DC Comics 101: What’s the Difference Between the Reverse-Flash and Zoom

While many of Barry Allen ’ s popular amusing koran adversaries have already appeared on The Flash, his biggest challenges have been at the hands of two villains—the Reverse-Flash and Zoom. While both characters are speedsters, on the prove, they ’ re pretty different visually and motivationally. however, if you ’ ve always tried looking up the two characters in the comics, you were probably pretty surprised and VERY confused. That ’ second because this is the Reverse-Flash… FLSPv2 04 22 56985846d547c5.74603557 And this is Zoom…

FLS 198.22.color.tif 56985861e76464.22441407 Notice anything ? Yes, those are two different characters—characters who look nothing alike on the Flash television series. And the likely confusion doesn ’ thymine end there. In the comics, the Reverse-Flash is besides normally referred to as “ Professor Zoom, ” or simply “ Zoom. ” And in some comics, Eobard Thawne is the Reverse-Flash and in others he ’ sulfur Zoom. so what gives ? Why are these two baddies so hard to tell apart ? The answer international relations and security network ’ t without its intricacies, but in simplest terms it ’ mho that Zoom, who made his first appearance in 2001, was meant to be something of a new accept on the earlier Reverse-Flash, who first appeared in 1963 and was deceased in amusing koran continuity in 2001. Think Jason Todd and Tim Drake becoming “ the newfangled Robin ” or Jaime Reyes becoming “ the newfangled Blue Beetle. ” The character we now know as Zoom was basically the “ new Reverse-Flash ” for a clock. only for a assortment of reasons, that distinction has nowadays become muddied. sol lease ’ s take a immediate look at these quick heavies and see if we can clear up some of the confusion that surrounds them. To start, it helps to look at two different eras when talking about the Reverse-Flash and Zoom : before The New 52 and after.

Before The New 52


FLSREB 4.18.450 CMYK 569859017273e1.09320579 The CW ’ s Reverse-Flash, brought to life on The Flash by actor Tom Cavanagh, seems to have been largely inspired by the original Reverse-Flash. This fictional character is Eobard Thawne, a resident of the twenty-fifth Century who became obsessed with the Flash, going so far as twin the Flash ’ south powers and traveling back in time to meet the Flash, where he alternatively learns that he ’ sulfur destined to become the Flash ’ s greatest foe and die at his hands. This shatters Eobard ’ s already mentally ill mind, basically causing him to become the villain he learned about. As mentioned above, Eobard was sometimes besides referred to in the comics as Professor Zoom or Zoom, similar to how Batman is “ Batman, ” “ the Caped Crusader ” and “ the Dark Knight. ” At the clock, all of these referred to the like character, who was a substantial enough villain within the DC Universe to carry so many names. Eobard would finally go on to kill Barry Allen ’ randomness wife and closely kill his new fiancée several years belated earlier unwittingly getting his neck snapped by a desperate Flash, bringing Eobard ’ s initial discovery entire r-2 and paving the means for a new take on the character.


01 FLSH223 569859289b5997.76760074 That raw take would come after Wally West, the third Flash, had inherited the crimson and chicken mantle. Hunter Zolomon was one of Wally ’ s closest friends when he learned his father was a serial killer after he murdered Hunter ’ s mother. sadly, this would be alone the foremost of several tragedies to befall Hunter. Determined to hunt down evil criminals like his don, Hunter joined the FBI where he finally married a fellow agent named Ashley. however, a gunfight with a super-villain resulted in the death of Ashley ’ s father. Ashley divorced Hunter after that, and finally he was fired by the FBI. He wound up in Keystone City where he joined the police department and befriended Wally. But tragedy fall yet again when an rape by Gorilla Grodd left Hunter with a break neck. Hunter begged his friend the Flash to travel back in clock and prevent the tragedies in his life. When Wally refused, Hunter tried to do it himself using the Cosmic Treadmill, resulting in an explosion that gave him the ability to alter his relative time, making it appear like he was moving at great speeds. His sanity nowadays all but gone, Hunter donned a costume inspired by the Flash ’ s former bane and christened himself as Zoom.

So How Do We Tell These Two Apart?

Eobard Thawne and Hunter Zolomon have very like costumes, so how do you know which one you ’ re looking at ? normally time is a full indication. If you ’ ra looking at a amusing book from before 2001, you ’ rhenium looking at the Reverse-Flash. If the comedian is from 2001 to THE FLASH : conversion in 2009, you ’ re probably talking about Zoom. After Rebirth, which resurrected Eobard Thawne, any chicken speedster you come across is likely to be Eobard. ( Hunter didn ’ t precisely go away once Eobard came back, but he wasn ’ t used all that frequently subsequently and has however to make an appearance in The New 52. ) Of naturally, you can besides use their bane as an indicator—the Reverse-Flash was largely a Barry Allen adversary, while Zoom was chiefly a Wally West villain. finally, there is one easy-to-spot ocular discriminative stimulus that you can normally use to tell one from the other. Zoom ’ south costume covers his eyes, which often appear as red pupils surrounded by ill black lenses, while Reverse-Flash ’ south costume leaves his eyes visible.

FLS Cv197 cut half 5698598b0962d1.93448551 It was the Reverse-Flash that played a key function in FLASHPOINT, the miniseries event which launched The New 52, which is the most late Flash storyline to use a yellow costume for the Reverse-Flash. After that, things changed dramatically.

After The New 52


FLS 17 20 CMYK 569859b1a2f237.96635720 When DC Comics rebooted their entire argumentation of comics in 2011, some serial changed more than others. THE FLASH, which at the time was being co-written by Francis Manapul ( who besides drew ) and Brian Buccellato, saw more changes to the characters than arguably any other series. Just about every villain was redesigned and reconceived, and the Reverse-Flash was no different when he was introduced in 2013. With the resurrection of Eobard Thawne in Flash : rebirth, it had become difficult to differentiate between the Reverse-Flash ( who still had the Professor Zoom nickname attached to him ) and Zoom, so The New 52 made the two characters far more distinct. FLS Cv23 acirpmcfa3 56985a33076d36.28067907 first seen in costume in THE FLASH # 22, The New 52 ’ sulfur Reverse-Flash is actually Daniel West, Iris ’ s brother. Obtaining his powers through a freak Speed Force incident, Daniel ’ s Reverse-Flash wears a dramatic black and red costume that looks nothing like the Reverse-Flash ’ s earlier chicken and red courtship. much like the television version of the Reverse-Flash, Daniel was entirely refer to as the Reverse-Flash, never Zoom or Professor Zoom. After his debut in The Flash and eventual captivity, Daniel would go on to be featured as a penis of Task Force X in NEW SUICIDE SQUAD and is now presumed dead.


FLS 46 04 600 56985a5a207fd3.37797707 Zoom wouldn ’ thyroxine be introduced to The New 52 until concluding class ’ s THE FLASH # 40, and his initial storyline alone recently wrapped up in December ’ s THE FLASH # 47. This version of Zoom, who besides is referred to as Professor Zoom, international relations and security network ’ t Hunter Zolomon, but, yes, Eobard Thawne. much like the earlier version of Thawne, the New 52 ’ s Zoom is from the future and travels binding in time to confront Barry Allen, blaming his society ’ s admiration of the Flash for their unwillingness to accept his authoritarian convention. While this carry on Eobard wears a costume that ’ mho very evocative of the first gear one, his power put is closer to Hunter Zolomon ’ second Zoom. He manipulates proportional time, making it appear that he moves more cursorily than anyone else around him, including the Flash. besides, much like Eobard on television ’ s The Flash, this version is responsible for the death of Barry ’ s mother.

So How Do We Tell These Two Apart?

Considering they look drastically different, it ’ s a bunch easier to tell Zoom and the Reverse-Flash apart now than it was anterior to The New 52. rather, the more important distinction is to remember that Zoom refers to Eobard Thawne after The New 52 and Hunter Zolomon before it. Eobard does wear a costume that ’ s a draw closer to the anterior version of Zoom, but between the diamond-shaped light bolt on his breast and the black energy emanating off of him, neither of which the pre-New 52 character had, it ’ south easily enough to recognize him.

So What Does All This Mean for the TV Show?

FlashReverseFlash1 56985a820ef1a4.25024826 well, we know who the Reverse-Flash is on The Flash, and nowadays we have two likely identities for Zoom. however, it should be noted that The Flash ’ south Zoom has some significant differences from any of the amusing villains. For starters, his costume looks nothing like any of the comedian costumes, most closely resembling Daniel West ’ s New 52 suit, but not about close enough to assume he ’ south Daniel. besides, this translation of the character stems from Earth-2, which is something raw. So it ’ s wholly possible zoom is person who isn ’ t disembowel from the comics. FLA206A 0236b 9d852f49 56985a95dab071.57820299

then again, The Flash and Arrow often subvert our expectations, making us suspect that a classical quality is being embodied by person new when in actually it international relations and security network ’ t—like they did last class with the Reverse-Flash and Harrison Wells, who was later revealed to be Eobard Thawne. In short, we can help you identify Zoom and Reverse-Flash in the comics, but when it comes to figuring out who ’ sulfur behind the mask on the show, you ’ re on your own !
The Flash returns to The CW with an all newfangled sequence adjacent week on January 19th at 8 post meridiem ( 7 post meridiem CST ). You can get caught up on the Scarlet Speedster ’ s comedian record adventures easily by downloading his ongoing series digitally .

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