Captain America (Zombie)



Full Name

Steven Grant Rogers


Steve Rogers

Captain America


What If…?



Member of the Avengers (both formerly)

Powers / Skills


Super Soldier Serum
Shield mastery


Devouring the living.


( failed ).

Stop the spread of the Quantum virus

Devour the living.



Attempted murder
Attempted man-eating

Type of Villain

Zombified Fallen Hero

On my mark.
~ Captain America to his teammates, and also his final words as a human.
I think you’ve had enough, Cap.
~ Winter Soldier to Captain America.
Sorry, pal. I guess this is the end of the line.
~ Winter Soldier to Captain America after killing him.

Steven Grant “Steve” Rogers, better known as Captain America, is a minor antagonist in the 2021 Disney+ animated series What If…?, appearing as a minor adversary in “ What If … Zombies ! ? “ and a cameo character in “ What If … the Watcher Broke His curse ? “. He will return in some capability in the approaching Marvel Zombies by-product. He is a variant of Captain America from a population that was plagued by a automaton outbreak before the Infinity War happened. When trying to stop the Zombies, Captain America was bitten and infected by Hank Pym, becoming a zombi and targeting his former friends. He was voiced by Josh Keaton, who besides voiced Revolver Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, Destroyman in No More Heroes, Valtor and Duman in Winx Club and Electro in Marvel’s Spider-Man .



The history of this interpretation of Steve Rogers is similar to his mainstream counterpart, being born on July 4, 1918 in New York to Joseph and Sarah Rogers. During the height of World War II, Rogers became the world ‘s first superintendent soldier and fight against the Axis Powers and HYDRA. He would stop the Red Skull from destroying the west, and sacrificed himself to going into the methamphetamine to prevent the bomb calorimeter from landing in the states. After being thawed from the ice decades late, Rogers returned to heroics by becoming a initiation penis of the Avengers .

What If…?

In 2018, the Quantum virus started to spread across the United States after Janet avant-garde Dyne infected her husband after he saved her from the Quantum Realm, and proceeded to turn others. Rogers reunited with his teammates and Black Panther to San Francisco, California to stop the spread and the zombies there. During the battle at the Golden Gate Bridge, Captain America was attacked by a zombified Hank Pym, and transformed while Iron Man, Black Widow and Hawkeye were overwhelmed and turned deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. Though T’Challa survived the incidental, he was captured by Vison, who brought him to Camp Leigh to be feasted on by an infect Scarlet Witch. Despite being infected, Rogers maintained most of his intelligence and was adequate to of using his enhance abilities and shield to fight his victims if they resisted.

Two weeks into the outbreak, Rogers intercepted a caravan at the Grand Central Terminal that was carrying survivors, and ambushed Sharon Carter. He succeeded in infecting Carter, and confronted Bucky Barnes aboard Sharon in their attempt to infect him. Despite putting up a battle against Barnes, Rogers was sliced in half by his own shield, killing the undead super soldier. The rest of the surviving Avengers then traveled to Wakanda with the Mind Stone in a undertake to find a means to make a cure for the Quantum virus .


Captain-America-Zombie-Poster Zombie Captain America ‘s post horse .Captain America is attacked by Zombie Hank PymCaptain America (Zombie) 01Rogers fighting against BarnesZombie-Rogers-death Rogers being sliced in half by his own shield .Steven Rogers (Earth-89521) from Marvel Legends promotional artwork 001


  • In Matthew Chauncey’s first draft for “What If… Zombies?!”, Captain America was going to bite off Sharon Carter’s lips before being killed by Bucky Barnes due to Chauncey’s dislike for Carter, but headwriter A.C. Bradley had the scene toned down.


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