ‘s outstretched hand, allowing him to activate the Founding Titan before Eren can die from his injuries. [ 126 ] Zeke arrives in the Coordinate first gear and is forced to wait for Eren. While waiting, he uses his time to learn more about the Founding Titan, culminating in him learning to break Karl Fritz ‘s vow of nonaggression .
Zeke waits in chains until Eren finally arrives, informing his confuse younger brother that they are inside the Coordinate. [ 127 ] As Ymir Fritz approaches them, Zeke explains her presence to Eren, theorizing that she uses the sand in the Coordinate to create the Nine Titans and heal their users ‘ bodies when they are injured. [ 128 ] Zeke encourages Eren to command Ymir to begin their euthanasia plan, but Eren beginning asks about Zeke ‘s chains. Zeke claims that the chains are what keeps Karl Fritz ‘s descendants from acting freely. To Zeke ‘s despair, Eren reveals that he has no purpose of following the euthanasia plan and was only using his brother as a mean to activate the Founder. [ 129 ] Heartbroken, Zeke reveals to Eren that he freed himself from Fritz ‘s vow while waiting for Eren, and that Ymir will lone obey a person with royal blood. [ 130 ] Chaining Eren, Zeke laments that Eren has been brainwashed by Grisha, but promises to save him. Despite Eren ‘s protests, Zeke begins showing him their founder ‘s memories. [ 131 ] As the brothers systematically observe Grisha ‘s memories of his time on Paradis, Zeke piercingly notes how apparently easy it was for Grisha to move on to a newly family and forget about his erstwhile one. He shows Eren how Grisha used his occupation as a doctor to socialize with nobles to try to gain information on the imperial family, despite the risk such actions would pose for his family. Zeke himself is surprised to learn that Grisha obviously delayed his deputation upon discovering the Reiss family ‘s chapel out of love for his new class, coldly admitting that Grisha might have learned from his failure with Zeke. To Zeke ‘s traumatize, his musings are interrupted by a fit of Grisha apparently trying to apologize to his first son in his sleep. [ 132 ] The two brothers continue their journey through Grisha ‘s memories, with Zeke admitting that Eren was obviously not brainwashed by Grisha. In light of this, Zeke questions Eren on why he betrayed him, and what he had planned to do with the Founder ‘s power. Eren answers by stating he had always been this manner and that the pathetic brother Zeke had wished for does not exist in him. Despite this, Zeke promises to save Eren by opening his eyes to the danger Eldia presents, deciding to do this before saving the populace with his euthanasia plan. [ 133 ] Zeke and Eren finally arrive at the go steady Grisha steals the Founding Titan from Frieda at the Reiss Chapel. While watching the memory play out, Zeke notices Eren ‘s face distorted with fury at listening to King Fritz ‘s ideology, and is later astonished when Grisha explains the Attack Titan ‘s ability to peer into its future inheritors ‘ memories. Zeke is shocked once more when Grisha finds himself ineffective to kill the Reiss kin, confused as to whether the past had changed. His traumatize cursorily turns to angst, however, when Eren begins talking to their father, encouraging him to fight. [ 134 ] Outside of the chapel service, Grisha, faintly mindful of Zeke ‘s presence, despairingly reveals to him that the future will not go his way but Eren ‘s. however, he tells Zeke that when seeing one of Eren ‘s memories from the future, what he saw was atrocious. Grisha becomes in full aware of Zeke ‘s presence and emotionally embraces him, expressing regret that he was a poor beget and placid loves him. Grisha ends by pleading Zeke to stop Eren. [ 135 ] In the stranger domain, Zeke breaks away from Eren, and looks at him with repugnance while processing the fact that Eren had been the one to push Grisha to fight, and had shown certain memories to their forefather in order to manipulate him. Eren thanks Zeke for allowing him to access Grisha ‘s path, thereby enabling the future he had seen within his father ‘s memories to occur. Terrified, Zeke orders Ymir Fritz to steal the ability to reproduce from the Subjects of Ymir. As she begins walking towards the pillar of light, Zeke tells Eren that Grisha had wished to stop him, having seen separate of Eren ‘s future which Eren had not. When Eren escapes his chains after a struggle, Zeke says that it is pointless, as once Ymir begins to move, nothing is capable of stopping her. [ 136 ] Eren embraces Ymir and begs her to help him end the universe with her exponent, much to Zeke ‘s alarm clock. He is even more alarmed to see that Ymir has stopped moving and madly tries to reach his brother and Ymir, repeatedly ordering Ymir to obey his previous command, stating that he is descended from royal rake. however, before he can reach them, Ymir agrees to help Eren, activating the Rumbling. [ 137 ] Upon Eren ‘s transformation, Zeke is obviously feed and loses control of his consistency. What remains of his being is left alone in Paths until he is joined by Armin Arlert who had met a similar destine after confronting Eren ‘s Founding Titan. After Armin attempts to introduce himself, Zeke asks Armin if Ymir besides ate him. [ 138 ] Armin sits with Zeke and listens as Zeke explains his theory about the origin of life. Zeke theorizes that all lifeforms find their meaning by “ multiply ” and that it was a resultant fear of death which caused Ymir to spawn her deathless Titan body and escape to the world of the Path. Zeke theorizes that the cause she continued to obey the Fritz family for 2000 years was because she hush felt a connection to the populace and that she likely chose to help Eren because he was the inaugural person able to understand her. Armin tries to get Zeke to tell him how to escape the Path universe, but Zeke believes there is no luff in continuing to fight. Armin reminds the man that their allies are fighting for the lives of innocent people, but Zeke points out that every living thing must die finally. [ 139 ] Armin begins recalling memories from his childhood which brought meaning to his life sentence despite their insignificance ; Zeke looks up and is startled to see Armin holding a baseball. Taking it from him, Zeke recalls the times he would play catch with Ksaver and admits that the time was indeed valued for him. He muses that he would like to play catch again evening if the game did not mean anything. Turning, Zeke sees the former Titan inheritors standing behind him, including his father and Ksaver. [ 140 ] He stands to meet them, admitting to Ksaver that even though he placid thinks their euthanasia plan was correct he would not mind being born again if it meant they could play catch again. He thanks Grisha for his life and asks his two father figures to lend him their force. Zeke emerges from Eren ‘s Titan and begins calling for Levi. After getting his attention, Zeke takes a moment to admire the day and laments that he did not notice its beauty preferably. He wryly admits that he did not deserve to notice given the atrocities he has committed before being decapitated by Levi. [ 141 ]


Zeke was able to transform into a 17-meter Titan referred to as the Beast Titan ( 獣の巨人 Kemono no Kyojin ? ). He used the Titan and the world power of his imperial blood to transform the inhabitants of Ragako into Titans and impose his will on them imperfectly. His skill in pitching transferred to his Titan, letting him throw projectiles to great distances, even destroying entire fleets using explosive shells. [ 142 ] He retained the ability to speak flush when transformed. [ 23 ] Beast Titan ‘s statistics as of year 850 [ 143 ] :


Some of his abilities are :

  • Communication: Unlike most humans with Titan power, he was able to fluently speak without any issue in his Titan form, casually talking to mindless Titans and giving them orders which they can obey.[23]
  • Titan Control: Zeke’s control was eventually revealed to be limited to those Titans that were transformed with injections directly from his own spinal fluid and a result of him being descended from the Fritz royal bloodline.[144][145] However, his control over the Titans was not absolute, as one Titan continued to chew on Mike, despite Zeke ordering it not to.
  • Regeneration: Just like all Titans, Zeke had the ability to regenerate any wound on his Titan or human body at a tremendous speed. After being fatally wounded by Levi, Zeke healed part of his face when he encounters Eren.[146]
  • Enhanced Strength: He possessed immense physical strength, enough to pick up a horse or even break off large chunks from Wall Rose and hurl them at a great distance away. His throwing ability was second to none, and he created a visible sonic boom when he threw rocks, effectively throwing them faster than over 700 feet per second. He also seemed to possess dexterous hands, as he managed to retrieve Mike’s vertical maneuvering equipment without damaging him or the equipment.[147]
  • Human Transformation: Zeke possessed a scream that can transform Subjects of Ymir into Titans. These Titans, unlike the regular Titans encountered, were capable of functioning at night as long as the moon is out.[148] In order for the human to turn into a Titan, all the human must do is to intake Zeke’s spinal fluid and Zeke must use his scream at the targets, and after doing so, they turn into Titans. These Titans are connected to his Beast Titan via “paths” and obey his orders.[54] There appears to be a range to this ability, although those out of range who are contaminated with Zeke’s spinal fluid can still feel the influence of his scream, which they describe as a numbing electrical sensation.[149]
  • Hardening: Zeke was able to harden his Titan body at will to protect himself from attacks. However, this ability needed some time to prepare; during his brief battle with Levi, Zeke tried to harden the nape of his neck but was unable to due to Levi’s increased speed and attack, not giving Zeke enough time to harden himself.[150] While offering ample protection, it can be damaged and destroyed with the use of Thunder Spears.[151]
  • Fighting Skills: He seemed to be a very formidable fighter, since he was able to defeat the Armored Titan and inflict him considerable damage without sustaining any visible injury.[152] He was also mentioned as “the most powerful Titan” in the final notes of Chapter 70.[153] According to Reiner, while Levi is indeed powerful, the former claims that he is no match for their lead Warrior. It is unknown if Zeke possessed some combat knowledge outside his Titan form.


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