Reverse Flash vs Zoom: Here’s Why Zoom Doesn’t Stand A Chance

The Flash is a prove that gave us one good supporter but a busload of amazing villains. Amongst them, the names Reverse Flash and Zoom keep raising their heads. Reverse Flash, played by Tom Cavanagh in Season 1, is the prototype of how a television receiver Speedster villain should be. Reverse Flash is the face-to-face of Flash in every way. Zoom is the guy that broke the Scarlet Speedster, both literally and figuratively. Hailing from Earth 2, Zoom managed to do stay ahead of Barry Allen not precisely because he was faster but because he was smarter and more cunning than any Flash Villain we had ever seen. So what happens when these two awesome malefic speedsters duke it out ? Let ’ s find out. Presenting Reverse Flash volt Zoom – Who would win and why ? ! ? !

Reverse Flash vs Zoom 1

( bill : We are not taking into consideration the Black Flash translation of Hunter Zolomon here as pitting him against Reverse Flash would good be plain wrong ! ! ! )
Let ’ s talk about the individual superheroes for a snatch first… .

Reverse Flash

reverse flash 1
Eobard Thawne is the future descendant of Eddie Thawne, one of team Flash ’ south steadfast Season 1 allies. Eobard is besides a exploiter of the Speed Force. By tapping into its energy, Eobard becomes the Reverse Flash and is transformed into Barry Allen aka the Flash ’ s greatest arch-nemesis. Eobard ’ randomness hate for Barry Allen is absolute. His accelerate, coupled with his hate for Barry Allen and his genius flat mind has made him the Flash ’ s greatest foe till date. Eobard has come back time and again to haunt the Flash .

Legends of Tomorrow Reverse Flash Eobard Thawne Matt Letscher
Eobard ’ s cognition of the future and his inside cognition about the Flash and his enemies has always worked wonders for the Man in Yellow. No matchless understands the timeline and its inside mechanisms better than Eobard. He has used his extensive cognition of the Speed Force to teach Barry and help him become the Flash adenine well as fight him to a stand every step of the means. His association to the Speed Force is so firm that he has evening managed to outsmart death on more than one occasion .


Hunter Zolomon is the evil speedster of Earth 2. Hunter had an abusive church father as a child. When he was good a pull the leg of, he saw his own father killing his mother. As a result, Hunter was emotionally scarred to such an extent that he was propelled to the life of crime, moonlighting as a serial killer to quench his violent urges. Zolomon was ultimately arrested and was sentenced to death by Electroshock therapy when the particle accelerator exploded and bathed him in darkness matter. As a consequence, Hunter became a speedster and terrify Central City as Zoom .

The Flash Zoom
zoom has managed to do stuff that was even considered impossible for speedsters. He has managed to break the dimensional barrier using fair his incredible speed. He has shown extreme levels of strength and his connection to the rush push has given him an ability of superhuman awareness. Zolomon was the foremost speedster to ever us the concept of time remnants in fight. He besides has an amazing scientific mind, able to conjure up the Velocity serum to enhance his own speed. Zoom besides happens to be a overcome of magic trick, having tricked the entire team Flash into thinking he is the good guy all along .

Final Fight – Reverse Flash vs Zoom

The crusade between Zoom and Reverse Flash will be a one to remember for the ages. Zoom and Reverse Flash are already considered the two greatest villains of the Flash in the Arrowverse ’ s future timeline. Their domination of the rush force is absolute. But who will win a battle between them ? Zoom is a speedster that revels in the joy of stealing other speedsters ’ rush. Reverse Flash is a flair and a speedster extraordinaire all rolled into one. A battle like that can not be judged on primitive grounds. All thing must be taken into circumstance .

Are you fix for the answer ? It will surprise you !
The answer is – Reverse Flash. While Zoom is indeed faster of the two, Reverse Flash has something Zoom can never get – Experience. In case you forgot, Zoom is from an alternate timeline who becomes a character of Team Flash ’ s Rogue ’ south Gallery but Reverse Flash is Flash ’ s future bane. As he belongs to the future, he knows everything there is to know about the Flash AND his enemies ( including Zoom ). Eobard has used his inside cognition of the past to affect and influence things advance. Zolomon is fast, undoubtedly, but what good is speed if your enemy knows your every motion you will ever make.

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